Ball Possession exercises to start 2020 with Tactical Soccer!

Ball Possession exercises to start 2020 with Tactical Soccer!

Players play 4vs2 two-touch keep away Two players in the middle need to touch the ball to get out Defenders stay in the middle for another turn if a pass splits them Players on the outside must stay on the line to pass and receive Any player that gives away possession goes in the middle Each team has a target player positioned inside the middle box Teams score by passing to team’s target player Target player who receives a pass switches with the pass giver Adjust space and time depending on the age and ability of the group Play 4vs4 with neutral players Each team tries to score by getting ball in other end zone under control, pass or dribble All players must be in one half Players cannot enter the other half until the ball does If defending team wins possession they score before crossing over Both teams have 2 players int one zone and 3 players in the other All players must stay in their designated area The team with 3 players in a zone plays keep away from the 2 defenders by using a neutral in the middle zone (4vs2) who passes to the other zone and starts the game again (4vs2)

Antonio Breitenberg

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