Behind The Results with Blaise Giezendanner| FIS Alpine

Behind The Results with Blaise Giezendanner| FIS Alpine

That’s the lyrics from a U2 song. This is a drawing of a moutain and it’s not the Matterhorn, even if it looks like it! This is my fetish number: 18. So, beware if I get it as a bib for a race one day! And that’s a triangle. And that’s it! I was born in Chamonix. So I’ve been at the ski club since I was 5-6 years old. So it was like skiing every day. I’m not from the typical skiing family. I mean my dad is from Paris, my mom from London. So I’m kind of a melting pot. For me it was different, because I wasn’t really meant to be… like a champion. I didn’t have the spirit at first when I was young. It was really difficult to work on it. So I guess it could be kind of a strenght. And my weakness… maybe I’m not too serious sometimes. Maybe…. Ski racing is a tough life. If you win one race every fifty, it’s a good ratio you know! You have to learn that you are not going to win every time. I think that ski racing… taught me a lot of things about myself. About how to react in some situations. Good and bad ones. It’s going to be very helpful for the rest of my career and my life. We’re living a life that not everyone can live, like for fourty years. Some of the coaches used to have a career before, and they know how it works so for us it’s very helpful. But I’m not sure I could be one of those guys you know. You’re always on the road so it’s kind of a difficult life. Maybe after that, in a different role, I don’t know… Can I be helpful? Probably, probably not! To whom, I don’t know? Maybe to the kids? I love… I love skiing, it’s a very cliché answer… But when you ski all the time, outdoor all the time we see beautiful places. When you don’t know all the things that go behind it, all the trainings, the sacrifices you have to do, to be here. It’s a very, very cool life. I mean, yeah… ski racing!

Antonio Breitenberg

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