‘Average Andy’ with the Los Angeles Kings

‘Average Andy’ with the Los Angeles Kings

When I think of my executive producer
Andy, one word comes to mind, average.>>[LAUGH]
>>And that inspired our segment Average Andy, where we make him learn
to do things from professionals. Last week, I sent him to play hockey
with his favorite team, the LA Kings. Turned out real good.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Hi, we’re the two time
Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings.>>And I’m Andy,
1984 Russell Hockey Champion.>>[LAUGH]
>>Obviously before we hit the ice, it’s really important to warm
up the core and the hips. So the first thing we’re gonna do is just
straight ahead, I just want you to skip.>>Skip?>>Yep, just skipping. There you go.
>>[LAUGH]>>Use your arms.>>I’m full on being pumped, right.>>Okay, okay.>>[LAUGH]
>>And I can’t tell you how
good the laughing fits.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Look how handsome you are.>>[LAUGH]
>>He’s a good looking kid.>>All right, this is-
>>That’s not too bad.>>All right, no. It’s not heavy. All right, yeah, let’s go heavier.>>Okay.
>>This is the one.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yep.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>The groinal area is
all obviously covered.>>Yeah, we’ll take care of that.>>Okay.
>>Most important piece of equipment.>>Yep.>>Cupy.>>Yeah.>>Wearing my cup bro.>>[LAUGH]
>>Should probably wear two.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>So when you play real hockey, you play forward?>>Yeah.
You should come out to the Burbank Roller Rink.>>Yeah [LAUGH].>>It’s coed and non-contact but
it’s still pretty good.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Pull it over your head. Yep. Put it over your head first. Put your head through the hole.>>Jesus!>>[LAUGH]
>>There’s enough going on here, stop.>>That’s all I wanted to see.>>I’m ready, which way am I going?>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s a lot with this. We don’t have to shoot the walk.>>Heads up.>>That’s funny. That’s really funny. I’m stuck. All right. I’m good.>>All right, show off your
roller skills now, there you go.>>Whoa!>>You probably should put the helmet on.>>This is the one thing in my life I
didn’t want was to be embarrassed in front of these guys. All right, just get me in the goal. All right.
>>You all right?>>I’m just getting some air and
I’m ready.>>You want to put the bucket on?>>Is that what we call it? The Bucket? Throw the bucket on Tanner.>>How does that feel?>>I wouldn’t say natural. All right, boys. Let’s do this. Titans go. Real game situation boys, real game. Real game situation, when I say go.>>[LAUGH]
>>Hundreds of ten, give it all, let’s go. Good one. Good warm up. Okay, now I’m really ready, honestly. I got a piece of it. Is this normal stuff or they [INAUDIBLE]?>>No.
>>No. Save and a beauty.>>Now he’s just showing off.>>Nothing, o for three.>>Obviously I’m taking a clapper now.>>Ouch. That’s [BLEEP] up. Give me some water. That’s good. Tivoli’s my water boy. [MUSIC] Did that go in?>>No.>>Yeah, no it didn’t, I didn’t need
you to tell me it didn’t go in. [MUSIC] Ow.>>Should I just go take a full slapshot?>>Try to hit him though.>>I got it.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>I’m good. Let’s go baby, show me what you’ve got. Yep, yep, yep. Let’s go. Who’s got it?>>Sorry, it’s in the net.>>100% give me. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s being mean unnecessarily, Tanner. [MUSIC] We gotta get his GoPro, somehow.>>Get his GoPro.>>Yeah.>>This is a [BLEEP] nightmare. I think we’re good.>>So we’re gonna say our goodbyes here. Why don’t you take this off so
we see your face?>>Why don’t you take off
cuz I can’t feel my arms.>>[LAUGH]
>>Thank you guys. How do you think I did?>>A lot better than we expected.>>Right, would you say I was average?>>Maybe a little bit below average but
that’s good.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Below, below average. Is that fun?>>Yeah.>>Yeah.>>That was hard. You said it was really,
really heavy, that equipment.>>Yeah, it was.>>But you did below average,
which is good. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Thank you, Andy. And the LA Kings are hosting
the NHL All Star game this weekend at the Staples Center,
go to our website to find out more.

Antonio Breitenberg

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