Building a Snow Bike Kit for 500cc Snowmobile Powered Scooter!

Building a Snow Bike Kit for 500cc Snowmobile Powered Scooter!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Building a Snow Bike Kit for 500cc Snowmobile Powered Scooter!

  1. Grind Hard Plumbing Co says:

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    0:00 Richard Twins
    13:00 Akina Boy – U-132

  2. Corbin R says:

    Just a piece of advice from a dirt bike rider, maybe add a seat so you can use your legs to handle the bike. Without any way to use your legs that thing probably feels quite out of control

  3. Cristian Rodrigues says:

    BR <3

  4. a google user says:

    The build and production quality on your videos just keeps getting better and better!

  5. Craig Carpenter says:

    Absolutely incredible combo build! Love it!

  6. ranthony says:

    you should go for quadruple suspension and add a swing arm mounted engine like an old moped.

  7. Fred Marsian says:

    anyone know the song at 2:00?

  8. GetWork says:

    Very nice project good job!

  9. jompa zx says:

    where are you guys located? alaska?

  10. lil trn says:

    Are you guys going to put a seat on that thing? That could be like super comfortable compared to standing and getting your butt burnt on that exhaust haha

  11. LakotaFrench says:

    You guys do know that timbersled kits exist right?

  12. ingsiest says:

    What kind of engine is that?

  13. Bri guy20 says:

    Definitely would be nice to have a chanicase with reverse for when you have the track on, looks heavy…. also would love videos of driving the scooter backwards

  14. Doge Maverick says:

    This thing is getting more and more bizarre in every video!

  15. Wrecker '56 says:


  16. Wouter VeIdhuis says:

    The drone footage at the end is so beautiful!

  17. Richard Björkman says:

    i want to se a turbo on this thing =)

  18. TheBig GreedyBastard says:

    Well made. And i mean the video! Jk. Gj

  19. Meatnyancat22 says:

    this is awesome!

  20. Ethan Kemp says:

    So when are we going to see this at a drag strip

  21. Johnny Bruce says:

    That thing is ment to be in the back country of Montana. ….so I'll shoot you my address and you can ship it to me. I'll treat it right 😉

  22. Jeff Castine says:

    give you credit as fab. stupid project

  23. Terry Pikaart says:

    You guys are funny, could have just left it a snowmobile and saved a lot of time! 😜

  24. lacrymogene1 says:


  25. Olin Thorsson says:

    Gotta say this whole scooter project is my favorite build I've ever seen on YouTube

  26. Jason S says:

    That thing is awesome.

  27. Josh Willard says:

    I love that bike but i wanna see more of the rmk!

  28. def Trap says:

    Love the fabrication skillz guys.

  29. Rizzler says:

    u need a second ski at front for more stability and better turning

  30. Barbra Debarr says:

    WRONG!!!! It's a YAMANDA

  31. lawnmowerdude says:

    I love the music you guys pick.

  32. Петруха Яфаров says:

    Разобрать снегоход, чтобы сделать снегоход. Умно

  33. Riding With The Reid's says:

    What happened to the muffler?? 😂😂

  34. Alex Willis says:

    Can you explain "yeew" ?

  35. todd denio says:

    You should have made it so the track assembly could pivot to allow for changes in terrain such as HILLS. As it's currently set up, on uneven terrain it will be an unstable beast to drive.

  36. curtisrmx250 says:

    I’ll take the pogo suspension.

  37. Copenhagen King says:


  38. Danies Alex says:

    Put a seat on it bros

  39. anonymous D says:

    You can putt a seat at the back and two prs can ride it

  40. Walker Eanes says:

    Y don't you put the 450 forks and triple clamps on the snow bike so then you'll have inverted forks and more travel

  41. Rasmon 123 says:

    That's more legit that the timbersleds

  42. Rolando Crisostomo says:

    So you strip a snowmobile to make another one that rides top heavy?…just buy a snowmobile, dont pretend to know better than the people that made the original.

  43. Elijah Breazeale says:

    My name on Instagram is nothing_but_toyotas and i would love to win a shirt

  44. sexkrazedpanda says:

    that thing is awesome. I have seen alot of home made snowbike kits where they narrow the snow mobile track. might get that thing to lean and turn better.

  45. MadHater Gaming says:

    Call the bike Yomando

  46. James Dickinson says:

    Lol did that phazer have a seat on it? Need one for one of my old phazers

  47. TheShockLoad says:

    Now move that track way forward!

