Annoying Orange – Icicle Insanity (Ft. Kevin Brueck and Katers17)

Annoying Orange – Icicle Insanity (Ft. Kevin Brueck and Katers17)

-Ah, nothing like cozying up
next to a stove burner on a cold winter’s day. -Agreed. It feels like home. -♪ Home, home on the range ♪ ♪ Oven ♪
[laughs] [tapping sound]
-Wait, what’s that tapping? -It’s coming from the window.
Look. -Yo, I’m freezing out here.
Can I chill with you guys? -You’re an icicle, dude.
You’re supposed to be cold. -But I want to be warm. -But you CAN’T be warm.
You’re an icicle. -You’re not the boss of me. -Well Pear, it is a
“freeze” country. [laughs] [crickets chirp] What? Like you guys never
“thaw” that coming. [laughs] -So this is what
being warm is like. [giggles slightly]
Me likey. -Yeah, not for long you won’t. -My whole life’s
been pretty cold, so today I woke up, looked in
the mirror, and asked myself… -What’s the point?
[laughs] -Exactly. Lousy weather,
living in a gutter, it’s awful. And worst of all, I’ve got to hang with
my relatives all the time. -Are you eating?
-You never call. -When are you gonna find
an ice girl and settle down? -So trust me, being indoors
is absolute paradise. Ow! Ow, ow, ow! -What’s the matter? -My eye just dripped
down my face. [gasping]:
I’m melting! -Ya think? -Must get back outside. I can’t get up. Too weak.
Help would be nice. -Sure thing, icicle.
I’ll give you a hand. -Thank you.
I appreciate your help. -No! Hand!
-Huh? [Icicle and Pear scream] [splash]
-It’ll be okay. Everyone just “kettle” down.
[laughs] -Dude, he’s boiling! Look! -(Icicle) Ow-ow-ow!
Ooh-ooh, hot, hot, hot, ooh! [kettle whistling]
-He’s a really good whistler. -Okay, cooling down.
Ah, feeling better. -See? This is exactly why
I didn’t want him inside. He should have known better! -Yeah, that guy’s a real “drip.”
[laughs] -Uh-oh. I’m gonna fall.
It’s too high. It’s too high. [yells, splashes] I’m boiling again. Ow-ow-ow-ow!
Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot! [screams, then sighs] -Poor dude’s caught in
a vicious ice cycle. [laughs] Okay, I know that was a stretch.
I’m sorry. -[screams, splashes] [sighs, screams again] [splashes, sighs] [screams once more] -We got to stop this! -Aah! Open the window!
Open the window! -I’m on it, icicle.
-You’re on it? How are you gonna open
the window with no ha– -[spits seed, glass shatters] [wind whistling]
-Oh, it’s working, it’s working! [sighs]
Thanks, guys. I owe you. -Nah, consider it a favor, “freeze” of charge.
[laughs] I can’t stop! -[groans]
-[groans] -[tingles] Is it just me or
is it a little cold in here? -Dude, are you serious?! -It’s just REALLY cold. -You’re an icicle;
you’re supposed to be cold! Stop it!
-Better lay off him, Pear. Poor guy’s about to snap. -[groans]
Here we go again. -No! He’s about to snap! -[screams]
-[screams] -Whoa! Talk about an
“ice scream” headache. [laughs briefly, groans] Captioned by [laughs]

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Er (Cox $.

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    I know icicles are suppose to be cold and warm butt ha ha ha ha ha get it butt ha ha ha ha ha

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    I'm gonna stay warm by staying in bed,ONLY getting up for food and for pool time!:D

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