Behind the scenes with the Habs at the 2019 NHL Draft

Behind the scenes with the Habs at the 2019 NHL Draft

We’ve gathered here today in Vancouver for the first day of our draft meetings, in
preparation for the final touches to our draft board. In the past few weeks we’ve gathered a lot
of data with the NHL combines and two separate combines that we did on our
own. And we’ve analyzed the data, the experts in the different fields have reviewed it, and they’ve come up with some conclusions. And we’re hoping that that will help us in
making the correct decisions and putting together our final touches to
our 2019 NHL draft board. First of all… the guys need to understand what this ranking system is that you have. From performance, you see symmetry, movement quality, upper-body power… intensity… speed, agility, stamina. And the weight that we give to the guys, it’s…
we give more importance on lower-body power than on upper-body power. -Yeah. Got it. So we had 10 questions on compete level,
motivation, self confidence, coachability, teamwork, leadership, emotional stability, playing under pressure, dealing with adversity, and maturity. So that’s what the grades are based on, just
that section. So what we’ll do here, we’ll go through a
group of players, and I want you to point out anything that
stands out as a red flag or something we should be aware of. So, why don’t we start with Cole Caufield? Well, he’s got a good… really good cardio. He can add some intensity for the whole
shift. There’s nothing to worry about him, like no
red flags. Good strength. A good overall athlete. Cole Caufield, doc? Yes, he’s in my Top 10. Really good at being able to read the play,
retaining information, good thinker. He thinks the game. I really liked his reaction when he was asked
about his size. I really like the fact that he said, “If I
could be bigger, I wouldn’t be. I like the way I am, and I can get the job
done… with what I have.” Impressive kid. -I thought he was impressive. My area is real strong this year, I think. With the NTDP in the USHL, it’s one of the
strongest years I’ve seen. I think there’s, you know, a lot more American
kids playing now, so the numbers are up, so the more talented
kids are starting to rise, and your better athletes are playing hockey
now. I saw 208 games. I saw around 175 games. Oh, it’s about 180, 190… I think I saw 220 games. Well over 200 for myself. There’s a lot of different attributes we look
for in prospects. But we’re looking for a defining attribute. An attribute that will help the player get
to the National Hockey League level, and stay there. Whether it be a hard heavy shot… hockey
sense… speed… effort… So those are some of the examples. Obviously, a player that has all those attributes
in dimension doesn’t come along very often. You get a guy like Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby for example, players like that, who, you know, answer a
lot of those bells. Every regional scout has his list of players
he believes in. Those are the players I want to draft based
on the work I’ve done. Skating is very important. Of course skill, compete level, work ethic. Sometimes when I go home and write my report,
I don’t even know the score. It’s not important. It’s those individual players and how they
perform and if they have potential. It’s a projection. For us, it’s about four or five years down
the road, when these guys are physically mature and they’ve had a chance to develop, what
role can they play, what can they bring to the team? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What are things he’ll need to work on to develop
over the next four or five years? There are a lot of good players who play,
but won’t make it to the NHL. At a certain point, it’s about who wants it
more. Those guys will succeed. Character, determination, the full package. Trevor and Shane [Churla], of course they
want to question my opinions. And then it’s up to me to explain what I think
and why I think that. We’ll move on to another player. He can’t produce power. I don’t know if he’s been in the gym that
much, but… He’s not a good tester. We all know that. It is…there’s risk. I’ll be the first to tell you –I know the
kid better than anybody and I’ll tell you, there’s risk. 100 percent. We can’t take that. I’m not even going to argue that. He’s just going to improve. We can work with him and help him get better. Ok. We have guys like Trevor, Shane, and Serge
Boisvert who travel all over so they can compare players from different leagues. They’re in a better position to compare players
from the Western League versus Finland or Minnesota High School and they can rank those
players. We take that to make our draft board. Then we take a step back and analyze everything,
tweak it, and then we take that into the Draft. This is the last little bit of decision making
that we’ve got before we head to the Draft on Friday. We have to make sure we make the right pick
in that group. – Yeah That’s important. It’s key. Because they’re all different. – Yeah It’s tough to sort those guys out. – Yeah They all have something different. The process is the same. What differs now is the prospect pool for
