BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Inline skating basics

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Inline skating basics

Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. I am here with my teammate Quentin Giraudeau to give you some tips for the next BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. The first tip is about the basic and safety position. It doesn’t matter your level – if you are a beginner, advanced or a pro. It is really important to bend your knee forward to have a better stability. The second tip is about following the skater in front of you and taking the same rhythm. Keep your distance at one arm length and follow the step of the skater in front of you. The third tip is about how to react when the skater in front of you is slower than you. First, you can push the skater in front of you with your hand. Or… … you can look back and pass him on the side. The fourth tip is about taking the curve. First, don’t forget to take your safety position, to lean on your inside leg, to roll into the corner, and to push to the side with your outside leg. The fifth tip is about hand signs during the race. There are two main signs during the race. One is for turning right… … or turning left. The second one is for obstacles on the road, for example on the right. I do this sign with my hand to say to the other people to go behind me.

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  1. jamesblunt006 says:

    Also it's important to do all of this with a French accent, because Inline skating is sexy 😉

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