As Fast as Her | Chicago Blackhawks

As Fast as Her | Chicago Blackhawks

(gentle music) – [Commentator] Our the first event will be the Bridgestone Fastest Skater. Up first will be the 2018 gold medalist from the U.S. Women’s
Olympic team, Kendall Coyne. – [Kendall] I think we’re
still figuring it out, what it meant. We’re learning new things every day. New developments, new
barriers that are being broken because of that moment. – Watch the feet move there. The angles are terrific, the
edge work is outstanding. – Having a moment like that, it’s teaching the future
generations of our game that gender doesn’t matter. Everyone plays the same
game, and they love the game. What was so special to me, was
to hear from so many people, thousands, and thousands of young people. Boys, and girls, who picked up the sport because they saw that
moment, or they said, “I wanna be as fast as her.” They see that as talent,
they see it as skill, and they want to embody that. (gentle music)
(birds chirping) – [John] Our son Kevin
was, what about six. We signed him up for Learn to Skate. And when he’s playing Minor Mite hockey, we had signed Kendall
up for figure skating. – [Ahlise] I don’t
think she lasted a week, she came up to me, this little tiny– – Three-year-old, yeah.
– Three-year-old, in her little, broken
three-year-old voice said, “I need the sport.” I’m like, “You’re three.” How do you, she said, “I
wanna do what Kevin’s doing.” I go, “Okay, fine.” As a little girl, she always was where
the puck was gonna be. She always stopped it. She was very, very young. And she got it the car, and I said, “Kendall, how do you always stop it?” She goes, “Oh Mr. Dvorak
only had two plays.” What? She goes, “Oh yeah, so I knew
when the winger went here, “or this went here, I just went and waited for the boys to come.” She just had that, she saw things. That’s just God-given, ’cause
she didn’t get it from us. – And the rest is, why we’re here today. She made herself a hockey player. – Yeah, that’s true. (birds chirping) – [Cammi] That’s the
jersey I wore when we won. Which is pretty cool. I think what’s really
cool about that moment, is it never leaves you. So you can recollect
it, in a split-second. And bring yourself
back, in a split-second. ‘Cause the memories are just so ingrained. I just, I can’t believe
it, I was a part of it. I can’t believe that I was able to win an Olympic gold medal, let alone just be in the Olympics. It’s pretty much the coolest feeling that you could ever have, as an athlete. I first met Kendall at my hockey school, when she was just a little, she must’ve been seven, eight years old. I don’t even know how old, but little. – I remember seeing her gold medal, she pulled it out of her hockey bag. And that’s when it hit me, that I’m like, “Okay, so girls win gold medals,
and boys win Stanley Cups.” Not really understanding what
she had just accomplished. And what the Olympics really were, at six, and seven years old. But I remember being like,
“Okay, so she’s the best. “I wanna, I want one of those.” – [Commentator] Savard still
has it, around Tikkanen, around Lowe, shoots, scores!
(crowd cheering) – Growing up, for me, I looked at the Chicago
Blackhawks as my idols. I wanted to be Denis Savard, or I wanted to play on the Blackhawks. I think that was in my
yearbook for grade seven. I was gonna be the first woman
to play on the Blackhawks. That was my dream, I didn’t have female
role models in hockey. We got on a world stage,
we won a gold medal. And we came home to this,
this massive interest and rush of people wanting
to know more about us. And so, having a hundred girls
show up to our hockey camp was unheard of, just unheard of. So it was just amazing to see
that these young girls now, are the product of that team winning. And it’s very cool that
we were part of that. (gentle music) – If I didn’t meet her at that time, I have no idea what dreams, or desires, or goals I
would’ve had in life. I mean, meeting her prompted
me to chase something that would change my life forever. There was a time in my youth career, that I thought about quitting hockey, because I was getting made fun of. Getting called a tomboy. Getting told to go do
what normal girls do, and you don’t belong. And getting cut from teams,
because I was a girl. – I hated when parents would whisper, and point fingers at me
when I walk in the rink. I didn’t like going into the
women’s bathroom to change. It was a different time. And I had to deal with a lot of that, but nothing ever kept me
from going, like stopping. I just didn’t wanna quit. And I just had a confidence
that, and a drive, and a love for the game,
that just kept me going. – I would hear from the
parents, “Hit her, take her out. “She’s horrible, she’s a girl.” Literally constant. – There’s a lot of loneliness, when you’re the only girl. You watch all guys go in the locker room, have a great time, socialize, and you go in a storage
closet, by yourself. I’m constantly opening the door, to see, “Okay, is the Zamboni out, or
are the guys out there yet?” – [Commentator] Oh, Kendall’s digging it! She scores! Oh, with point one left on the board. – [Ryan] I think having her really
opened everyone’s eyes. She pushed the pace, sometimes kids don’t
really wanna be out there. And she’d come out and
embarrass people sometimes. And it made everyone try to work harder. And I think she’s brought that with her, everywhere she goes. She brings that motivation, and that, when you don’t quite have it, someday you see someone
like her pushing the pace, and it makes you wanna elevate your game. – When I made that jump to play AAA boys, all of the guys, they
looked at me as an equal. They didn’t care. – You notice the work ethic right away. We’d always see her in the
gym, doing extra stuff. It was almost like she was a rink manager, and she pretty much worked at the rink. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a key. – As long as you’re
out there to play hockey, and you’re there to compete,
get better, work on your craft, they don’t care. – [Eddie] Kendall Coyne, being from Palos Heights. I did a lot of the majority of my growing up in Palos Heights. Without question, Kendall Coyne’s the greatest hockey player ever to come out of Palos Heights, Illinois. And I’m proud to say that. – When I was 15, I went to national camp. That was the moment that
I realized, I can do this. I’m far off, but I’m not that far off. I just remember coming home
so fueled that I can do this. I wanna make the Olympic team, I wanna be on that national team. – It’s been really
amazing to just watch her from that little girl,
to where she is now. – [Commentator] There goes
Kendall, and shoot, and– – [Commentator] Score! – [Commentator] Kendall’s
back, one v one, Coyne in, and she scores!
