Appleton Arena: Building on the Foundation

Appleton Arena: Building on the Foundation

(inspirational trumpet music) – [Man] The relationships and history here at St. Lawrence is
unlike any other university from an NHL and hockey perspective. – As a player and a student athlete here, you come to love Appleton for
everything that it was and is. – There was no indoor
rink or facility like it. – I chased down St. Lawrence
and I wanted to come here. – This is a place that we call home, and we want to continue to call it home for a long, long time. – This is who we are. That to me is really what the fabric of St. Lawrence Hockey’s about, what makes it so special. (piano music) – [Pierre] Mike, what’s HOK? – HOK is a global firm that focuses on architecture and engineering. – Can you take us through some of the more memorable
projects you’ve had in the National Hockey
League in particular? – The most recent have
been the Edmonton Oilers Rogers Place arena, and
the Red Wings and Pistons Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. – So you’re here at
beautiful Appleton Arena, a historic building, especially
here in the north country, what have you heard from
the people at St. Lawrence that’s gonna make your company even better when it comes to retrofitting
this magnificent building? – I think the intimacy and
the warmth is pretty unique. The wood seating bowl
and glulam barrel vault, there’s not anything like it. – What will you focus in on the
initial part of the project? – [Mike] Trying to maintain
the character and the additions that we’re putting together. – So, lighting’s gonna be different? – [Mike] Yes. The
infrastructure for the arena, some of the HVAC systems
and things like that, the building will perform
a little bit better. Breathing new life into the building and giving it an extended lifetime for generations to come, hopefully. – One of the things that
I thought was really cool when I was looking at the project on paper was what you’re gonna do with the facade in front of the building. Can you walk us through
your ideology with that? – [Mike] Sure. With the
addition we’re able to not only sort of insulate the arena,
but add a hall of fame component, a retail component,
and a hospitality area that’s not currently here. – I coached here, I loved coaching here. One of the things I loved
the most about this building, the seats. The seats are spectacular. Wood pine seats are awesome. You’re not touching those, are ya? – [Mike] We’re not touching those. – Good. – It’s part of the building,
I think, that’s really important to us and appealed
to us because, again, the warmth and sort of intimacy
of the building, itself. – Now another part of the
project is what you’re gonna do with the dressing rooms
and with the weight room. Can you walk us through
those parts of the project? – Sure. Quite a few
amenities are being added and expanded upon for the
athletes and coaching staff, from the training facility,
as well as the dressing rooms and the treatment spaces, as well. We’ve done a lot of
benchmarking with other Division 1 schools and tripling the size of the strength and conditioning
space is important to that. The work that’s done off
the ice by these athletes, and recruiting those
athletes, is paramount to the success of the program. – [Pierre] How long does
a project like this take? – [Mike] Construction
for a project like this is about a year to 18 months. – [Pierre] So it sounds like
you’re gonna do it in phases. What can fans look forward
to seeing at the start of next season? – Opening up the concessions
and concourses to the stadium bowl, and improving that
food and beverage experience, as well as the hall of
fame and retail component. Those are all considered
to be part of phase one. The Division 1 hockey
team, both men and women’s, will get new facilities
as part of that expansion.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Aaron Costello says:

    Here we go Saints!

  2. David Smith says:

    Can’t wait to experience the Appleton atmosphere again with the new improvements!

  3. Scott Newcombe says:

    It's going to look so good when it's finished. I can't wait!

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