BIG FAMILY BIRTHDAY! Gabriel’s 9th Roller Skating Birthday Party + Lake Day!

– We are having Gabriel’s
ninth birthday party tonight at the rollerskating
rink, it’s one of those parties where we’ve
invited a lot of people and I think most people except one family can come, so I can’t even count
how many that’s going to be but it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun. This is what the party room looks like before we bring in the
food and the presents. You can see that they set
up with the cups and such, and they have some decorations in here, and we’re about 15 minutes or
so before the rink opens up for the party, so we’re
gonna bring in some food. I got veggie trays,
fruit platters, cupcakes, a big cookie cake, he wanted cheesecake instead of traditional birthday cake, we’re having pizzas delivered, soda is coming, and lots
of good stuff going on. The party’s gonna start at 7:30 and go until 11 o’clock tonight,
lot’s of nine year old fun. – [Mom] So kids are already skating, just showing this is the food
getting set up right here, and then, you need a break already? – Yeah.
– We just got started. – [Narrator] And these
two are waiting to skate, but I told them, hi sweetie, and there’s Mr. Benjamin,
you’re gonna cough, aw! We’re still waiting for families to come, and I’m handing out bracelets so, I might take you two
after we get our cake. Do we do our pizza and our cake? – Yeah!
– And then we’ll skate, and you can vote and tell them. (laughs) – [Mom] Hi birthday boy.
– Hi. – Are people coming?
– Yes. – Getting settled, Gabriel’s a-goin’. We’ve got Naomi out there, Liam, and there’s Miss Amelia on my arm. – Hey Mommy?
– Yeah? – Will you see how fast I can go? – Uh huh, ready, set, go! Wow, thunderbolt. Okay, here comes birthday boy. Oh yeah, that’s his
favorite trick right there. So here’s some of our set
up before the kids come in, there’s plenty of soda to go
with the late-night skating, we’ve got those opened up,
– And I got a lot of – And you got a bunch of tickets! Your first pizza at nine, I’m video-ing. We wanna see you chewing! Hey Gabriel.
– Yes? – When you’re done eating,
I’m gonna have you go sit with your cakes, and then
we’ll sing happy birthday. Ready?
– Mm-hmm. – And then we can open your
presents while everyone eats their cakes.
– Okay. Okay, so we’re gonna sing
to Gabriel here, here we go! – [All] Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Gabriel, happy birthday to you!
– Yay! (celebratory shouting) Okay, say love the Wood
Family, say thank you! – Thank you.
– Nice. Okay so this is from Naomi. – Spiderman bouncy ball.
– Oh, crochet sister. – Picture of me,
– [Friend] It’s a card, look. – Oh, I see.
– [Mom] Very nice. – Bean bag.
– Very nice, and a Spiderman ring.
– [Friend] And look, I wrote that book
earlier, you can read it. – [Mom] It’s a great book, Gabriel. Oh cool, oh your favorite things. (celebratory shouting) (loud talking) – Look, a Spiderman set!
– Wow, see I’m doing pictures while we’re… perfect, Gabriel. Over two thousand pieces, wow. – Woah!
– Throwing pile of loot. Spiderman Legos!
– These are actually new ones. (children chattering) – Perfect.
