Attempting A 360 Loop On A Skateboard

Attempting A 360 Loop On A Skateboard

One of the meanest feets in skateboarding is completing a full 360 degrees around a full pipe now We’re seeing this gnarly obstacle introduced into a competitive set up here at Red Bull Roller Coaster Loop has been part of skateboard folklore for nearly two decades and only a select few brave souls have managed to complete it We’re going to be looking at what makes it just so difficult Checking in with some of the skaters and find it out. If any of them are crazy enough to get themselves around this thing Yeah, I’m not you won’t see me in there Set up for there to be 100 bucks Yeah, I’ll give you 200 to try real quick It says you’re gnarly do it, yeah it actually like Saying if someone does that it’s all about physics energy inertia and gravity Newton’s laws of motion are all over this thing See I’m explaining how you do this. So you should listen really We’ve also got two very big things to come to terms with Centripetal and centrifugal force that’s the skater registered a weight It all gets a little bit confusing after that to be honest But in essence the inertial force pins the skateboard to the wall all the way round, but gravity is also pulling everything down So if you go fast enough, you can combat that and stick to the wall all the way through 360 degrees apparently Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The little looper the looper the BF Goodrich tire Initially, I thought that was too small I was thinking I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to go around not a small you after about 40 minutes of being here yesterday Straight off the plane. You nearly did it, right? Yeah as close Let’s talk about speed like obviously you’re amped up. Yeah, but can you hit this with the loads of speed? Are you gonna go inside? I think it’s medium really media Yeah, definitely medium to fast and you you’re just gonna almost hit the wall and not do anything crumpled in the air But too slow and you won’t get the whip because it is like doing a cartwheel or something You have to whip it like a like a backflip or something like that It’s a bit like liquid in a glass if you spin it round fast enough, it’s all good spin it round too slow Yeah, so for the skaters it’s all about entry speed to fast and you’re gonna loop out too slow and gravity’s gonna take control a lot of people there go into the loop and They are over pump it trying to pump around the top which you can’t really do You’ve just got to ride it. Yes Yeah, you pump at the bottom. Yeah, kind of use your momentum And yeah the sort of weight of your arms and your head or power around so you got round around What was the way yesterday? Yeah, I was upside down I think you’ve got it in the bag man, and I can’t wait to see it Let’s see this onyx Just getting into anything is no it’s not You have to science it what you say for defying physics a little bit Going on than just carve in a corner. Yeah, if you don’t skate that’s a thing to do Because you leave your heads up in the middle and you can carve around it with this Yeah, the forces are strain just definitely doesn’t feel like anything else you ever do on the skateboard Me too, me too Just a car Having said before that. It’s like a slower one. I don’t think it like it’s two that you did wake up I think if you go any faster – faster Thing that was to speed Too much with before you would That one you look like you twisted your body up I think it’s just a sprain just stay on it Like that one your head was fully back that’s what I mean It’s like shield rabbit Place you can you just did it Going down. I was close. I was pretty much I’m being an idiot Feel like super privileged to be watching this apply online. This is the kind of thing you see on the video I Guess it’s not a thing. You can correct. So once you’re in you’re in either Your cords coming out that way you’re doing it right Anya what was different that guy I don’t know or is that the problem like you can’t work out? And I’m done I Literally, I didn’t talk my head fast enough like 25 watts this many go Right Did something go in your eye in my pockets punch me in the face by Alex. I think you can’t get closer without landing it Water flip I Think I’ve officially learn to do it It’s there. It’s been learning to do it or is it just doing it now improve it then you gotta write it out My job Wow My Wow, so you’ve just gotta do it once more because I was missed it. Haha. Let me see Okay, okay And the first one you wrote to in old honestly only did you think anyone would ever do it That’s the man Wow well, there you go like Alex just Did it? Like I’ve made it look so easy like pretty gnarly slabs and then just like carved it out. Just chilling. So good Alex Good work for a little bit. So it’s always a nice feeling when you walk away from something not doing it To anyone else Doc go ahead top the head. It’s like yeah It’s like doing a somersault on the flat or something. You just got me Wow, well there you have it as crazy as it may seem it is possible The thing to see now is can Alex or any of the other riders? Hold it together and put it down in their contest run when it counts. This is one of the most unique events In skateboarding. This is all about the fun that this is read Goodrich tire loop down there Yeah you’re not seeing a whole lot of people attempting that and the reason why is because it’s so gnarly One man has done that and he stood out yesterday As Alex Holford drops in absolutely mind-melting. He’s doing it for all of us No one else is going near it Alex hold for just jumping in there I’m throwing it like it’s nothing That’s the first time we’ve seen him drop it in a competition Just put in perspective. We’ve got some of the best skaters in the world here and they were in all Alex

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Candle Ankle says:

    Didn’t Jaws do this in the street?

  2. John Haile says:

    I thought due to the title, the weird roll in, the short height and the skinniness of the loop… there were too many bad variables for anyone to get it. Stoked to see it completed multiple times!!! 🙂

  3. Sam Roz says:

    That was awesome

  4. Jason Bouskill says:

    Where is your helmets

  5. Bruh Moment says:

    To the 20% that says they can do this

    stop lying

  6. Kirk Espeland says:

    dudes gnarly!

