Brandeis Men’s Soccer NCAA Highlights

Brandeis Men’s Soccer NCAA Highlights

Left-footed shot stopped by Mullen, coming in with the head and a score! Mullen with the initial shot, and Brandeis able to score on a header looked like it was Mike Lynch. Lynch, goes in motion from the top, it’ll go over his head There’s a header and another chance Into the corner, Looking to turn on Goldie, sends it low, TIPPED and SCORE! Jastremski sends it in and Lynch puts it away and Brandeis has a 1-0 lead. Ocel tips it across, down low, BANGED IT into the net, again by Lynch. Ocel to take it, comes all the way through, and SCORES, Handler! Lynch, now gets it back out for Ocel. Left wing for Handler across, and down low SCORE! Josh Ocel! And it’s 4-1. Runs onto it looking, crosses it into the book all the way through, then sent in for the score! He also has 8 goals, Ocel, who just was stopped is the leading scorer for Brandeis with 5. Another save! And that is HUGE. Amherst needs this one, Oh and off the goaltender’s hand and the post!

Antonio Breitenberg

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