Blind surfer Carmen Lopez from Spain | DW Feature

Blind surfer Carmen Lopez from Spain | DW Feature

Carmen Lopez can only imagine what the sea
looks like. But that hasn’t stopped the 21 year old Spaniard
from riding the surf. I feel free and relaxed. I don’t have any concerns and it’s just me
and the wave. Coach Lucas Garcia guides Carmen by whistled
signals. He’s trained her to compete at the World Adaptive
Surfing Championship. No one had ever thought that blind people
could surf. And suddenly we find Carmen, who can surf. She needs some extra help in the water compared
to other adapted sports, but at the end when someone wants something, they can break the
limits and everyone can surf. Carmen was born with congenital glaucoma,
and lost her vision completely when she was a child. She wants to encourage others with physical
challenges to push past their limits. To keep showing day by day and with everything
that I do on this, that if you want something you can get it. And if you have or do not have a disability,
the important thing is to do what you like the most. And that people put their own barriers up,
no one else puts them there. Carmen has also learned figure-skating and
horseback riding. With her bold attitude, the sea’s the limit.

Antonio Breitenberg

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14 thoughts on “Blind surfer Carmen Lopez from Spain | DW Feature

  1. your the boss says:

    Blind savage!

  2. alflurin says:

    What a brave girl! Hats off!

  3. Felix says:

    She’s awesome!:))

  4. Waqas Aziz says:


  5. Mike C says:

    She's a superhuman.

  6. Derek Roberts says:

    I just have one question: 😦WHAT ABOUT SHARKS?!😧

  7. Man ju Manl says:

    I hope she will find sight in the future .
    muy bien ,sige practicando !

  8. Enki Son Of Anu says:

    good for you girl, lots of love.

  9. Nia Pgn says:

    Masha’Allah! ❤️

  10. Ojay Is Ojay says:

    Bloody amazing! What an inspiration!!!

  11. Fellow Citizen says:


  12. Sebastian Van der Berg says:

    Happy sloth zootopia gif

  13. Michael Han says:

    Blind but incredible eyes

  14. bingre says:

    i even can´t surf with my good eyes

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