Breckenridge Brewery’s 2018 Artist Series Snowboard

Breckenridge Brewery’s 2018 Artist Series Snowboard

Howdy, I’m Vince Sanders, chairman of the board here at Never Summer Industries, and we have our Artist Series collaboration with Breck Brewery. We’ve had some phenomenal boards in the past, and this year is no exception. Denver artist, Jaime Molina, does some phenomenal murals, and it really translates well over here onto this board. For me, it was exciting to work on this piece because if I paint a wall, it’s just there, but for something like a snowboard, it’s like, it’s being ridden down a mountain, and it’s like, it has its own life. The image that chose was a figure that to me was kind of representative of like old man Winter. The first snow is always a big deal to everybody, so kind of this image of like a guy just kind of conjuring up some snow. We use our Snowtrooper as the base for this year’s board, and the Snowtrooper is one of our most versatile boards in our line. I mean anybody is going to be stoked to win a Never Summer board, but to win something with a beautiful piece of art on it, whether you’re shredding it down the mountain or gonna hang it on the wall, you’re gonna be stoked to get this year’s selection in the Breck Brewery Never Summer Artist Series.

Antonio Breitenberg

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