the first pick. Last year, obviously we picked third overall,
so our prospect pool was very small for that first pick and we could spend a lot of time
on a fewer number of prospects. This year, we’re picking 15th. There’s a much wider, broader pool of prospects
that we have to spend a lot of time on. You could say it’s five times the work as
it was to pick No. 3. It’s the same pressure. We have to pick the best player. We have to get the best player available when
it’s our turn to pick. For us, this year the pool is bigger because
there’s a lot that can happen by the time we get to pick. No two teams think exactly alike. We’ll be well-prepared and our list will be
good to go so when it gets to No. 15, we’ll be ready. We have to be prepared for anything and everything. Obviously a lot of things happen on the draft
floor the day of the draft, right up until before your pick. A lot of those things are unpredictable. We are prepared, and Marc [Bergevin] prepares
himself and the team and he casts lines in the water with all the different GMs to be
prepared for different scenarios that may become available. Options for us, and options that other teams may come to us with, whether it’s before we get to sitting down at the draft table on
Friday, or once the draft starts on Friday. – [So, let’s get started. The first selection of the 2019 NHL Draft belongs to the New Jersey Devils.] [phone rings] Hello? For 15? It’s possible, yes. Thanks, bye. He said if you want to move back I’ll give
you a pick. – [The New Jersey Devils are proud to select…] – [The Edmonton Oilers select…] – [The Arizona Coyotes are proud to select…] What are you thinking, Trevor? We’ve got three guys there. We’ve got Arizona — no that’s gone. Minny, Florida, Philly. We need one more help. We need Dale [Talon] to take the goalie. Caufield? -Yeah Hello? No, don’t know yet. I’ll keep you posted. Wishful thinking at 15? – [The Florida Panthers select, from the US
National Team Development Program, Spencer Knight.] The goalie? Yeah We’re picking. We’re picking. Well you never know for sure. If you have a pool of players that you believe
that some of them may still be there, then it’s worth taking a chance moving back and
obtaining another pick, which you can use to maybe get 2-for-1. But you have to be careful, too. If there’s a player you like, then you step
up and take him. Hello? Yeah, what are you offering? Hold on. A third-round pick to move two spots. – No No, we’re picking.Thanks. What do you want to do? I say Caufield. We need goal scoring. We need power play. Let’s go Caufield. Caufield, let’s go. Caufield. Is that ok? Yep. That’s fine. We can’t miss there. Ok Tell him what [Cole] is and what you think
he’s going to bring. Right-shot goal scorer. – Yeah He find the open ice. He battles for ice. He gets goals in tight. He’s got a personality. He’s got some character. – Yeah he seems like a nice kid. – [The 15th selection in the 2019 NHL Draft
belongs to the Montreal Canadiens.] Our captain, Shea Weber, will make our selection. With the 15th-overall selection, the Montreal
Canadiens select, from the US National Team Development Program, Cole Caufield. – Hey listen, I mean he is a brilliant goal
scorer. And the Montreal Canadiens have never been afraid of drafting smaller players. You can go to Mats Naslund, you can go to
Brendan Gallagher, the Vancouver native, you can go all the way back to Henri Richard,
the Pocket Rocket. Well this guy might be a different form of
a Pocket Rocket with his ability to score. Thank you so much. Congrats, I’m so happy for you. Yeah, it’s a dream. Montreal, baby! Montreal! What’s up bro? Congrats! Hey! I love your hat. Thank you so much. Hey buddy. How are you? – Oh my God. I’m Brendan. Nice to meet you. How are ya? – Nice to meet you, too. I’m great. I’m so happy right now. Congratulations, bud. Thank you so much. It feels unbelievable. I mean, it’s a dream come true and I can’t
really put it into words right now. I mean, I still can’t believe it. Watching it as a kid growing up, it’s just
something you dream about. And to have it become a reality is surreal. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. Cole Caufield. Well, we were a little bit surprised and happy
he was there at 15. We expected him to be gone in the Top 10. He certainly overcomes his size with his heart,
his natural scoring ability, his hockey sense, his compete and battle. He’s a guy where, if he loses a puck, he gets
that puck back right away. He battles his heart out to get it. If you look at the records that he’s set in
goal scoring, obviously we can’t expect that to translate to the National Hockey League
in the exact same fashion, but we expect him to score at every level moving forward. Hello Montreal, I’m Cole Caufield here. I just got drafted by the Montreal Canadiens. I can’t wait to be a Hab and I can’t wait
to get things started.

Antonio Breitenberg

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