Arapahoe Basin Mountain Tour 1: Frontside

Arapahoe Basin Mountain Tour 1: Frontside

Hey there. Good morning my name is Patrick O’Sullivan aka “Patio” the Director Safety & Risk here at The Basin and welcome to
our first episode of our mountain tours. It’s good to get started here in the
base area. Really super simple, just a couple of buildings you really shouldn’t
lose your friends or your children. And if you need to get back in touch with them,
just a reminder that we have really strong AT&T service, but no other services.
Might need to go back to an old school plan of having a meeting place so you
don’t lose track of each other. We’re going to jump on the BMX chair which accesses up to mid mountain, where there’s a restaurant called Black Mountain Lodge. It’s an easy
slide from there to the Lenawee Mountain Chair that takes us to the summit, where
we can access everything and we’re going get up on the Cornice Run and start
talking about that here in just a minute. I’m here to tell you about the frontside.
We’re on the Cornice Run, really central run here. It’s a beautiful groomer in
the sky with expansive views off of both sides and it’s pretty cool because you
can access into The Beavers or into Montezuma Bowl. But as you go off to
the right, you drop into all kinds of different runs that just keep you on the
frontside. Some of them are groomed sometimes, some of them are
beautiful wind fed deep powder, and you could just stay on the ridgeline if
you’d like it a little bit mellower until you get lower. So a lot of choices
off this run. Hey now we’re on the east side of the front part of our mountain.
Kind of up in the alpine again and we’ve come down from the top, there is a couple good groomers, blue slopes. And than if you hang off to the right, you dump it
one of my favorite areas. It’s called Lenawee Parks after the big mountain
here at Lenawee Mountain. And there’s quite a variety of gullies that get
really nice wind accumulation, so when I say that I mean we might have reported
4 inches, you go to the right spot you’re gonna find 6,8, maybe deeper
snow when you get on the lee side of some of these gullies that are below us.
The other thing it’s in the background here these big wooden fences. We use them
to accumulate snow when the wind gets pretty heavy up here, so if you’re
looking really fun splashdown of deeper snow, get
on the leeward side of the fence and rip down that big row of snow that
they put in there, it’s really fun skiing. Alright now we’re down on the lower
mountain and believe it or not with that kind of scenery behind, me we’re on
a green trail. This is called Sundance. We’ve got a lot of good grooming on our
lower mountain trails and they kind of very progressive from the right to the
left. They just get harder as you go to the left. This is a green trail the next one to our left is High Noon, really excellent blue trail, just gets
progressively harder. So you can continue to challenge yourself. We’re gonna ski down here into the base area and from the base area all
kinds of places you could get to but, the Pallavicini is just right down the way.
One of the best lifts in the state, if not the best and excellent expert
terrain off that, we’re gonna talk about that in a future episode. Alright well
thanks for tuning in and our we’re going to have some future episodes highlighting
other parts of our mountain you can learn a whole lot real quick of how
beautiful this mountain is and how easy it is to use.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Downhill Productions says:

    This video is great, please post more tours of the mountain. Really enjoyed this, we're visiting for the first time in March and this is really helpful for finding our way around.

  2. Nick Skowyra says:

    Digging the vibes!

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