Anonymous Surfing with Proxy Switcher

Anonymous Surfing with Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher
Anonymous Surfing The program already is running, to access it – open the icon tray to find its icon. Currently, Proxy Switcher is running in the trial mode We won’t be using the wizard in this tutorial The proxy servers already are being downloaded and tested This is done by the background proxy scanning service It is enabled by default, you can disable it if you wish When it is running – it downloads, tests and re-tests the servers New servers that are going to be tested by it, first are placed into the “CORE” folder To get more servers, we download all the proxy lists These servers appear in the “New” folder To find out which servers work, they need to be tested We start the testing of all the servers in
the current folder Depending on the testing result a server is moved to a
different folder Non-working servers go into “Dead” folder Servers that work but support only HTTP protocol are placed in Basic Anonymity folder Ones that support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are placed in the SSL subfolder If we want to use a particular server, we need to switch to it. It is done by double-clicking on it Now we can check in Chrome what IP addresses the web server sees For this, I use a specific page on my own site, but you can test this with any other similar site Currently, it is showing my real IP address, as I opened this page earlier without using a proxy server If I refresh the page – you can see that requests are going through the proxy server I selected. However, my original address is shown as well Let’s try a different server Let’s look for a server in the UK For this, we can use a filter Now we switch to it Let’s check what the server sees In this case, only the proxy server’s address is visible This is because the first server provides only basic
anonymity, but this one is a high anonymous server. High anonymous servers do not include your IP address in the requests it sends to the site you want to use The trial version does not test
if the server is high anonymous To enable testing for anonymity you will need to purchase the full
version of the program Now for example, if we go to Google We’ll end up on Google’s UK site Let’s switch back to a direct connection This will disable the use of proxy servers Another note about folders – if you drag server to ProxySwitcher folder –
it will appear in the menu when you right click on the program in the taskbar
or in the icon tray This concludes the introduction to anonymous
surfing using Proxy Switcher Thank you for watching!

Antonio Breitenberg

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