  7. Wyatt Cervantes says:


  8. Movie Maker says:

    Yeah man…

  9. Jade S says:

    the angle you have to enter it is so messed up ha

  10. Boonchi says:

    Learning more from this video than my science teacher

  11. Rachel B says:

    Alex should've watched the footage of Skreech Sandoval in Santa Ana 10 yrs ago.

  12. Nasshole Ballshit says:

    That man deserves an eye patch how though he is

    And we all know skateboarding has nothing to do with gravity..

  13. Nelson Stack says:

    you know hes crazy hes wearing a winter hat. lol.

  14. neberyx says:

    Get out of skateboarding. Energy drinks are horrible for you and they've never had a place in skateboarding. Go steal money from another industry you're not related to and put their core companies out of business.

  15. Swayzeo says:

    Next time, just skate the thing

  16. Albert Ayars says:

    How many sets of free tires did he get?

  17. Harpua SlutBag says:

    That's awesome bro…maybe like one of four people in the world to have done the loop.

  18. Art Gringo says:

    2 decades?
    Announcer is a wanker…

  19. Jacob Falk says:

    This host is kind of annoying

  20. PHS44 says:

    Incredible, bring back RAD

  21. Cabra says:

    10:43 that guy that just fell

  22. Sergio Alcantara says:

    Jesus, that accent. Great video overall though: 👌🏼

  23. Beej Meister says:


  24. Michael O'Connor says:

    Wow Mark Churchill back from the… wherever he went for the last 10 years 🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. Cruz R says:


  26. Fusion Player says:

    Why wear a beanie if it constantly falls off

  27. SharkAce1 says:

    0:10 no it’s not

  28. Bazooka Llama Productions says:

    its a shitty angle cuz it FORCES you to enter from the front. the angle youd normally go through it with. youd need to turn 90 deg and enter it from the side. like the way that the beginning and end of a roller coaster loop are RIGHT beside eachother. if that makes sense.

  29. 25k Subs with No Videos Challenge says:

    i could totally do this 1st try!!

  30. Rafael Martinez says:

    This guy is a beast

  31. Magic FPV says:

    FortyTwo Skate Shop in Nottingham! That’s where I’ve seen this dude. What a legend 👏

  32. Ali Gezgin says:

    wtf is this? is this a kids show?

  33. Steroid Star says:

    What’s wrong with his hair?! Hahahahaha bald mofo shave your head you look like a bum bro that cap isn’t doing anything better flying everytime away

  34. Karlis Feldbergs says:

    And then there is Swampfest

  35. Jobe Norris says:

    y is it edited like it’s from 2009

  36. Joseph Ruiz says:

    Lol they put some freshmen level algebra based physics on the screen and speed it up “I don’t expect skaters to be smart enough” kinda vibe ,no?😂

  37. steven says:

    They need to put this in skater xl

  38. magic boy says:

    Very nice

  39. magic boy says:

    I love your passion

  40. C Houzell says:

    I loved watching him learn and stick it. But, watching him do this without a helmet made me cringe.

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  43. the spark says:

    Churchill with the science! I love it!

  44. Russell Tyrone Jones says:

    "Carved out just chilling".

  45. Todd Carlson says:

    entrance/exit looks like it could better.

  46. TaRzAn says:

    why is everyone named alex lol

  47. Guerrisi says:

    why does he not havehair

  48. Lloyd Lee says:

    Nice job.

  49. Nathan Sutcliffe says:

    Should see the pipe he did for the forty two shop video!

  50. It's Krow says:

    The reporter dude Looks like the brother in flushed away

  51. sk8friendly says:

    It's not vertical
    Doesn't count!

  52. DjAmonyz says:

    Pay up Midler! 😛

  53. Hans Moleman says:

    i can't tell if the host is stupid, if redbull thinks we're all stupid, or it's both. but this feels like a kid's show

  54. VANSKA says:

    Alex is so gnarly!

  55. F.W.D. says:

    That loop is crazy… there is no exit path and that dude is insane 🔥

  56. Isma Garcia says:

    Sour Solution 2

  57. Richard Timms says:

    @10:41 get that guy some new wheels!

  58. chris call says:

    For phucks sakes… He nails it and everyone was so anticlimactic.. congrats!!!

  59. Sid theSloth says:

    I've tried this on a longboard,only ever completed it a couple times,much harder with a 5 foot deck

  60. Jeremy Hopper says:

    "The loop has been part of skateboarding folklore for nearly two decades…." You should try telling that to Duane Peters because he did it in the 70s.

  61. Andrew Flores says:

    Aren't all loops 360🤔

  62. Lucas Kerper says:

    Excellent work gentlemen. 'Tis proof of our ability to continue to learn and adapt to new terrain and aquire new skills. Inspirational!

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    So tight, bad angle and you have to carve out on the same side you came in…

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    I love this guy he’s got balls

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    My G !!!!!!!

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    Centrifugal force doesn’t exist only centripital

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    way more gnarly than the original loop. good job

  71. JDRGamer JDRGamer says:

    Heart of a lion

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    Literally nobody cares about the guy explaining it, we just wanne see someone skating it

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    This video made me smile in an awe..
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