Anime Fans are ENRAGED at the Oscars!

Hey, friends! Its Akidearest and you guys probably saw yesterday that the Oscars released their nominations for best animated film, and if you haven’t, check this out .____. No… NO! WHY?>:,( The nominations for the Oscars… *triggered alert* BOSS BABY?! buy at least we made some news articles here Yeah, I can’t think of a more critically a claimed film more than BOSS BABY for animation “Your Name”? NO, throw it out the window “A Silent Voice”? Throw it our the window too. In the scorn of the world so, there has always been this question, that people have of like Why don’t the Oscars EVER consider anime or Japanese animated films? Does the people that are running it, just completely shun anime? There are three things that I blame this on 1. The Distributor 2. Branding whether that’s a big company name or someone that’s well respected in Hollywood 3. Being region specific If you think about it, there is only one category, that acknowledges foreign films and that is the foreign language award. And I don’t know any of these, like, we’ve got… *read above* I don’t know where… who what any of these films are It’s hard to say though, if this category even considers animation AT ALL, I think that they just kind of want to focus it on like Live action “A Silent Voice”, brought on a message that could be understood universally, and I… It’s kind of… It’s kind of upsetting to see that it wasn’t nominated, but another thing that I am going to blame is the distributor, the person that’s pushing this films in the first place, as well Did you even see “A Silent Voice” in your town? and if you did, like I did, it was only here for two days, and I pretty sure that in your area it didn’t play for more than a week, if you got lucky, cause for us, it only played for a weekend So, it doesn’t grab NEARLY as much of attention from the public as much as you would have liked to, that theater was probably only full because it was going to play for a day, but if it was going to play for a month, it would probably look exactly the same way as Boy and the Beast did for ME. Or pretty much any anime film that I have ever seen at a theater. Most of the anime films that get released here I see almost nobody, usually there are special events for things like these Now with the movie like “Your Name”, I want to shed some light on that one… TECHNICALLY it was released in Japan in 2016, and even though it came out in the US in 2017 last year, “Your Name” was put on a consideration list for the Oscars Do any of you remember that? -___- Maybe that’s the reason why they are not considering it this year because technically, they’ve already gone through it and if it’s really just the story, then… *sending all the love to the Oscars* Or maybe it’s because it was technically released in Japan of 2016 So, there’s a lot of things to consider when that happens So, “Your Name”, in short, is a really weird situation. With a movie like in this corner of the world that one did not even play in the theaters AT ALL here, maybe that’s a movie I’d even consider in the foreign language film. Going back to “Your Name”, though it’s not the case of it being released in Japan of 2016 and we are just looking at it being released in 2017 then I really don’t understand what was it about it that just didn’t make it considering it beat the box office on “Spirited Away” which is even more interesting since “Spirited Away” DID win an academy award In fact, that was probably the last anime film to even win ANYTHING in the Oscars BUT, if you look at the details when “Spirited Away” was nominated, it was because, John… *murders last name* THIS guy, the chief creative officer of PIXAR was a HUGE fan of Miyasaki during the time, when “Spirited Away”, was being nominated he pushed it A LOT and because he pushed it a lot, it was given the recognition it very well deserved a lot of people got to finally see it, they took an interest to it but connections man, I’m telling you, they change the game a lot, people will say “Oh, big name, we love him, we love his work, we love what he does, he say’s that this movie is good, he keeps bugging us about it, so yeah, let’s give it a watch, and we wanna make him happy so, we’ll give that an award.” I still think “Spirited Away”, very well deserving of the award that it got but, during the time that came out, I also think that it’s possible that a lot of d*ck sucking here, might have happened because John, being a HUGE fan of Miyasaki and then also, the Academy wanting to suck John’s d*ck *join the bukake party* So you know what? Maybe sometimes, THAT’S what it takes for anime films to even get noticed Look, we are also talking about an Academy that didn’t give an award to Leonardo Dicaprio for the majority of his career, up until everybody actually was addressing it. So, sometimes maybe it does take somebody to sit the Academy down and say “Shut up, watch this… now tell me why it doesn’t deserve a nomination?” *bitch, don’t test me* because that’s what John did for “Spirited Away” and it won, look at that. And for anyone trying to feel sorry for Mokoto Shinkai, for working so hard on this and not having it considered… Mokoto Shinkai even said it himself that he honestly doesn’t even care if anything, he thinks that less people should see it, or at least, no more added people should see it cause he finds that movie very far from perfect So, that’s just him, I thought that “Your Name” was still really great though I’m still on the side with “A Silent Voice” But let me know in the comment section down below guys, what do you guys think about the nominations for the Oscars? Do you think maybe it’s just really competitive? Or maybe the Oscars just don’t give a shit *probably* or the anime awards? I know that’s kind of “off topic” but if you guys haven’t seen that video, i’ll link that down below I’m honestly not even that surprised “Kimi No Na Wa” didn’t even make it in. They’re still just… TOO many people that don’t like anime… So, I appreciate you guys for watching and subscribe to my channel for more anime and otaku related C*NTENT and I will see you guys in the next video!

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