Balanced Position On A Snowboard

Balanced Position On A Snowboard

Your snowboard is what you balance over,
it’s your base of support so you want to try and keep the majority of your weight
stacked over your board to maintain balance. With your front foot strapped
in, stand with your free foot on the board next to your back binding. A good
place to start is a strong neutral position; Knees flexed, back straight,
head up and hands over your nose and tail. This is a great base to start from.
You need to be comfortable moving all over your snowboard. Try doing a few
small hops, it’ll start putting a bit of stress on your neutral position forcing
you to make small adjustments to keep balance. As you start moving on your snowboard,
you’re always going to be adjusting to stay balanced. Now try some squats,
getting as low as you can. Think about using your ankles, knees and hips while
keeping your back straight. It’s very common to bend at the waist to get lower
but all it does is move a ton of your weight over the snow making it difficult
to keep balance. Once you’re comfortable moving up and down, try moving towards
the front of your snowboard. See if you can grab your nose. Instead of just
leaning over, which can be tough to balance, get low and use your ankles,
knees and hips to centre yourself towards the nose of your board then
grabbing the nose is much easier. Do the same thing towards the back and see if
you can get a hand on your tail. When you start doing turns, you’re going to be
moving from your heel edge to toe edge and vice-versa, so practice rocking on
your heel edge then toe edge. Push your knees towards the ground pressing into
the tongues of your boots to get onto your toe edge, then slightly squatting
down and flexing up on your toes to get onto your heel edge. If you lose balance
at any point you have your back leg free to swoop in and save the day. Don’t
segregate yourself to standing in just one spot, you have a whole snowboard to
use and explore so practice moving around in all kinds of different
positions. Who knows what kind of funky shapes you’ll end up in while you learn
to ride. This tutorial has been filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Duncan Mainland
from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. SnowboardBoCamp says:

    I know these videos are pre-recorded and posted at different times, but did this man really just dab in 2018? 2:15

  2. Jesper Chian says:

    Always love your videos, it help me understand a lot.

  3. Kat Leal says:

    Your videos are so helpful keep up the good work !!

  4. PhaseSkater says:

    Yo some dude at the resort yesterday had the same set up as me. Exact same board and exact same bindings. Colors and all! How do I address this beef?

  5. ellstacker adventures says:

    Good tips thanks

  6. AKUdas says:

    You guys are primo!

  7. Rob Gams says:

    Could you guys do a video tutorial on how to practice or prep for butters off snow?

  8. adrian gawęda says:

    Great video, appreciate that.
    You guys know what's the name of the song?

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