– Thank you! – Perfect, perfect. Woohoo! Gabriel, now you can
go rollerskating more. So this is Daniel’s
first time, this is his second lap, and he’s a
champ, look at him go. There’s Miss Amelia. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh
yeah you shouldn’t start, no tricks yet for you, Daniel. So it’s almost 11, and
lots of people are leaving, we’re trying to finish up, come on get into the lights, there you go. There goes Gabriel, good job, okay Amelia. You’re almost ready to go
without the walker, Daniel. You gotta stand up though. Yeah, oops! So today is now Monday,
and we have had a wonderful birthday weekend for Gabriel. We had some things we
were gonna do yesterday, but it ended up being rainy and such. Today is actually Memorial
Day when we are filming this, and we are having our first
lake trip of the year. Now it is, we’re supposed to
have one little rain shower this afternoon, but I’m thinking
that would just be a good natural break time for
us to just get in the van and go grab some lunch, I’m
not packing anything major food wise today except a bag of apples and a case of water, so
we are off to the lake, it is overcast, but again,
just a little bit of rain time, and we’re gonna get our
first lake day of the year. And today, grandmother’s
driving her own vehicle, she’s got all her kayaks and stuff. And this is Benjamin’s first
bigger boy trip to the lake, so I’m sure he’s gonna have
fun playing with those buckets and sand and scooping with
the shovel and all of that. We finished Anne of Green
Gables audio book the other day, so now we’re starting Anne of Avonlea. We loved Anne of Green
Gables, and Audible was giving me a fit, so I was able to download this onto iBooks for 95 cents. I can get it through Audible,
but I just think it’s easier through my laptop but
iBooks was cooperative, so iBooks won the 95 cents, so here we go. (splashing) (children playing) Benjamin, are we doing it, are we here? Benjamin had no trouble at all in the sand while we were unloading, he was in it. And Daniel is now building,
and Gabriel is here getting more goggles, my
mom is out on her kayak with her dog, that’s pretty cool. Zion is going to go kayaking with her. These are a lot of the different toys we got at Dollar Tree,
everything’s working well except the goggles I don’t
think will last very long, but these buckets and shovels, they’re definitely worth it. They were working, have they, okay. You see that raincloud
ahead, so I’m just kind of denying the rain cloud, we don’t have any thunder or anything,
it may just pass us by, but we’re couldn’t not
try to get here today. There is Zion, he is getting
ready to go kayaking. Is it raining? Is it raining out here? So it has been raining a
tad, we are under our tent, again, no thunder, no lightning,
just a little sprinkle and it’s actually, I think it
has actually stopped already. So, really hoping it passes us. Daniel’s amazing creation continues. Before I showed our van organization, here’s our tote, my plan
is to just rinse things out before we pack up in the van tonight. My mom is right there on
her kayak with her dog. Yes, she kayaks with
her labradoodle, Artsy. Very cute. Do you see
Artsy with grandmother? They’re having a great time. I thought he might spend most
of his time on the blanket, but he has just jumped
right into that sand, he said I’m ready. What swimsuit are you
wearing, Daniel Joel? Who’s on there, you got Batman sure, and who’s on your shorts, who is it? – Poppa troll!
– Poppa troll, yay! Grandmother just came back over, if I can get my glasses straight, with her dog Artsy, everybody’s
over visiting at the fence so I’ll show you, there’s
Artsy and grandmother, yay, did you like your foot ride, Artsy? – He didn’t wanna get off.
– He didn’t wanna get off. Okay Miss Amelia, where are you going? – Kayaking.
– You’re going kayaking with grandmother?
– Yeah. – Okay, we’ll get some video
of you doing it, have fun! There is grandmother and
Amelia, yes oh good new camera, sorry, little wobbly, there
they are, they’re waving! So Amelia, how was your kayak time? – Good. Mommy, can you
set this on our stuff? – Okay! Okay, good deal, now
it’ll be someone else’s turn. (whistling) So we still haven’t been rained out yet, even though we thought
a few times we would be, weather report is still good, we’re still a’swimmin’,
and look what I’m gonna put Benjamin in, I’m gonna put
him in his little boat thingy he’s ready, hey Benjamin
are you ready for your first real lake time?
– I think so. – He might just, you
know what, he’ll probably wanna play with it right here. I wanna show you what Zion’s been making this real cool, it looks
like an ice castle. Can you demonstrate, Zion, how
you’re making this possible? It’s like cake icing, they’re getting wet sand and squirting it out. – It’s quicksand.
– It’s great. Now Amelia has a good deal going on, she’s got Liam and some other
lake friends covering her. You’re buried in sand, Amelia? – Yeah, I want my hold body covered. – Okay, okay, well Liam
will give you directions. Zion’s been working with Benjamin. We got him out here, I
had to kind of wade his little toes a little bit and
then he got used to the boat. So I’m gonna actually
end the vlog here because this is my new camera, I
only have one battery so far, and the red light is flashing. So thank you guys for watching
Gabriel’s ninth birthday at the rollerskating rink
party with lots of our friends, and our first day out of 2018 at the lake. We’ll see you next time with
another brand new video. Bye bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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