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Crossbar. Crossbar. Crossbar I’ll give you a choice We do a crossbar Or that guy Yeah that’s what I thought Is that a beer? Nevermind Real life FIFA Alright lets go

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. freekickerz says:

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  2. Patrik Graňák says:

    4:32 song ?

  3. PhantomToxic X says:

    2:52 i like how he is doing good but in the back a kid jumps and falls on his face lol 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  4. TheHaxYT says:

    11:27 music?

  5. Tommi U says:

    I pirlasv hahahaha hahahaha

  6. Luka Tomić says:


  7. carlos eduardo perez jimenez says:

    que invesil

  8. tomas gumera says:

    what music minute 2:10

  9. ensar says:

    2:54 look at the kid right xd

  10. Diego Aguilar says:

    2:29 SONG PLEASE

  11. Jess Nguyen says:

    What team do u support

  12. Joaquin alonso says:

    No lo ves kick su futuro es el éxito

  13. Monica Perez Lapiz says:

    saludame crak

  14. NuRekeeV 007 says:

    Хотели написать финты? А написали вины

  15. Dios Es Amor says:

    Es muy bueno

  16. rober_ xd says:

    7:34 song please

  17. felipe francisco lima says:


  18. alex gamer says:

    Sale like si viste el niño que se cayó a tras en el minuto 2:54

  19. Luca Druyts says:

    i learn football from these type of videos!

  20. Super Arti says:

    Привет от Живого Футбола✌

  21. MATEQ BS says:

    This baby in right płace 🤪

  22. Fz GAMING says:

    đá hay vãi

  23. Jklm M says:

    What a music 3:20

  24. Al Sa says:

    2.30 : song ?

  25. NICK O MODE says:

    The kid in the background fell at 2:53

  26. mauro copes says:

    Chi è italiano lascia like

  27. Martin McGuinness says:

    Anyone notice at 3:00 someone's child fell over

  28. fergi stream says:

    en el minuto 2:54 se cae un niño xd

  29. pinguino:v says:

    2:53 like por el niño :'v se saco la yuya :v

    Auto like para no desaparecer xd

  30. Stefania Savio says:

    Nel video col cane uno e caduto

  31. Ashraf Jasim says:

    Those who like freekickerz pls like here

  32. TryFly says:

    2:30 the kid😂

  33. Lukas Lenkutis says:

    2:31 dude just yeets himself in the background

  34. NotSo Dream says:

    2:28 kid tries but falls lmao

  35. flaming pickles says:

    The 2 kids sent even good

  36. David Sevilla says:

    7:17 song?

  37. Mstfa Zroal says:


  38. xxDylxx says:

    2:30 kid falls at the back look

  39. issa family says:

    7:26 song please

  40. Marwan gamer says:

    1:10 he is writing sins not tragedies

  41. temo nishnianidze says:

    photoshop fake reactions

  42. Наталья Дзюбенко says:


  43. Дис says:


  44. Anthony Iech says:

    This is why you never skip leg day!

  45. Toma Josipović says:

    01:18 song name?

  46. Côme C says:

    2:33 poor kid😂😂😂


    04:13 watch Music?

  48. Ghost Person says:

    Bro these reactions tho

  49. Linda Rodriguez says:

    Anyone know the remix/music in this part 7:16

  50. Finn Scherrar says:

    Ab 9:19 cringe is real

  51. Roldan Bariñan says:

    How do you that and i whant that skils

  52. Hamza Hajdarevič says:


  53. Daniel Rosales says:

    Lake Si quedaste soprendido

  54. Daniel Rosales says:

    Lake Si son más buenos quetu

  55. fed123play says:

    1:50 song please

  56. Nightcore Fan says:

    Yeah this is all nice skill but did you try to ride a bike without brakes?

  57. Glitch Gamer says:

    A kid fall down

  58. LOS TM YT says:

    Like si vieron al niño de atras caerse 2:13

  59. Ralphy James says:


  60. Kuper McFarlan says:

    2:14 the kid falls in the back 😂

  61. Collin Benjamin says:

    I feel sorry for the dog 🐕

  62. Damixkox100 says:

    2:03 Please name this music

  63. Meg says:

    2:03 look at the little kid in the back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Fut play vines football says:

    Que Daora me ensina Fazer Isso

  65. Ruso ley Crank says:

    Sedieron cuenta del niño que se cayo

  66. Martin Garcia says:

    fails bhichs

  67. Jonathan García Morales says:

    Hay pros y unos nubes

  68. Ethan's Fun Zone says:

    Best 5 years old soccer goals

  69. Jesse Spencer says:

    2:14 rip kid

  70. football master says: #share#support#subscribe

  71. Pewdiepie xx says:

    Whats the second clip's song name???

  72. Young Zotung says:

    Music? 0:18

  73. Sinko Sinko says:

    2:30 music

  74. Gameaholic TGP says:

    2:15 that kid just fell lol

  75. Ahmed Emre Ablak says:

    Hello,my from Türkiye . I like freekickerz .

  76. Rafoniks 123 says:

    Kto z Polski ten daje

  77. offline says:

    6:20 marmok music

  78. Hưng Nguyễn says:

    Wow hôm nay kênh ghi tiếng việt luôn

  79. ¿Podemos Llegar a 1000 Subs ? says:

    Woooooow ¡Incredible! Jajajajajaja

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  81. Chung Chung says:

    hack huh?😱😱

  82. Adryan Silva says:

    Parece que sou o unico brasileiro maia esse canal é TOP D+

  83. Ifrah Warsame says:

    Den kilen I denhar sista Han set it some erion

  84. Fanny Velazco says:

    Me encanto la parte de el chicle like si te gusta el fut-bol

  85. Edoardo Espis says:


  86. AutoMotive FineSSe says:

    Must Watch
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  87. Cooper Palm says:

    it’s football not soccer

  88. blackywhitety says:

    Wow awesome this very nice

  89. Rockstar Starboy ExaltedYT says:

    1:50 song

  90. Людмила Трофимова says:

    Ахуеть как они это делают

  91. Thiago Sanchez says:

    Like si vielon al niño k se saco la mrd xd 1:14

  92. Antonio Breitenberg says:

    A kid failed

  93. Jack McGinley says:

    2:56 I died 😂

  94. Brankic Savovic says:

    Song in intro pls

  95. Gustavo Moreno says:

    WOW and Football and LOL

  96. Octopro Yt says:

    0:57 that kid was destroyed

  97. vinicius nunes says:

    4:27 song pleeeease

  98. Sanzhar Smail says:

    Не вины а вайны

  99. Farel Maulana says:

    Yang nonton dari indonesia mana suaranya?!!

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