Band Saw Cross Cut Sled & Circle Jig 2 in 1

Band Saw Cross Cut Sled & Circle Jig 2 in 1

Today I’m going to show you how I built this
cross cut sled for my band saw. I can also use it to cut circles up to 60cm
in diameter thanks to this part that will act as a rotation axis. After cutting all the plywood pieces to size,
I’ll machine this part that will slide along this U-shaped slot in the band saw table. I’ll use this piece of HPL, although any kind
of hardwood will do as well. We must be very precise when cutting the piece
to ensure it will slide smoothly without too much slack. I make the final adjustments with this piece
of sandpaper stuck to a board. Looks like it’s ready now. I’ll make a little slot in the sled to help
me position and lock the HPL. Now I’ll make this rebate that will help me
achieve perfectly straight cuts. Since this disc is not high enough, I’ll make
this series of cuts first. This slot will allow me to slide the part
that acts as rotation axis to make circular cuts. Now I’ll screw these two parts together. I mark and drill the position of the screws
that will attach them to the sled. I’ve used this method of making a rebate which
lets me attach it and detach it when I need to cut circles. Now I make holes to lock the HPL in place. I use the same holes to mark the HPL itself. I drill it with a bit that is half a millimeter
smaller than the diameter of the screws, and I thread the hole with a tap. I prepare the part that adjusts the diameter
of the circles. We could also use hardwood instead of HPL. I’ll use this shelf support pin I had lying
around in the shop as axis. I drill its position and that of the screw,
allowing me to lock the part at the desired diameter. I finish machining it and check if everything
is correct. By tightening the screw, the part expands,
but not too much, meaning we must be very precise to obtain a good lock. I’m going to test it. First I’ll try to make a tenon using the fence
and the sled. Looks like it’s working well! Now I’ll try to cut a circular piece that
is 200mm in diameter. I measure the radius with a measuring tape and tighten the screw of the part that acts as an axis. The cut is smooth and everything seems to
be working as intended. Of course, I can also tilt the band saw table
and make circles with the edge at an angle. I’ve left a gap in the base of the band saw
so that I can always keep the sled accessible. And that’s all for today. See you soon!

Antonio Breitenberg

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