Athlete Insider: Longwood Women’s Soccer Photo Day

Athlete Insider: Longwood Women’s Soccer Photo Day

Amber: What’s up guys? I’m Amber Hodges from women’s soccer. Amber: I’m here with my team and we’re gonna check out behind the scenes on picture day. Amber: *laughing* Amber: So what are the key things to a great headshot? Taylor Alvey: Straighten your hair… Kylie Cahill: Definitely smiling big. Annie Boros: A huge smile! Taylor: Braids, maybe… Kai Sizemore: Just being comfortable, being confident. Taylor: Or mean mug it if you’re about that life. Annie: Brushing your teeth, definitely. Kylie: And keeping your eyes open. Amber: That’s a good one, keeping your eyes open, everybody. Amber: Who takes the best headshots on the team? Taylor: Well, I’m staring right at her, so Amber does! Amber: Alright, so we’re going down the hallway. Amber: We have all the non-seniors carrying the chairs for the group picture because seniority rules, you know. Amber: Today we’ve had some good weather… Rich Stoneman: She’s the real deal! Amber: Do you hate anything about picture day? Erica Sieben: Yeah, getting my picture taken … I’m just not a huge fan. Amber: So we’re here about to take class pictures now. Amber: And us seniors, we actually have done the same pose with Kelly, holding her up in the air. Amber: Every single year, so they’re trying to figure it out right now. Amber: It’s going well. Amber: Well, there you have it. Amber: That’s picture day with Longwood women’s soccer. Amber: Thank you for tuning in and Go Wood!

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