BoArderland  – Surfing Further (Estoril – Feels Like California)

BoArderland – Surfing Further (Estoril – Feels Like California)

My first time in Lisbon was in 2007 and I immediately felt like home so that I decided to spend a semester there as an erasmus student the next year You can find good waves thereabout Costa da Caparica is the closest spot heading south Ericeira and Peniche to the north. But surfing in Lisbon is surfing along the Estoril, where the Tagus meets the Atlantic Ocean. I still remember during the weekends and in my spare time, when I had the chance to go surfing by train which goes along the Estoril, passing through Torre, Carcavelos, all the way to Sao Pedro And one day I went surfing at Carcavelos by train it was late November and when I got there it was an amazing sunny day, with waves and a huge crowd of people in swimsuits all playing beach-volley or football… the beach was lively Even though I was born and raised in a seaside town I wasn’t used to that scenario in that season and that made me really feel like home There are magical places on this earth places which can leave a deep mark and a fine emotion To me that mark is the memory of sunsets at Punta do Sal, Sao Pedro do Estoril a place where the land embraces the immensity of the Ocean. The chance to slide on those waves when the Ocean decides to give emotions under the sunlight, which slowly fades out into the sunset and sharing this all with someone who watches such a marvel the same way you do, with the eyes full of love… I think…it revives my soul again in a moment By now this piece of coastline is part of my story Those I love and are in my life came through here And in this piece of coastline…I lived unforgettable moments

Antonio Breitenberg

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