Beach Fishing Hacks: How Many Species of Fish Can We Catch?

Beach Fishing Hacks: How Many Species of Fish Can We Catch?

We are here in Jacksonville, Florida Beach fishing. I’ve rented a 4×4 truck I’ve got all my surf rods So right now, I’m here with Chip This is Chip The Sinker Guy He makes these awesome Sputnik sinkers that- that’s just really great for beach fishing We’re gonna be doing some fishing together today and hopefully we find some fish Let’s see what we can catch. Let’s do it! [Chip:] Now we’re fishin’
[Erin:] Now we’re fishin’! [Chip:] If we can get to that spot, there’s a big hole there, so- [Brendon:] So- so how they’re crashing and they’re white capping right now [Chip:] Yup [Brendon:] And then they stop doing that- [Chip:] Yea, and watch the- watch the wave just- you see that it just stopped? So there’s a hole right there That-that’s one of the holes that are on this beach It’s gonna crash way out there And now it’s gonna raise for the
[Brendon:] Right [Chip:] Where there’s big- big water, it should uh be a ‘Super highway” is what I call it [Brendon:] Super Highway [Chip:] uh, where the fish all run so, [Brendon:] Interesting [Chip:] When you put all the- When you put all the uh bait in the “Super Highway,”you got a better chance at catching them, so So to start with, I normally use sand flea on the top and a clam on the bottom Well, we didn’t find any sand fleas yet [Brendon:] We make this bait here: it’s a salted squid bait [Chip:] Ok [Brendon:] But the last time we were here, we were catching most of our pompano on just a piece of squid like this [Chip:] ok ok, so just a little round piece? [Brendon:] Just a little round piece on the edge of it like that [Chip:] Perfect [Brendon:] That’s what I like to do [Chip:] Well, let’s try it Now, this is a little rig The wind is bad today, but it actually- when a fish is on there, it’ll spin, it can spin all the way around if that makes sense, so [Brendon:] oh, what is that knot called? [Chip:] That is a double, this is a double overhand knot and it’s just- it goes right on through [Brendon:] What kinds of knots are these? [Chip:] uh, this is just a- a figure 8 knot, so- [Brendon:] Two figure 8’s and in between that it’s a double overhand? [Chip:] This is a double overhand and then this just went right through it [Brendon:] Ok, woah. That’s a, that’s a cool rig I have a lot of people asking us: “where do we find the pompano beads?” [Chip:] I’m using as lot of different styles of beads [Brendon:] I need some sinkers. Chip, can I have a sinker? [Chip:] The easy thing with these is that they just flip out, so Flip ’em like this And when the fish bites it flip ’em back out So then you can just reel it in nice and easy And then before you throw, just snap ’em in And it should snap in just nice and easy, just like that [Erin:] Oh! Hey! Hey! [Brendon:] Which one? [Erin:] Not yours [Brendon:] Oh, ok I didn’t know you could catch trout on the surf like this [Chip:] Absolutely [Erin:] Beautiful [Chip:] Beautiful Trout That’s a very nice fish Let’s go see if he uh meets regulation [Erin:] Yea [Chip:] 15… 15 1/2 [Erin:] oh nice [Chip:] That’ll be dinner. Beautiful [Brendon:] Is it a catfish? [Chip:] Oh! Yea! [Brendon:] Yes! [Chip:] Nice catfish [Brendon:] It’s a catfish! bit on squid That’s the only bait left, though Please tell me it’s not a catfish, again Bluefish! Alright! That bit on our squid! and look! My bait’s still on there! I can cast it right back out! [Bruno:] Catch a Florida record [Chip:] Catch a Florida memory [Brendon:] So you’re saying that – [Bruno:] Memory [Chip:] So, the freedom of uh of not knowing exactly what they’re gonna bite on the beach we gotta make sure that we uh, choose different baits. This is gonna be a uh crab- I’m just gonna teach you how to use the crab What we’re gonna do is just gonna cut the leg- the pinchers off so they don’t get ya first bottom These are sharp, so I just trap it down and I just open this up so, I’m just gonna- pop that shell right off there just like that We don’t want these lungs on there, so we’re just gonna cut the lungs off Now we have- we have the bait ready Um, you can fish this half knuckle or half crab But for pompano, We wanna just cut it in half and then we’re gonna cut