[Music] good morning everyone so today I’m here back in Rio de Janeiro once again for those of you that have been watching this channel you’ll know that about over a year ago I was doing some videos here in Rio this is basically like my second home I haven’t mentioned it much but I’m actually half Brazilian so my mother’s from Brazil and I lived here in Rio about for about six years so I know this place really well and right now I’m actually at Carol’s house here in like the suburbs this is what the suburbs of Rio looks like [Music] very different to the touristic locations that you used to see yes I’ve been here a few days now just being hanging out with family and friends but today we head into a city on the coast called sac whatever I’ve never been there before it’s got some nice beaches and stuff so I thought the videos right now and we’re going to be heading there in a bit [Music] we have arrived tell you what when you when you okay so we’ve arrived here in Saco Emma and Carole’s beach house pretty nice house check it out it looks pretty cool quite a big garden and even has a swimming pool but Carole’s two dogs so this is princess a princess and Bob [Music] here we’re on the roof right now got some other cool houses over there how long have you had this place three and then you guys come here all the time nice so right now I think we’re just gonna have lunch and then we’re gonna be heading to the beach really nice yeah though really like peaceful and quiet so we’re now stopped at one of the iconic locations which is this church behind me it’s basically the place you’ll seen all like the photos and videos of this place so we’re gonna head up there and check it out a good Asia and not sassing yada Jean as that so here it says I love South what Emma the national capital of surf [Music] all right pretty nice-looking Church you can see there it says that it was built in 1630 so super old one I guess that was made by the Portuguese right all right cool Church seems to have some like stairs here that’s kind of strange Assassin’s Creed on the other side well we also have a huge beautiful beach really nice spot here cono weeder surprise praia da vila we took a ranger [Music] here on this side you got the most beautiful views got a cemetery here the beach that we go to and then this really nice River that formed into a lake over there let go it’s a quite amaz and Carol [Music] [Music] sheer dumbest alright so we’ve just arrived at the beach just keeps going on and on forever if you keep walking you actually end up in a city called a high of a couple super beautiful city that we’re going to be visiting in a few days and this Beach is called a tire G it if someone in the neighborhood that was staying in right now they’re just going to be hanging out can see Caroline a brother of both died and then all the way in the distance you can see that is the church that we went to before super strong here here is really popular for light surfing and bodyboarding they actually have a surfing competition set but I don’t think I’ll be swimming here just yet it’s a bit too rough for me I’m not used to swimming in that kind of kind of [Music] all right so we’re heading out of the beach now gonna be looking for some lunch something good to eat esquina de Pattaya that where we’re going yep got myself but I’m not sure brazilian bear the invasion feels it so me and Carl got this fish dish with fries and black beans facial and rights so this all here was just 48 eyes which is about 12 dollars so that’s about six dollars each only so pretty good deal we come back to the house now got a bit cloudy so we didn’t buy the stain at the beach I’m gonna be testing out this pool here because I haven’t actually been in the swimmer apparently it’s pretty deep and diving it so you can actually rent out her dad’s house apparently you rent it out all year so yeah if anyone’s interested I’ll put the link below in this video it’s only like one block from the beach as well so a really good location anyway let’s try this pool [Music] [Music] okay so I’m gonna be heading out now it’s been a really fun day here in sac where Emma as I mentioned before I’d never been here so it was just really nice to see the place and especially around the church that area was really beautiful so this region is called hay shelters Lycos which in english would mean region of the lake because there’s loads of they later tourists do come here but it’s not as touristic and it’s super beautiful you get I think you get way better beaches around this area than in the city of Rio so yeah I think we should definitely check it out if you if you have the time and yeah you’re joining the next few days we’re gonna be checking out some places that are even more beautiful than this place so stay tuned for that as always wrap alike to support me subscribe might see more videos like this [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Stress Free says:

    Omg you did it again Chris!! We want to go to Brazil so badly. So excited.

  2. srsmithjr says:

    I love your channel…..keep up the great work!!!

  3. Carolina Danson says:

    Great video 😊 Saquarema really is a relaxing place

  4. Henry I says:

    That was beautiful, thank you !

  5. Vera Danson says:

    I really liked Saquarema. Lovely scenery.

  6. Dennis Daniels says:

    Saquarema is an amazing place it has beautiful beaches as well!

  7. Debora Barroso says:

    Muito bom. Aqui em Rio das Ostras ja esta com Aquela agua quente.

  8. Dennis Daniels says:

    How does brazil has many amazing places?

  9. Miriam Vivo says:

    Nunez numero uno cyborg 2 year wait

  10. Miriam Vivo says:

    Where did yous learn ingles school? I`m a aficionado of brazilian jazz tana maria sergio mendez ipenema theme smooth jazz.etc .saludos

  11. André Botelho says:

    Nice video dude! Amazing drone shots from that church spot

  12. Miriam Vivo says:

    Thanks for the quick reply

  13. Jose Gonzalez says:

    Very nice place!

  14. Jacqueline Alves says:

    Caraca! Lindo d ++++ as😉 paisagens do Rio d Janeiro
    ⛵🌄🚠🏞🏛🏖foram esculpidas por Deus parabéns pela matéria.🎥

  15. J. Gravett says:

    Beautiful footage, good info!

  16. Юрий Семешко says:

    Merry Orthodox Christmas! Greetings from snowy Russia! We celebrate Christmas at the 7 th of January.

  17. James B says:

    Beautiful drone shots there, buddy!

  18. Dawson Creek In The Philippines says:

    very nice 🙂 assains creed church architecture hahaha, yes I see it as well ;-), what a view from up there as well supper cool 🙂 and carrol 🙂 nice dimples :-). great video bro and very wild surf thanks 🙂

  19. Chef Wang says:

    Just saw your comment from Finnsnow. New subscriber here.Excited on your vlog on Feb. when you visit the Philippines.

  20. Te Meto Un Bofeton says:

    New subscribers, thumbs up on your videos just wondering what drone you have, and how far can you go? does it stop at a distance or you risk it to take it that far

  21. Carla Moraes says:

    Eu amo essa cidade ♥️

  22. TerranMetal says:

    Your travel videos are really beautiful, and you guys are very down to earth! Love it <3

  23. anjinha fofa says:

    Melhor cidade😍

  24. Leonardo Pinto says:

    Obrigado. Vocês "gringos" são muito gentis.

  25. Saqua Facil says:

    O Surf esta presente em Muitas Cidades, mas aqui em Saquarema rj ele Faz Parte do DNA do município. As ondas que encantam surfistas do Mundo Inteiro, são a essência desse Lugar.

  26. Vanusa Christen says:

    Dankeschön 🙏🏻

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