Beginner Snowboard Lesson: Balance Twist Drill

One foot in one foot out. The twist isn’t the tilt so the tilt is all together at once Twist is Front foot, and then the back foot. So you really want to practice this type of movement. Front foot then back foot So it’s one foot in one foot out. Front foot back foot step off. Front foot back foot step off. You can also do it with our toeside edge So front foot and our front knee one foot foot step off. It’s not the tilt. It’s not all at once. Front foot start twisting the board then back foot. So you start to get into that rhythm because we really want that twist movement Front foot back foot, front foot back foot. When we’re doing our C-Turns. Eventually our S-turns. So she’s got her board on her front foot strapped in her back foots undone. So one foot in one foot out. What we’re going to do is start lifting up with the front foot, and then the back foot. Spot me, and then slowly back on to being flat. So she’s going to be flat front foot back foot. Gets onto the edge and then slowly back to getting the board flat. So it’s one foot at a time. So here I am I’m spotting her now. Look up and look over your shoulder so that way she stays aligned, her stomach out. Now start bending your front knee and Lift it up the heel Okay good and balance on me, and then slowly back one foot at a time. Good that was better. So at first seemed like she came all at once it was more like this instead of this So let’s try it again look over your front shoulder One foot the front foot starts lifting twisting and then back foot edging and slowly back. That’s on the toeside edge. Now what we’ll do is we’ll switch where normally if I had a Partner I would do it. I would do it on the toes, and then we’d switch and do both on the heelside. So let’s switch and do it on the heelside. So this is the same drill. It’s a static one foot at a time twist the board twist front foot back foot front foot back foot instead of all at once. So I hold her, spot her in her back here. So you’re going to start squatting down Like you’re sitting in chair good straight back. Okay, front foot starts lifting up and Then back foot, and then slowly back down Okay, now what she was she was using is a lot of her center of mass to actually balance herself instead of trusting me. So let’s try doing that again. My hands are here squat down and One foot at a time start leaning into me you really use me See like that the partner should really be used. Now she’s going to try to correct herself Not that’s what a lot of people are going to do is they’re going to start throwing their weight all around. But that’s not what you want to do. Let’s put our hands here Okay, squat down One foot at a time and lean into me and Use me okay. Now slowly go back to the board being flat one foot at a time. Let’s try it one more time One foot front foot and Edge up with the back foot, and then slowly get back to being flat. Now this can take some time the more muscle memory the more practice that you do the better you’ll get! This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at you

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