Ask Barbie About Surfing! | Barbie

Ask Barbie About Surfing! | Barbie

(whistle) – [Barbie] Hi, welcome to Ask Barbie, where you ask, and I answer! (bubble pops) The Dream House has been having some
serious plumbing problems. And we’re going to have to
leave for the next few days while the plumber fixes everything. So it’s time for a vacation! But where to go? J’s friends Bhati asks, “Barbie, can you go to the Philippines?” I have a pen pal I’ve
been meaning to visit. Better brush up on my Tagalog! (boing) – [Barbie] Thanks for showing
me around the Philippines, Kathryna. – [Kathryna] No problem. I hope you love my country as much as you love snorkeling. – [Barbie] I think I do. – [Kathryna] Now let’s do this! (upbeat music) (water splashes) (bubbles popping) – [Barbie] Wow, this is so amazing. – [Kathryna] I know, look
at our amazing coral. (bling) – [Barbie] That’s so beautiful. I read that it’s best to
look but not touch the coral. – [Kathryna] That’s right,
it keeps it living longer. (upbeat music) (dolphin chirps) – [Barbie] That was such a fun time. I can’t wait to explore more. (gurgles) I just need to get some food first. – [Kathryna] Have some coconut. We’re the second largest
producers in the world. (clicks) (laughing) (boing) – [Barbie] Aimee vlogs says,
“Barbie, can you go to Italy?” Si, bene, bene. (boing) Ah, Italia. Che bella. I have seen the Colosseum,
the Sistine Chapel and now I get to experience
another Italian favorite, the food. (tires squeal) (ding) Ciao, Ken. – [Ken] I am so glad you’re here. I can’t decide on what to order. I’ve been here for 15 minutes already. – [Barbie] Just pick something. I’m sure it’s all good. – [Waiter] Buonsara, what can I get for you two this evening? – [Barbie] Easy, I’ll get the ravioli. – [Ken] And I’ll get the gnocchi. – [Waiter} Eccelente, un momento. – [Barbie] Or did I want
the gnocchi too, wait! Um, can I get the gnocchi as well. No, wait, the spaghetti. – [Ken] That makes me want
to get the lasagna instead. So I’ll take that. – [Waiter] Certo mente. – [Barbie] Wait, now
I want the tortellini. – [Ken] And I’m going to go
with the chicken parmesan. – [Barbie] Or do I want
the the fettuccine alfredo? – [Ken] Oh, the carbonara
sounds excellent. – [Waiter] Basta, I know what to do. (Footsteps click) (boing) A little bit of everything. – [Barbie] Wow, that
was so smart, thank you. Now, what should I start with? The gnocchi, no. The spaghetti, oh the tortellini, no. The spaghetti, the gnocchi. (laughing) (whistle) Super Arees asks, “Can
you travel to Hawaii?” – I’d love to. Hawaii, here I come, aloha. (sighs) (snoring) (water splashing) – [Sue] Hey Barbie, welcome
to the Banzai Pipeline. Ready to surf the wildest waves in Hawaii. – [Barbie] Yeah! – [Sue] Okay, we’re going to practice right on the beach first. When the wave comes, you
paddle as fast as you can, then when I shout. “Up!” You pop up on your board and
balance as long as you can. Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle. Up, Barbie, up. (bubble pops) – [Barbie] Wow, the beach
is beautiful from here. – [Sue] Stay focused. – [Barbie] Right, focused, focused. Should I send a video to
Daisy and my sisters and Ken? Focus, balance. Wow, I’m really doing it. I’m surfing in Hawaii. Dolphin, whoa. (splash) ♪ Oh let’s have some fun ♪ Thanks for the lift! (dolphin chirps) Wow, surfing the Banzai Pipeline was a total bucket list item. That was so much fun. Thanks for watching Ask Barbie. You can comment below and I might answer. Hang ten! (splash)

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