  48. Mxrider2stroke Braaap says:

    This is so cool!👌

  49. Mctallman Gaming and vlogs says:

    So the engine and track from an phazer 570 got turned into a scooter man I need to try this

  50. Clutch mutch says:

    What state do you guys live in

  51. GriffyMurphyJr says:

    If you guys had a ski with a little more surface area, or maybe two side by side spaced out a bit, it would probably be a bit more controllable

  52. Mike Rushing says:


  53. Sam Mainville says:


  54. Trevor Perkins says:

    What happened to Girl? 🙁

  55. bansheemania says:

    We Used to get Snow like that in Pa. Almost. zen Like in the Mountains

  56. tinman429 says:

    this thing is sick

  57. GRAHDY CARR says:


    Yas made a snomobobile powerd scooter dirtbike

    Then yas made a snowmobile powered snowmobile scooter

    Snowmobile withe extra steps

  58. Connor Markham says:

    When r u making another barbi jeep vid?

  59. Mathias Winther says:

    I Wonder if you put a Seat on it you would control it more easy🧐 since you use your thighs to control a snow bike/a bike more easily?

  60. Torry Pope says:

    You guys rock and your drive to get it done never fails to amaze me!Looks like Baldy or Upper Pack or Rapid Lightning.Cant tell for sure.Love North Idaho,my old stompin grounds!

  61. Timo Happonen says:

    Have you seen this one?
    If you did look that, you definitely want to see this:

  62. Jim hill billy says:

    We could be cool to do it's no go kart

  63. brodie1709 says:

    Really love the music you use for your videos.

  64. Михаил MotoXR Коробицын says:

    столько усилий и всё только для того чтобы жопу поджарить?

  65. Nate Muller says:

    More power please

  66. ScienceofSpeed says:

    Homaha LOL!

  67. dielauwen says:

    Grind Hard Welding and fabrication. New division. Metal art and design. All in Idaho. I though you all grew Potatoes before this.

  68. Troy steib says:

    Grind hard pumping Co make a barbie tank

  69. Miguel Angel MG says:

    Sorry, this is not a Scooter, it is a Motorbike!!

  70. Jurgy777 says:

    Too bad you guys are pretty far away. If you brought that thing to our snowmobile poker run this weekend people would be blown away.

  71. Pär Stål says:

    Almost like this one:

  72. Alexandre Albergaria says:

    ohhhh the photography is sooooooooo good!

  73. Noah Boylen says:

    It needs a seat

  74. Jacob P says:

    What camera do you guys use???

  75. Akatarawa Japan says:

    You guys might like the Enticer AlphaHawk. Also damn hard to ride.

  76. MinecraftTitan 32 says:

    Whats the Music at 2:10 ?

  77. Marc Cotter says:

    Lol 1:06 call of duty care package

  78. Chesapeake Outdoor Brothers says:

    I need a playlist for your music! I love it. Keep up the great work guys

  79. Patrick Bradley says:

    just bought a zesty old beater … I'll keep in touch. pretty neat boys well done

  80. Rolland Riehn says:

    this is one of the most awesome machines I've seen. Don't forget to paint it. Subscribing.

  81. MARIA S says:

    The next project should be a homemade razor utv using 2 snowmobile tracks in the back instead of wheels.

  82. Ricardo Castro Guimaraes says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 6:26 ?

  83. Just Ask says:

    Keep playing guys!
    This is real inventions in action

  84. Fabian Rodríguez says:

    Very good!

  85. Phlash the Band says:

    You guy's are the coolest builders of coolest stuff I have ever seen! Props for sure.

  86. Ryan Green says:

    what part of northern idaho do you live

  87. npc 50 says:

    Great work.

  88. TEAM clipping says:

    13:02 my favorite song you guys use in your videos!! never get rid of it

  89. B Rodgers says:

    You guys are great. Coming from an old guy that loves to fabricate and weld; don't forget some some shop ventilation. Welding fumes are rough on the lungs.

  90. Dean Beyer says:

    music is dope. Amazing build

  91. MYOB says:

    Losing the gyroscopic force of the spinning front wheel is the problem with the handling.

  92. Jolly Goodbeard says:

    You could always try a front twin ski set up like a snowmobile has don’t know if it will help might look weird though..just a thought

  93. Don Fillenworth says:

    Your problem solving and fabrication skills are impressive! Thanks for sharing.

  94. part oliver says:

    Does aza have a twin brother?

  95. Ryler Price says:

    Make a seat

  96. Southron Jr says:

    Have yall ever thought about building a fully tracked ATV of some sort? Making something like that with stupid amounts of power to weight and 2 different sets of tracks, one for winter and one for summer would be really awesome.

  97. Chuck Wagon says:

    Very cool build!!… I wonder if that big snowmobile drive is kind of too big and heavy for the skooter concept. Not sure what they call it but, I wonder if one of those track drives used on 4 wheeler conversions would make the 'snowskoot' a lot lighter and easier to maneuver? Just a thought? Maybe you already thought about it? Anyway, great vid as usual…. wow!

  98. Matthew Sedgeman says:

    it's like a giant way more powerful 70's Chrysler sno-runner because I have one lol

  99. Дмитрий Кузненко says:

    Охуенный канал !!!

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