Beyoncé’s Roller Skating Birthday Bash | #TBMTV

Beyoncé’s Roller Skating Birthday Bash | #TBMTV

– Well you only turn 21 one time and that’s a very special year. And it’s a 80s skating party. (mellow hiphop music) – I am here at Cascade Skating Rink which is in Atlanta, where I’m from, but here to celebrate
Beyonce’s birthday party. – Yeah, she having her
birthday party in my city, so I had to come out here
and see what’s going on. You know, so check it out make
sure it’s going down right. It ain’t right if I aint here. – We’ve had an opportunity
to actually be friends with Destiny’s Child. And Beyonce is kinda
sorta that humble girl that no matter how many records she sells, she’s still the kinda
person you can call up and say, you know, what’s up, what you doing today,
let’s go to McDonald’s. – I got to know her because, like I said, I lived in Houston, I’m from Houston, I knew them when they
were kids growing up. So I’m just glad to see young
people that had a work ethic, the desire to make a thing happen and go around the world and share it. – She’s a beautiful, beautiful
person to be around with, you know what I mean. Any time she around, I feel good. – I’m just very happy
that I have another year and I have a lot of people
that love me and that I love. So I’m happy to be able to celebrate. – I’m here to celebrate
my sister’s birthday and she’s 21 and we just gonna
go in here and have a ball. – I’m so excited for her, she
came here with so much energy and I know she can’t wait to get her butt on the dance floor. That’s all she been
talking about, all night. – Oh, I’m just really happy her. I’m so happy that all the people here, look at the parking lot, have showed up wearing their
white and gold, the 80s flavor. I’m so happy for her
she really deserves it. – [Beyonce] You gotta look at the skates. These were custom-made,
they have the 21 on there. – Virgo.
– The gold on this, the Virgo, the B. And my mom and Ty did ’em, so
that’s my favorite of the day. – I know a lot of people
have been saying, like, they’ve never been to
a skate party before. And Beyonce just had enough
courage to throw a skate party, ’cause I know some people
are a little scared to skate but that ain’t nothing to be afraid of. It’s a party, so just sit back, cut loose and get wild and crazy. – I’mma come out here
and rock, bounce, skate and roll like a, no,
I can’t curse on here, but I’mma roll my butt of in here. – [Interviewer] So you gon’
do a little skating yourself? – No, I will not be skating. There is no need for me to pretend. I can’t skate, swim, anything with an S, I don’t do, except sing (chuckles). – Don’t wanna be too
nervous, don’t wanna bust my, on them things, so I’ll probably
just be walking tonight. (laughing) – I’m okay, I’m not a great
skater but I just love skating and I wanted to do something fun. I didn’t wanna have a
traditional, regular party at a, you know, club or wherever else. I wanted to have a fun party. – We’re gonna go out there and skate. – [Interviewer] You’re gonna go for it? – I can’t skate, but I’m gonna try. (mellow hiphop music) – Want some?
– No, it’s okay. – [Woman] You can gimme some. (mellow hiphop music) – I need a cup.
– I’m celebrating. (whooping) – Happy birthday girl, Happy 21st birthday from your younger sister
Solange, I love you. – Man, happy birthday,
happy 21st birthday baby. You know I’m here with you, we gon’ do it real big this year. I just turned 21, you just turned 21, maybe we could have some fun, holla back. – Happy birthday girl.
– Happy birthday mama. – Happy 21, baby. – We love you, we are so proud of you. – Yes.
– Keep doing your thing. You young, black, successful,
so plus, keep God first. Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday baby. – Happy birthday. – Beyonce is turning 21,
much love, much luck, successful life to you
Beyonce, happy birthday. – Beyonce I love you and I just thank you for everything that you’ve done. You’ve done so much for
me, for the whole world. I admire you and I love you
from the bottom of my heart. – [MC] One, two, three. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [MC] Come on. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Beyonce ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (whooping and clapping) – [MC] Gimme a round of applause.

Antonio Breitenberg

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53 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s Roller Skating Birthday Bash | #TBMTV



  2. Freeyful says:

    HAHA well how far has Beyoncé come? Also, is that 3LW, Lawd…

  3. Vickayla Wiggins says:

    Lol go gurl

  4. cushe83 says:

    Natina Reed from Blaque is cousins with Farrah Franklin who left Destiny's child on bad terms. So that's very big of her to still support.

  5. aria 343 says:

    H b girl

  6. Kev E on says:

    No Celebrity has been more transparent than Beyoncé when it came to media coverage and interviews.

