Biarritz: surf y turismo en el sur de Francia

Biarritz: surf y turismo en el sur de Francia

Good morning my friends
My name is Mister Fog And im at Biarritz
WELCOME TO FRANCE LETS GO, COME ON There’s 2 things I think about Biarritz Beautiful and expensive The vibes of Biarritz are a mix A very positive mix In the city you will mainly find expensive homes and mansions Used by the wealthy families on summer time Since the 19th century To the beginning of the 20th century
And even nowadays This city is one of the most elegant ones in France Here you can smell the money
EUROS NOTES You should come here for a stroll,
Close to the water but maybe a bit dangerous If the waves are strong.
BE CAREFULL I can already hear the waves….
The ocean is ruff The luxury of Biarritz blends perfectly with its
Surfer culture That is more relaxed and stress free A surfer culture with a long tradition in the city Amazing… isn’t it ? AMAZING No doubt this big contrast is part of the city Although there’s no proof… People say that the introduction of Surf in Europe
started on these beaches in 1957 What is true for sure is that by the middle of the 19th century The Empress Eugenia de Montijo The wife of Napoleon the 3rd Found Biarritz and fell in love with its 6km of beaches of thin sand Ravines and therapeutical waters I do recommend a visit to this city Biarritz is a world of contrasts Its elegant yet relaxed Its classic yet modern Its rebel yet sophisticated For me… a pearl in the South of France Well my friends I hope you have enjoyed this
Visit to Biarritz I need to come back to show you more For now I must go Drop me a like and
Dont forget to subscribe to the channel And see ya around… HUGS… BYE “AU REVOIR”

Antonio Breitenberg

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