Big on small jump! Jakub is snowboarding #3

Big on small jump! Jakub is snowboarding #3

can you see me people cool some riding in the park now Jacob is just having fun because he’s the crazy one something was to happen but he’s too shy for now [Music] [Music] wait but this appears are meant to be about jumping on a small kicker so let’s get to it [Music] [Music] okay guys now that we’re just trick I ever done I don’t know how to call it but [Music] now let’s just do the back thing like regular Baxter hopefully I can make it think I can you dig on the Trump’s and let’s see here we go [Music] made it so now I feel like this [Music] [Music] [Music] well here in the best people crush sometimes [Music] [Music] last parking poland in my opinion all right people so today episode is over if you like it just leave a thumbs up and if you want to see more to subscribe tell me what you think down in the comments also if you haven’t seen my previous episode go and check it out and that’s it

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Big on small jump! Jakub is snowboarding #3

  1. pulse increase says:

    Nice shit man 😀 sick shifty!

  2. NG Music says:

    Leci sub! 😀 W poszukiwaniu muzyki zapraszam na swój kanał 😉 Musimy sie zgadac kiedys na deske 😀

  3. CZplay says:

    lol this is funny. nice vid I liked it, got my sub for sure. keep up the good work!

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