    That’s why She’s So BELOVED!!!!

  7. Kenrick's life says:

    3:53 Shamari looking like she just trying to get to the bar lol

  8. Monique N things says:

    Mmmm Lil Zane🤤lawd merci on me🙏

  9. Yo Oof says:

    my bday is in 5 days! ( sept 9

  10. Dana Dane says:

    Lil zane haha

  11. Dana Dane says:

    Kelly Rowland is so pretty

  12. sonyapeach says:

    I'm sorry but that was a very 2002 themed party lol. I didn't see 80's but the outfits were still very cute.


    Monica 🙂

  14. Jay Smart says:

    Solange before her nose job!

  15. Jacob says:

    Anyone else a Virgo??? Where my squad at?

  16. Kev E on says:

    Beyoncé was THICKE AF

  17. Igor Henrique says:

    Michelle was high af🤣😂😂

  18. BEYONCE is GOD says:

    Happy birthday my QUEEN

  19. Scott David says:

    Someone edit her skating from this video to the Blow video

  20. No Thank You says:

    rip natina reed

  21. Manolo Demsy says:

    And this was before she drop her first album ,she is so cute

  22. Shana Monet says:

    OKAY but are we not going to talk about how SICKENING her body was at 21? YES MAMA!💅🏾💕😂🗣🗣 #HBDQUEEN👑🥰

  23. Angie Shines says:


  24. Mike Vilakazi says:

    Looking at this, i cant believe Kangol was once that hot. Cause now they all about Gucci, Louis Vuitton….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Sharissa Davision says:

    Lil Zane glowing talking about beyonce

  26. Naturalbeauti78 says:

    Did Beyonce invent Skates, Birthdays, parties? Omg people calm down. My daughter had a skate party when she turned 12.

  27. swirlieeo sweer says:

    Who tf those two people think they are disliking Beyoncé b-day celebrations

  28. Pimpin Keith says:

    This Was In 2002 When Beyonce Turned 21 Now Its 2019 Dam Time Flies In 4 Months It's Gonna Be 2020

  29. Jodibb Moli says:

    Back in the day when Beyoncé was COOL! I hate she is deemed to be surrounded by tacky black people just because she’s black

  30. Effe Effe says:

    So Beyonce is wearing a belt

  31. Robbie Bobby says:

    Solange is undoubtedly Beyoncé’s biggest Stan

  32. Egypts Pyramid says:

    Natina Reed looks & sounds so much like Left Eye

  33. Egypts Pyramid says:

    Mike Epps is a mess😂

  34. KITTEN MAYZ says:

    When she used to let us in her life now she hates us 😫🤣

  35. Nicole Winston says:

    Awww this is so beautiful. So innocent. Can you believe she turned 38 two days ago?

  36. Teddy Bear says:

    beyonce was so thick and fine back then dam this is the real beyonce before Hollywood

  37. Nique L says:

    I luv me some beyonce she always been so beautiful n talented I was16 when she turned 21 Its crazy how young everyone was solange, Adrienne 3lw, Monica,blaque,lil Zane,mike Epps etc all from my era I miss those days epic happy bday queen❤️❤️!!!!!!

  38. Anastasia Godwin says:

    I wonder if she still has them.

  39. Realm of Consciousness. says:

    So many things about Beyoncé have changed and evolved with time but her humility and spirit are still the same!!! 18 years later and she is still very much beloved and admired. ❤️

  40. Jayda Da Princess says:

    Now where Jay-Z👀

  41. imParisthoee says:

    y’all going off abt beyoncé being so thick as if she ain’t twice as thick today like

  42. David Richardson says:

    This was when her and Jay started dating.

  43. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Mike Epps tho 😂😂😂

  44. Melissa Ribeiro says:

    Some Them will no longer get the Invitation 😂

  45. phat girl #2 says:

    You and blue baby bust your ass on skates

  46. phat girl #2 says:

    Look like she had knotty head I been drinking how did I get on skates I be drinking happy bday

  47. Bianca Polo says:


  48. Higher3 Me says:


  49. Benjis 14 says:

    She use to love them micro braids 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  50. Benjis 14 says:

    Farrah at 3:28? 👀😂

  51. ILuvBlaqueIvory says:

    Rest N Peace Natina Reed

  52. Téj Alexander says:

    “Monica Everybody Friend” Chile Monica Been That Girl! Pre Instagram! Period!

  53. Gabriel Hutchinson says:

    This was the Blow music video before the Blow music video lol

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