Behind the results with Ilka Stuhec | FIS Alpine

Behind the results with Ilka Stuhec | FIS Alpine

Oh! Now we’re getting there! I was walking at the house with small plastic skis, and I really wanted to ski, I was like: “come on get me on skis” I wanted to ski by myself. So mom and dad said: “ok, let’s try” They dressed me up, put me in ski boots, on the skis, then I skied. So yeah, that was kind of it. Yeah when I was a kid I used to be a dancer actually! I still love to dance. There isn’t so much time to do that anymore. But yeah, I love dancing, I like mountain biking, volley ball. Anything that has something to do with sport. My first race… I was in a really nice colorful racing suit, with stars all over it, I have some pictures and I still had my ski boots on quite a few hours later. It was not a problem to wake up early in the morning to go to training, we would rush to school and then again to physical training in the afternoon, do all the homework. It came natural. So I just continued doing what I love! Sadly the injuries are a big part of our sport. I always try to learn something or try to see the positive side of everything. At the end of the day it has happened to anyone at any time because it’s the nature of sport. But now I’m really convinced that it’s enough. After all, we still have to live a life after our careers, right? So I guess, at some point, when I will feel it, I’ll know that I’ve shown everything, but I don’t have that feeling yet.

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Behind the results with Ilka Stuhec | FIS Alpine

  1. Ski tips says:

    Great, positive personality.

  2. belahu says:

    Wonderful, Ilka! Keep up the joy, the fun and the excitement. We love seeing you on the snow :). All the best for Lake Louise! Greetings from Holland x

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