Angelina goes surfing in San Diego – On the go with EF #55

Angelina goes surfing in San Diego – On the go with EF #55

Hi everyone and welcome back
to “On the go with EF”. I’m still in sunny San Diego.
Do you see where I am? I’m at the beach! I’m going to try something
that I’ve never tried before. I’m going to have a surf lesson and
I’m pretty nervous, to be honest. But, I’m also super excited.
The waves look pretty amazing, so let’s do it! Hi guys! These are my friends from EF.
Why don’t you introduce yourselves? What are your names? I’m Marco from Switzerland.
I’m Martina, also from Switzerland. And we’re going to have a surf lesson today.
Have you guys surfed before? Yes, once before.
We are very excited, of course. Yay! This is my first time, as I said.
I think it’s going to be fun. Should we go? Yeah.
Let’s go! Hi, I’m Angelina.
Hi, I’m Stephanie. Nice to meet you.
Martina. Marco.
Marco? Nice to meet you guys. If you guys are ready for your surf lesson,
I’ve got your wetsuits over here. Perfect. It’s important to wear wetsuits
when you surf, right? Is it just because it gets cold?
It’s to keep you warm. The water gets cold. Of course.
I highly recommend a wetsuit. You got it?
Yeah, I got it. Ready! What you’ve got to understand
is that the ocean moves a lot. You know when you see surfing on a poster, you see someone up on the
board and riding the wave, right? Well, that’s 10% of it. 90% is actually paddling around
and getting in the right spot. Do you see all these people here?
See how they have to paddle? In the long run, if you want to pursue this, you have to realize it takes
a lot of time and practice. When I give you a push, it’s going to
hopefully be a nice, smooth takeoff. Do you guys understand? Everything’s good?
Yeah. Perfect! Let’s go over to the boards. Right over here. Each board is a different shape.
I’m going to have you guys on these three boards. These are all 9-foot boards.
You’ve got the nose, the tail, the rail. You’re scooping the water. So your feet don’t actually touch
the board when you’re paddling? Keep your toes down.
Okay, just down? Do you see what I mean?
You’re balancing. It’s a little bit of yoga. You’re paddling with nice, long strokes. It’s what you get with every
stroke and not about how fast you do it. It’s not this, and not this. It’s this. Okay? And when you’re paddling,
make sure you’re looking up. It’s like you’re digging. You’ve got to look up at all times. If don’t look up and you’re looking down,
you can’t see where you’re going. It’s here, here, here. Here, you’re looking where you want to go.
You know, you see those people on the barrel? Ok, we’re getting ready now.
Are you excited? I’m so excited.
We’re going to go in the water really soon. The waves look pretty cool, I think.
Yeah, they do. Alright. You’re ready.
Thank you! Okay, I’m excited. If you actually manage to stand, then you’ve done a pretty good
job because that’s hard, right? Please try not go get on your knees.
When you guys are getting up, make sure that you’re bringing
your front foot up, okay? Here …. And here.
Do you see this? Because if you guys are way back here,
this is like the brakes, and this is like the gas. Right. This is your equilibrium.
Here and here is where you want to be. Where you’re lying down, you’re popping up. Oh, you got it.
Wooh! It was slow, but I got the footwork down, I think. That was so hard. I just had my first surf lesson. It was way harder than I thought,
but it was so much fun. The board is really heavy. My body is aching, but I had an amazing time.
What did you guys think? It was fun, right?
It was great. You were both standing up! I wasn’t able to stand up.
I really tried, but I was on my knees. Next time. Next time I do it, I’ll be able to stand up.
For sure! I’ve had a really fun time today.
I tried surfing for the first time and although it was really difficult,
I had an amazing time. I know I’m going to be really sore tomorrow. I also got to hang out with some of my
friends from the EF School here in San Diego. Now, I want to know:
What is your favorite beach activity? Comment below for a chance to win
this really awesome surfer’s bracelet and don’t forget to watch next week because
then I’ll be going to the San Diego Zoo. I’ll see you then. Bye! Next week: Angelina visits San Diego Zoo

Antonio Breitenberg

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29 thoughts on “Angelina goes surfing in San Diego – On the go with EF #55

  1. Сергей Попов says:

    я люблю лежать под зонтом и есть мороженное.

  2. Mohamed ELTahir says:


  3. Duvan Tique says:

    Me gusta su forma de aprender

  4. Fina E. says:

    Ангелина, ты прекрасно ведешь эту программу, мне очень нравится тебя слушать. Твоя речь очень понятна и приятна для ушей. ^^

  5. Lucas Basilico says:

    As praias do Brasil são belas, eu gosto de jogar bola na praia.

  6. Fernando González says:

    my favourite beach activity is kitesurf, you can feel the wind on your face. It is amazing

  7. flight _ says:

    Классная фигура у блондинке


    Missing maria

  9. Gabriel Teixeira says:

    My favorite beach activity is Beach Volleyball, because I like volleyball even more on the beach.

  10. isaid stream says:

    Esto era por la cual me habia suscrito

  11. Ivona K. says:

    cool i am from switzerland too! going to ef san diego in 2019!

  12. 廉予芬 says:

    When I was young, my favorite beach activity was making sand castle with my playmates. Those are all great memories.

  13. Ali Abrahim says:

    nice in Angelina San Diego, is your episode phenomenon is very Impacts, and you are Enjoying Sport, is sure nice.

  14. Гуля Хакимова says:

    my favourite beach activity is swimming but also I would like to try serfing because I have always wanted to do that

  15. Hugo Fonseca says:

    The cringe is way too real

  16. Dani Gonzalez says:


  17. Mirjana Skobic says:

    Bravo Marko I Martina!!!

  18. Breno Fabres says:

    My favorite beach activity is to run all the way down the beach with some friends at the morning. I have amazing vibes watching the sunrise while running with someone I like, by the way, brazilian's beaches are awesomes !



  20. Alejandro Mayorga says:

    My favorite activity is definely playing bolley in the beach… Because you can exercise your body and the refresh yourselft in the water <3

  21. Vitaly Valisevich says:

    My favorite beach activity is actually is not activity. I just like laying down on the beach bed and read a book in foreign language.

  22. Vanessa Silva dos Santos says:

    Se escrevi no meu canal

  23. Vanessa Silva dos Santos says:

  24. Jhony Cruz says:

    Que verga :''v

  25. D'Haenens Roy says:

    This will definitely be me in exactly 274 days haha !!

  26. Zezw King says:

    l ned 😃

  27. Mikael Andersson says:


  28. やや says:

    She seems so idk, ironic

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