Beginner Snowboarding Stance Tips

Beginner Snowboarding Stance Tips

So a good stance is to be balanced nice bent knees Spread your legs out, so your your width of your stance should be about the width of your shoulders, so just like that and then if you keep both your feet pointed forward like this that’s a neutral zero stance and For a beginner, we want to be going front foot six back foot negative six or 9º-9º So it’s kind of a duck exaggerated stance. You want to try doing a duck stance point Out like that Super duck, that’s not what we want, just bring it back in to where there’s zero and then front foot six back foot negative six. She’s slightly bent since your left foot forward you’re just going to turn your neck. See how she turned her neck not her whole body. Her whole body shouldn’t open up her whole hips so she’s got good alignment so her knees hips and shoulders are parallel to the board and If she were to start going down the mountain and the slope gets steeper She would bend her front knee yeah So that her shoulders knees hips all stay parallel to the slope and the board that’s a good stance Body structure is different. Most people tend to have their feet bowed or ducked out a little bit That way I can bend my knees out and squat down So there’s a maximum range of movement if I put my knees in I can’t bend very much really. My body’s not built to bend like that flex and extend like that So if I put my knees out a little bit put my feet out a little bit I can really get down low, down all the way This is just one of the many tutorials that we have signup for the full course at Give a subscribe, like and comment Cheers!

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Beginner Snowboarding Stance Tips

  1. leland swaner says:

    This really helped my friend who's a beginner snowboarder!

  2. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Stance and balance is your foundation. Snowboarding is easier and you maximize your range of movement with a proper stance. Cool it helped them out!

  3. Addison Hill says:

    Getting ready for the season. Can't wait to start snowboarding!

  4. Michael Lusk says:

    The position of her hips will only get better over time. It makes more sense when you are on a some stairs simulating the angle of the mountain.

  5. sexhogs 4life says:

    Man I can't focus cause that girl. Lol

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