Beachbody Employee Takes Her First Surf Lesson

Beachbody Employee Takes Her First Surf Lesson

Hi, my name is Jess, and I’m gonna take
my first surf lesson. I woke up at 5:30 today. I was very nervous about this,
so I went to the gym, wanted to warm-up, eat, just kind of settle down,
think about it. So I have been wanting to take
surf lessons for a while, I just haven’t had the time
or opportunity. And I was talking to Madeline,
my co-worker at Beachbody, and she works at a surf school
and totally set me up. Whoa! It has a fuzzy fleece lining
for polar vortex purposes. Wow! That’s amazing. And it’s a front zip. I am honestly terrified
of cold water. I barely go in the ocean
in the summer, and I just saw this
as an opportunity to really face my fears,
get in the water, and just have
a great time surfing. My sister is an amazing surfer.
She goes often. She lives in San Diego, so I kind of wanted to show her
that I can surf too. Todd, this is Jess. Hi, Jess, nice to meet you. – Hi, nice to meet you.
– I’m Todd. Yeah. So I probably work out
about six days a week. Always in the morning,
I’m definitely a morning person. I seemed to be an athlete
in the past, I’ll be able to pick it up
pretty easily, but I think at first,
it will be a little hard. All right. All right. Yeah. Put your stuff off to the side,
and then I’m gonna have you— Get comfortable, take a seat,
relax on your board, okay? Your back foot
just in front of your fin. Front foot
that shoulder-width apart. Last but not least, always keep those eyes
up, all right? – Sound good?
– Yeah. Now let me see your surfer pose. That looks good.
Hands are up, eyes always up. I like it. Oh, yeah. You ready?
Here comes your wave. Stand up. Hey, hey, not bad actually.
Not bad, not bad. I think we’re just ready to go. Alright, let’s suit up. You nervous? Yes, but don’t tell them. All right. I think she’s gonna kill it. I mean, her pop-up
was really great I thought. I mean,
she’s really athletic too. She plays like basketball
and stuff. I feel like she’s just
a little bit scared I think. This is crazy.
I don’t feel any water. You don’t feel
any of the water, right? It’s awesome, huh. I don’t understand that. I’m so thankful that Madeline had that fuzzy, warm wetsuit
for me because that saved my life. I did not feel
an inch of cold water. Get on, all right. Keep your eyes
focused on the shore. Here we go. Get ready. Whoo! It’s so fun. Totally surprised myself. How about her first wave?
I love it. Yeah, she’s natural. It’s great. That was really generous. I mean to say I definitely have
some work to do, but got up a few times. So yeah, it was great. Now that was good. That was the best one so far. It definitely exceeded
my expectations. It was never cold,
didn’t think about the water, just was out there having fun. My instructor, Todd, was awesome
and just made it so much fun, and I actually learned a lot. I would totally go surfing
with my sister sometimes. She’s down in San Diego, and now that I have
a little experience, I feel like
I could go out there with her. So I told my parents and friends
that I was doing this today and they totally laughed at me because they know
how much I don’t like being in the cold water. I already sent my family
a picture, so I can’t wait
to see their responses ’cause they’ll be shocked, but I’ll tell them
that it was amazing. Whoo! I did it. That was a lot of fun. Pretty tired though. But I would totally do it again.

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