Beginner Snowboard Lesson: Toeside & Heelside Stance

Beginner Snowboard Lesson: Toeside & Heelside Stance

We’re going to practice both of our edges here statically standing still. The first one is the Heeiside Edge which most people already are comfortable with because you all know how to sit down in a chair. We want to keep our back straight knees ankles and hips they’re bents just like I’m sitting down. So I’ll start here on my board flat footed and then I’m going to start actually putting my weight Onto my heels. I’ll start squatting down and then I’m just going to start tilting back I’m not going to move out of this position and be like I’m a tree falling over in the woods. Here I am. Step off with your back foot. Try this several times the Toeside Edge Is where we actually extend our hips out over our toes whereas the heelside edge We’re including our hips out over our heels a lot of people haven’t been in this position before. So toeside extend your stomach bend your hips flex the stomach like you’re You’re He-man or Shira or the hulk flex that stomach out? You can think of yourself as maybe becoming a banana or C But then my upper body starts becoming more weight on the heel so I straighten that upper body up. Have a straight back Flex my stomach extend my hips bend my knees and ankles I’m going to start leveraging my body just like on the heels and Then I’m going to fall off the board step off so practice this movement several times so you develop muscle memory Here we are several times This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Beginner Snowboard Lesson: Toeside & Heelside Stance

  1. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    This is another great drill to practice before you even get on the snow to develop muscle memory for snowboarding.

  2. lowbudgetjokes says:

    nice instruction 🙂

  3. Addison Hill says:

    Good coaching to learn to snowboard the right way

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