– Oh my goodness. – [Commentator] Coyne all alone. – [Commentator] And goal, for team USA. – [Commentator] Sweet
victory at the Olympics. Team USA taking home gold for the first time in two decades. (gentle music) – [Announcer] A gorgeous
January night in Silicon Valley, and downtown San Jose. Where hockey fans from near
and far, have joined together to cheer on the biggest
stars in today’s game. – I was invited by the NHL
to demonstrate a drill, for the All-Star weekend. I remember wanting to do
the fastest skater, for fun. Then all of a sudden,
Nathan MacKinnon gets hurt. He can’t skate. I got a call from Patrick Burke saying, “You’re going to be the first woman to compete in the NHL
All-Star Skills Competition.” And I almost fell over. (laughs) – So my phone rang, and I’m thinking, “Why would she be calling me?” And she goes, and typical Kendall, “Hi, I don’t have time to talk– – “I’m about to be the first
woman to participate in, “I’m about to do it, “I’m about to compete in
the skills competition. – “Yup, yup, yup, yup,
yup, like the real thing. “I gotta take a shower, I gotta
go to the rink, I gotta go. “Just tell dad.” – And I’m like, “What?”
– “Okay.” – You have the weight of the sport on your shoulders right now. And really embrace this
moment, enjoy this moment. And prove to the world that women belong in the sport of hockey. – [Commentator] Kendall Coyne, up first. (whistle tweets) (inspirational music)
(crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Come on, San Jose, make some noise! – [Patrick] Her first couple steps,
and how fast she is, everyone’s kinda looking
around at each other. (crowd cheering) – Come on, Kendall, come on Kendall. – Go, go, go, go! – [Julie] Kendall go sister! – Move your legs as fast as they can go. They’re not very long, but just move ’em, like you know how to. – [Commentator] Kendall
Coyne, in the home stretch. (crowd cheering)
14.346. – That moment, it wasn’t how
it was skated, who skated it. It was the platform it was skated on. And that was the platform within
the National Hockey League. They created that platform,
and we took advantage of it. – For her to be the first one to do that, and compete against men, and hold her own. And end up beating someone as well, I think speaks volumes about
how fast she is, as a skater. – [Billie] She had one opportunity. You can either blow it, or make it. And she made it. – She broke a barrier that, I don’t think anyone could foresee. It’s epic, like what she did was epic. Like you just can’t script it any better. It was more that just a race. It was so much bigger than
that, for women’s hockey. We talk about the
Olympics, and a gold medal, and what a gold medal can do. But that moment, was also a gold medal. That moment was historic. – [Interviewer] You’ve talked in a
really interesting way about how hard it can be to continue getting
visibility as a hockey player. – Yeah, it’s really challenging,
and I think it’s something that Olympic athletes
struggle, in general with. Is people only feel that we’re
relevant every four years. When to us, the Olympics
aren’t every four years, they’re every day. Where we struggle is that,
and I think women struggle, all women struggle with this,
is people wanna see our face. And we wear a cage. So how are we relevant to that marketer, because all the consumer wants to see, is how pretty you are. Not how good of an athlete you are. (gentle music)
(crowd murmuring) – To see Kendall get the recognition that she’s been getting, is so wonderful. Because she comes off to
me as, as so understated. And now, what we’re seeing,
is her coming to life, with a voice, as well. And sharing what they’ve had
to go through with hockey. And what they continue to fight for. – The espnW summit was
excellent to be a part of, but when are we done
having these conversations? You know, when are we done
going to events like that, and having to talk about the same thing we’ve been talking about for 20, and 30 years? Here we are, in 2019,
trying to create something that has been earned already. – Did you
get more opportunities coming out of this, because
of that increased visibility? – Absolutely. – For today, as I mentioned,
so we’re straight up at six, following “NHL Now.” – Looking forward to game seven, I would expect them to be lights out. – And welcome you into our
studios, “NHL Tonight.” I’m Keith Irizarry, Darren Pang, and Kendall Coyne Schofield with me. Guys, game seven is clearly on our minds. – [Darren] She possesses a real different
look to the game of hockey. Hockey’s hockey, you put on the skates, and you play, and you compete. And so she’s got a wealth of knowledge. And I think these are the
moments that you wanna play for. You’ve been in so many
elimination games in your life, and nothing better than that. – Absolutely, and you talk abound grind. If there’s two teams that
have grinded their way to be here tonight, it’s these two. And no one wants to go
away without winning. And we talked about how