down these little lines pretty simple Um And we’re just gonna pop that right off there So we’re gonna have 5 baits on each side so we’re gonna have 10 baits I still have fingers- or the legs So I’m just gonna run the hook right through there I’m trying to hide the hook a little bit And then back through- just work it so it’s easy right back through the shell And you can see that just pop right through there- just work it side-to-side and then that’s gonna pop in. So that’s gonna be a natural displayed bait uh, very simple In the ocean, we have a nice- nice little color. And that color uh, matches a lot That’s a crab- inside a crab Also matches the sand flea The eggs of the sand flea That color sometimes just attracts things to come see it [Brendon:] Woah! That’s a nice whiting in close! That was in close on our squid right here That’s a good eatin’ size one Is that a catfish? Wah Wah Big fat catfish We had to move the rods up because the tide’s coming in. We’re gonna get swept away Look- we gotta move it up [Chip:] Little guy, he’s feisty No limit on these, but uh this would bee too small to eat [Brendon:] Tog? Oooohh Black Drum! Big black drum! [Erin:] Alright, you’re the multi-species master today [Chip:] Oh, yea Beautiful black drum- oh, on? shrimp! [Erin:] Shrimp! [Chip:] Shrimp 13 inches And if you don’t know the regulation- FISH ON! [Brendon:] On [Chip:] Oh, bluefish! over on your rod! Bluefish! There we go [Brendon:] Look at that Bit the squid and it’s still on there [Chip:] Ah! [Erin:] What’d you get? [Chip:] Pompano! Little guy, but we still get him [Erin:] Closer and closer [Chip:] Yea, it’s closer and closer to a keeper Pomp AND a whiting [Brendon:] Nice job Oh yeah, look at that pompano making a MESS of my lines oh my goodness Alright, Chip says this is a nice fish, let’s see Woah– Ay– Woah– What is that? A bonnethead and a whiting [Chip:] A bonnethead and a whiting [Chip:] Right here on a hammerhead it’s it’s away, you’ll have a little gap here [Erin:] Beautiful [Brendon:] Instant! [Chip:]] Ayy! A new species!!
[Brendon:] Another species!!
[Erin:] Woahh! [Brendon:] It was a ladyfish Don’t they call these a poor man’s tarpon? Or is that not–? [Chip:] That’s true! [Brendon:] They’re pretty strong little fish and this is a small one [Erin:] How was your day?
[Brendon:] Aw man, what an exciting day of beach fishing We caught 9 different species of fish Nine, all on this rig right here Simple high / low rig and the key was we needed to bring different kinds of baits they didn’t want crab, they didn’t want certain kinds of baits, they did want shrimp they did want shrimp and good thing Chip brought some I hope that everyone out there is able to pick up a few tips from watching this video beach fishing, there’s a lot of stuff to it and, um, there’s not just one or two different answers, there are so many different ways to do it there’s a lot of little hacks that you can do that really, um give you an advantage, it’s not one hack, it’s many little things, such as the color of your beads, such as how thick your line is, there’s just so many different things to it, it’s all of it put together If you need more help, check out our website Hey Skipper, we have a lot of tips for beginners for intermediates, for anyone who wants to learn how to do either beach fishing, pier fishing saltwater fishing in general, I write an illustrate different ebooks to help you guys out I want to say thank you to Chip for taking us out The Sinker Guy if youw ant to get your hands on a, um, sinkers like this, the Sputnik sinkers, he makes them The Sinker Guy, check him out at the sinkerguy .com He’s also on Facebook or if you’re in Jacksonville or the Florida area check out the local bait shops around there, I think he’s in 10 different bait shops I want to say thanks to Chip for these sinkers, I really love them pretty much anytime I’m beach fishing, as long as there’s not a bunch of rocks out there I’m going to be using one of these from now on I had a great time fishing with Chip and his Dad today Thank you all for watching, see ya! Fishing is like a box of chocolates It tastes so good. [Erin:] They all taste so good.
[Brendon:] They all taste so. good.

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