Big Gas Chambers Surf – North Shore Oahu

Big Gas Chambers Surf – North Shore Oahu

(Jeff) Gas Chambers.
Plenty of closeout sets. Definitely enough to go around. Now you can see these waves start
to barely crack on the outer reef, you know it’s gonna be a bomb
coming on the inside. And I know firsthand
that it gets pretty scary when you got one of them things
coming towards you. Let’s see how these guys handle it. (Jeff) Did you get that guy.
(Alicia) Yeah. (Jeff) Aw, killer. Yeah, there’s something coming. Ooh, that’s a big one. Aw man.
That guy got cleaned out. (Jeff) Aloha!

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Big Gas Chambers Surf – North Shore Oahu

  1. America First says:

    Small day brah

  2. highjinxwillie62 says:

    What exactly is gas chamber in surf lingo. I know of them in Hawaii, puerto Rico and Oregon.

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