Blacker Bricks Haul #5

Blacker Bricks Haul #5

Hey guys Blacker Bricks here back with
another video. Now as you can probably tell from the title of this video today
is not going to be MOC video. Unfortunately I did not get the time to
build a new MOC today, I’m really sorry guys. But I definitely will be adding
progress to the candy shop tomorrow. Today we’re going to be taking a look at
this little Bricklink haul. These are just some pieces for my next beach shop
and that’s gonna be a surf shop so let’s take a look inside. We now have the package open and all that’s inside is this one plastic baggie with all the parts. So
we’re just gonna dump that out. And there are quite a few things in this order
this was around 20 dollars but it’s definitely it’s money’s worth, in my opinion
at least. We’ve got a lot of minifigure related accessories so I’ll just sort it
out real quick. We can take a look at what’s inside. So over here we have four
of these brown paddles. Then we have some flippers in black. Let’s see what else do
we have. We have flippers in red, in lime green. Any other colors we have?
Yellow now we have orange, so I got the whole set. And also blue. Then we got these oar tips actually. For like canoes in both yellow and red
these are really cool pieces, excited to using them. Of course one of the most
important things are the surfboards which I got five of, in lime green, white
and blue which will be essential to my surf shop which I’m going to be
adding soon to my lineup. Then I got some hair and hats. This one hairpiece, male
hairpiece in black. I got this female hairpiece in a dark brown.
A hat, fedora type. A baseball cap in dark blue. Then what else do we have?
I have this little lamp type piece. A saxophone. Electric guitar. A lifesaver in
yellow. 2 lime green syringes. A metal detector. 2 coffee cups. A swimsuit
torso which is going to be really useful when I start adding people to the beach. A closed umbrella and then quite a few little heads. We got a little kid with
some glasses. We have a interested confused kind of face. We have a mustached man. We have two smiling faces with freckles.
We have a bearded man and this one is just a heavy mustache. So that’s it for
this little haul. Once again I am sorry that I did not release a MOC video
today but I will definitely be doing that tomorrow and I hope to see
you guys soon please like and subscribe!

Antonio Breitenberg

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