great John Klingberg was, in the start of this game,
and he’s proved it all along. His phenomenal hands, and
phenomenal opportunity. He walks right through
the St. Louis Blues. – In my opinion, the
Blackhawks have been pioneers and leaders in supporting
the women’s game. More so than any other
organization in the NHL. They’ve really shown that
they care about the game. They don’t care that my
uniform doesn’t say Blackhawks, they know I’m one of them. Good job, good job, go shoot, go shoot! – Kendall does an
amazing job in the community, and she helps out so much with our Blackhawk Youth Hockey Camps. – She’s been a great ambassador,
not only for women’s hockey, but for hockey in general. And it’s pretty amazing
to see what she’s done, and how far she’s come in those few years that I’ve known her. – I’m a firm believer, if
you build it, they’ll come. And I’m so honored that the Blackhawks wanted to do this with me. Because they really have set the standard in the NHL
market, of how to grow the game. Not just the men’s, or the boy’s side, but the women’s and the girl’s side. I’ve been really fortunate to accomplish a lot of
the goals and dreams I’ve set for myself. Whether that’s winning
an Olympic gold medal. Playing in seven World Championships. Hockey has brought me so
many incredible experiences I never would’ve dreamed of
when I was three years old, and I put on figure skates. (inspirational music)
Now that I’ve been able to accomplish that, my
mission in this game, is to leave the game better than it was. – We all have role models. I think the reality for young people is, is well look, “If Kendall Coyne can do it, “you know, why can’t I do it?” – Kendall’s unbelievable, how she thinks about
the future generations. She’s always saying,
“What we’re gonna do now, “is gonna be for the future generations.” That’s leadership, they don’t
just think about themselves. – I think the one
thing that has impressed me so much with Kendall is,
she represents all of us, with great dignity and pride. But to be able to do what
she’s done on the ice, it’s just been, it’s been spectacular. I still think there’s a few chapter, or chapters to be written in that book. – The way she’s trying to change the game. And what she’s trying to
do, to better the game, is just something tremendous. She makes every single
girl feel so special. Because Cammi did that to her. – I feel great that I played
a part in it, for her. She was on a trajectory to go,
be successful at something. Because she loved the game, she had massive passion,
and desire, and work ethic. That’s what she loved to do. She reminded me of myself. That’s how, I lived and breathed the game, and that’s kinda how she is. – I always think, “What if
I never met Cammi Granato?” What if she didn’t, she didn’t
need to host a girl’s camp. She was the face of the organization. She had every endorsement,
you know, she was successful. But she gave back, and she changed the lives
of so many young girls. Many of whom, put a gold medal around
their neck last February. And so, to know the power you can have, by being an accessible role
model, is so important to me. And it’s a lot of work, but to see the smiles on the kid’s faces, and to hear how much they love the game, and to see them year after
year, and watching them grow. It’s so worth it. Are you girls excited? – Yeah!
– Yeah, I am too! Hello. You’re racing me?
– Yeah, me too. – It’s gonna be a tight one. – I know she’ll go down in history, as not only an all-time
great, as far as on the ice. But as a leader off the ice, and making the difference for
girls to have a place to play. And to make a living. And to be appreciated for
their accomplishments. (inspirational music) – To see the amount of girls playing. I can’t put it into words. I think about being so
lonely in the rinks, like, my whole childhood. And not seeing other girls, and then just seeing
the growth of the game. It shows that we’re worth something. And Cammi heard she wasn’t worth anything, I’ve heard I’m not worth anything. And I think I continue to
fight, and play this game, so that these little girls aren’t told they’re not worth anything. – I started playing
hockey when I was six, at the Glenview ice rink, for the Stars. – I’ve been
skating since I was two. – My favorite part about playing hockey, is probably the battle
drills in the corner. – My teammates, and getting to travel
with them everywhere. – It’s so fun just like,
working with everybody, and meeting new people. – I love skating,
and I love shooting. – When I grow up, I wanna
make it to college, and just be the best person I can be. Doing all the good for people. – I wanna be an Olympic
gold medalist when I grow up. – When I grow up, I wanna take hockey as far as I can. – I wanna be a
Olympic hockey player like Kendall Coyne. – Maybe one day play
in the Olympics, like she did. – Olympic hockey player,
just like Kendall Coyne. – I wanna be as fast as her.

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