Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

This is big, folks. Dude, I think it’s
a pretty good one. It’s pulling my boat. Woo hoo! Oh, it’s a big fish! Oh, it’s a big fish! We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Bass Fishing Battle. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. For round 1, each dude will
have six fishing poles. Once you catch a fish, you
move onto the next pole. The fastest two times
move on to the finale. What’s up, guys? Ty and Gare. Welcome to Bass Fishing Battle. We are in boat 1. Good luck to you, Gar. We’re not necessarily on a team. But we are in the
same boat together. The other guys have dubbed
this “the struggle boat.” We take great offense to that. Extreme offense. We are so offended. I’m on my own because
I drew the short straw. But, honestly, I’m going to
look at that as a positive. Coby, my butler, is going to
be driving the boat today. I’ve never driven a bass boat. But the thought of
Cory driving this boat is the only thing worse than
me having to worry about it. Clouds coming out
anytime soon today? No, you need some sunscreen? Probably. Folks, I’ve got a little
bit of a history of fishing. I’m looking for a championship. Start our timer when the
first bait hits the water. Start the timer in 3, 2, 1. It’s a beautiful day
for fishing, boys. Oh, there we go. Oh, it’s not a bad
fish right there. Ah, OK. There we go. Not a big one, but
fish on the board. Moving on to the Kid Caster. Oh, wow, this feels weird. This is big, folks. I just gotta get
him in the boat. I’m a fish kisser. It’s a must. Dude Perfect, Kid Caster,
one of my personal faves. Oh, that can fly. Oh, oh, Gary’s got
himself a fish. Come on, get in the boat. Come on. I’m moving on to
the kiddie pool. Ty’s got a little
head start to me. Not terrible. I honestly am struggling with
multitasking, and fishing, and driving this boat. It’s a lot to think
about for somebody who’s never done really either. [SCRAPE] Oh, my gosh, he’s just
taking the line out. Gar has got him. Gar has got him. Get her done. Get her, dude. This thing was
taking the line out. Kiddie pole done, baby. Let’s go. Number two! Fish on. [LAUGHTER] Fish off. Moving on, cane pole time. This one might
take a little bit. I’m staying in
the same spot too, like, why would
you move right now? I don’t even know how
to cast this sucker. OK, driver, could you
get me a little closer? I’ll tell ya what, I’m
not caught on a fish. No, you don’t dude. No way! He did it? I did it! I did it! I did it! Probably one of my biggest fish. My lanta this thing
could catch a shark. No way. Break him off! Oh! Oh! Let’s go baby! On a cane pole! We’re moving on, deep sea time. This should be interesting. All right, gang, kind of
on the struggle bus here, changed baits twice
and no fish yet. I think this is going to
be one of those videos where you guys just kind of
forget that I was a part of it. I apologize for the
lack of interest you’re going to have
watching the other boats because this is un– we have found a honey hole. I messed up my reel. We’re just going to
hand– oh, my gosh. I have a fish. I got a fish on. I got a fish on. I’ve got– deep sea rod! Dude T we doubled up. Yeah, baby! Let’s go! I’m pretty sure my worm
is bigger than the fish. But it doesn’t matter. It’s a numbers game. Dude, you were the fish
that changed my day, pound it, noggin. Got the hand line on. Yeah, I’m a little confused
on how to cast this sucker. I have no idea how to use this. Oh, wow! OK. How did you guys do that? So we may have to back up. I’m caught. I’m way back. I’m stuck over here. You’re not serious. I mean, what do you think? Oh, my god. Oh, no! Woo! Oh, it’s a big fish. Dude, that is a good fish. We are in this. Yes, baby, I’m onto RC. Oh, let’s go! Guys, I’m going to
be honest, if you want to take fishing, an
already kind of docile sport, down one notch, fish
with just a hand line. Man. I’m done. Worst part about
this, I didn’t even get to use any other
poles or the RC boat. Let’s just drive
the RC boat for fun. Woo! Got him! Ease him in. We in this, baby! Mwaa! I got one fish left,
RC boat, let’s go. I’ve heard this
boat goes like 50. I don’t think we’re going
to need that kind of speed. But we’ll see. Let’s go. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the most fun part of the day. We’re not trying
to fish anymore. Let’s race. Do I have a fish? Oh– oh, I’ve got a fish. I 100% have a fish. He’s on, go get it! I need you to go get him. Woo hoo! Dude, I think it’s
a pretty good one. It’s pulling my boat. Oh, it’s coming. Is the fish on? He is. Oh, fish on! Oh, we’ve got a fish on. We’ve got a fish on. Ladies and gentlemen,
stop the timer. The best performance
I’ve ever put up. If I don’t get in
the finale, I don’t get– it wasn’t meant to be. See you, Billy. Oh, oh, Billy, hey, you can’t
hang out with us anymore. Sheesh. I am the greatest
fisherman alive! Let’s head back to the
top, see where I finish. All right, Will no time
for dilly dallying. Hit us with the
cold, hard facts. The twins caught zero fish. [LAUGHTER] You had two hours. For the two people moving on to
the finale are Ty and Garrett. Hoorah! What? Let’s go! Are you kidding me? Finale bros! Well, here we are. It’s a beautiful day two. Congrats, partner. Welcome to the big fish finale. The big fish takes it home. It’s time to get our lines wet. He’s probably
about a half pound. Look at this thing. We’re not even gong
to weigh this sucker. Whoa, yeah. 2.5, there we go, new leader. He doubled up. Oh, oh. Usually, they don’t do that. [LAUGHTER] I’m catching fish. I just can’t catch big ones. But, boy, I know how to
catch them 1-pounders. Well, didn’t beat
my other one, 1.8. Fish on. I need to get him in the boat. Not a monster, but a good fish. I think that will
be the new leader. I just want a big fish. We’ve got a little
bit of time left. I feel like some
of the biggest fish are going to come from
the topwater strikes. Fish on baby. Oh, I think I took the lead
with this one, T. 2.6 and 1.8. It’s like 45 seconds left. Cutting it close, T. Oh, Gary, I got a fish on, boy. No, you don’t. Oh! Oh! That may have just done it! Oh! 3 pounds, 1 ounce. Let’s go! [BELL] The drought has ended. First battle win of 2019,
hard-fought, earned victory. You know what, I can’t be
mad, second place, man. Hey, second place is not bad. Oh, hey. All right, I say, hey, now we
just fish for fun for a couple hours and then enjoy ourselves
a little trophy presentation. I agree. Nothing wrong with that. We’ll see you guys
at the presentation. Well, Ty, unlike you,
it is my pleasure to present you this
trophy, big boy. Thank you. Thank you so much. Man, I finished second. So I’m on a high. Oh, the drought is over. The metaphorical
rain is falling. And it feels so good. Wow! Team Coby back on top. All right. Good job. Thank you. Thank you so much. Hey, thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos, Special thanks to our friends
at Bass Pro and Cabela’s for making this video possible. Make sure you head to your
local Cabela’s and Bass Pro get all your gear before
hitting the lake this summer. Also, if you want to see the
last video, click over here. Signing off for now,
pound it, noggin, see ya! Let’s go!

Antonio Breitenberg

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