Basic Grabs On A Snowboard

Basic Grabs On A Snowboard

Grabbing your board comes from skateboarding. Skaters grab their board to keep it attached to their feet while in the air.
We continue to this tradition as many snowboard tricks are taken from
skateboarding. Grabs also add a lot of style to your jumping and they make
advanced spins easier to execute. A great place to learn your first grabs is on a
trampoline. You get hundreds of attempts in a very short amount of time so you
can perfect them before hitting the snow. Grabbing uses a lot of muscle memory. The
more times you do them, the easier they’ll become. While bouncing, look in
the direction as if you’re shredding and start practicing the four most basic
grabs. Indy, the back hand between your feet on your toe edge. Mute, front hand between
your feet on your toe edge. Melon, front hand between your feet on your heel edge. Stale, backhand between your feet on your
heel edge. The key for all grabs is that you need to be very compact in the air,
flexing at your hips and knees to bring your board up close to your body. It’s a
combination of bringing your board up and reaching down for the grab. However,
focus on getting your knees up as high as possible. Bringing the board up to
your hand rather than just reaching down. If you just bend down,
it throws all the weight in your head and shoulders forward, putting you off
balance. Get comfortable doing straight airs with strong pop, bending your knees
and sucking up your board as much as you can while in the air. When you’re
comfortably bringing your legs up to at least 90 degrees, you’re ready to bust a
grab. Let your back arm fall between your knees to grasp the approaching board. Your first few attempts may just be a
brief tickle or touch of the board, but after some practice you should be able
to get a solid hold. A common problem is to rush the grab, doing it too early off
the jump. This takes away from your pop. Focus on getting good height first and
grabbing second. Try grabbing the toe edge between your feet with your front
hand, this is a Mute grab. Front hand on your heel edge between your bindings is
a Melon. Back hand on your heel edge between your feet, is a Stalefish.
These are the four most basic grabs on a snowboard. It’s important to learn all four of
these, don’t just get stuck with your favourite. Different grabs work better
with different tricks as you advance. It’s easiest to learn on small jumps
however, the bigger your jump is the more time you’ll have to grab and hold it.
It’ll feel way better and more relaxed. This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. You’re riding with Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Great video

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    Rail tricks tutorial next?

  4. Noah L. says:

    "You're ready to bust a grab" lmao good video though

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    Wow thank u so much u have really helped me out and definitely improved my riding thank u so much

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    Yo Nev! Your videos and products are the bees knees man, I have been using them for years now! They have helped me progress so much! I'm gonna be in Whistler later this month, first time shredding there! Will you be around the mountain??!?! Cheers man!

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    I just started grabbing and a nice pop really helps sucking up the legs for easy grabs.

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