An Unreal BMX Combo

An Unreal BMX Combo

ANNOUNCER 1: For Jaie Toohey. Look at this. Throws the bike, catch it,
kick it like it owes you money. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, guys? I’m Jaie Toohey, and my
World’s First is nothing front bike flip to tail whip. ANNOUNCER 1: Jaie Toohey. He’s a World’s First guy, too. Forward bike flip catch. Oh, what? Originally, the nothing front
bike flip came from R Willy. And then it comes to
me, I’ve always– it had to be dream trick I’ve
always wanted to try it. He’s the only one in
the world to do it until I come along and did it. [CHEERING] Thought about adding
a variation to it. Wasn’t quite sure what
I could add to it. I knew that I
would have a pretty good, pretty good chance at it. Because I do a lot of
tail whips with my riding. ANNOUNCER 2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Oh! Growing up in BMX,
and definitely being here with a part of Nitro
Circus for a long time now, I don’t know I watched stuff
back, and I see that I do. I don’t know how. I do the exact same thing,
and I go the exact same speed, and I’m not sure how
I go higher, but I do. ANNOUNCER 1: Just get
loud for Jaie Toohey! Oh. Oh. Forward bike flip. [CHEERING] Honestly, there’s no
better feeling from wanting to do that trick for
so long, it’s been a dream of mine to land it. And kicking off the 2019
Australian Nitro Circus Tour, and having and landing it in
front of 25,000 Melbourne fans, it was honestly the best
feeling in the world. ANNOUNCER 2: Can Jaie
Toohey take it on? He’s going. He takes 31 to take it. Jaie Toohey. ANNOUNCER 1: Let’s
see what he’s got. Forward bike flip tail whip. Oh! For the first time ever. [MUSIC PLAYING] What just happened? Toohey does a fronty nothing
bike flip, the downside whip. First time ever. Oh my god! [MUSIC PLAYING] Congratulations, brother. And he, in practice, rides
it more than anyone else. And he toys with
it at this point. I mean, he’s taking that
trick, making it his own. And now exemplifying
it to just ways that no one thought possible. Even R Willy is impressed. And R Willy definitely
invented it, and everyone’s more than
given him props for it. But there’s something to be said
about taking someone’s trick, and then opening it up. There’s no stopping. There is no limit
to that guy and what he can do with that trick. ANNOUNCER 2: I think we’re
going to see some magic. What we’d like, tail whip. Oh, there’s Toohey! [MUSIC PLAYING] Click here to watch
more unbelievable “World’s First” presented by
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. And for everything
else unbelievable, check out

Antonio Breitenberg

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46 thoughts on “An Unreal BMX Combo

  1. tréyteñ says:

    What the helllllll

  2. tréyteñ says:

    How scary mad man 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯👌👿

  3. Tbds77 says:

    So rad!!🔥🔥

  4. Oscar Peattie says:

    Abasulty amazing this type of content just inspires more and more to keep o trying new things on my bmx love all of you guys at nitro circus

  5. HCW Figure matches says:

    I love BMX

  6. CORYL2 says:

    Jaie is insane

  7. Этьен Ламандуа says:

    Итс эмэйзинг

  8. Mac and Cheese says:

    so glad to see people inspired by the creative mind of r.willy and take it a step further. now i'm terrified to see what r. willy does next to step it up another several levels. this was AMAZING, though. when i was a kid i could have NEVER imagined these insane tricks that seem like they come straight from a video game xD

  9. josie thomson says:

    fuck that was cool!

  10. eddie wap says:

    Why the hell was dana white there

  11. MrVeniceking says:

    He should master the Free Willy now

  12. Mad Funny says:

    All these new tricks are sick. But, I still want to see someone do a 180 and land fakie.

    Megaramp 70 ft. gap – landing fakie, would be a way harder trick than all these flip variations.

    70 ft. Fakie landing > Quad backflip

  13. Person face says:

    Dude! That was awesome! I reckon some one should pull a double front bike flip next. That would be sick!

  14. David Harbour says:

    Hold my beer…

  15. josh Smith says:

    You boys are doing big things for the sport and humanity. My Son and I love it! Keep it up

  16. slb6977 says:

    Those soft landing ramps were such a monumental turning point in bmx trick progression. Such an amazing invention.

  17. luke wood says:

    Bro this stuff is amazing

  18. Garry Beard says:

    Wow great video well done.👍🇬🇧🍺🤘

  19. bryan diel says:

    Only RWilly does the "FreeWilly" The back story was RWilly encouraged Jaie to pull off forward bike flip, then they both did it together!!

  20. Tristan VLOGs says:


  21. Scott Ord says:

    1:20 gives a good sense of how mad this trick is.

  22. Konate Ousmane says:

    Tu es un pro vraiment

  23. Derrick Cauley says:

    That was siiiiccckkk!!! Keep pushing the envelope dude! Gotta try to add a double whip for kicks 😀

  24. css172 says:

    He only go $1,000 for this?? That trick was worth 100 times that – congrats!

  25. You hustlin me boi? says:

    R Willy is a good looking cat.

  26. Crystal Elk says:

    Most awesome!

  27. 771 says:

    Now give them jetpacks

  28. Josh Lewis says:

    How to beat R Willy:

    Do the same exact trick, and then add a totally unrelated trick.

    Seems kinda dirty to beat someone with their own trick.

  29. iFNhU says:

    Was that Dana White?

  30. robparkers fishingworld says:

    Double bike flip coming soon? Or how about a backflip bike flip… so sick dude.

  31. FAHJA17 says:

    Why is it always Australians?

  32. Paul Dethick says:


  33. Steven Cliffe says:

    R willy way behind

  34. spikes glitter bomb says:

    when are they going to make NITRO CIRCUS the video game

  35. born 2 shit forced 2 wipe says:

    Did he really have to add its a "nothing" bike flip whip? That's a cheap tactic to sound better than it is.

  36. Putz3 says:

    How about a NOTHING FRONT BIKE FLIP TO ONEHANDED SUPERMAN SEATGRAB? (Catching the rotation on the seat)
    That would look absolutely ridiculous!

  37. alanjrkaminski says:

    Great video why you have to include that douchebag Dana White?

  38. eugyero says:

    It has all to do with the soft landings, no skill. Do that shit over concrete or at least dirt to make it real. When you know you will land on top of soft pillows as well as material that lets you slide with out pain, come on people you can just leave your balls at home with that setup. 🖕🏻

  39. XPNDBLhero says:

    I want to hit that ramp so badly¡!

  40. McToads says:

    I dont think most people understand how dope that trick really is

  41. Drrizzy Dreww says:

    Shoutout Dana

  42. Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler says:

    The Aussies are god damn killing the game!

  43. Chenoa Paccagnan says:

    so sick!!!!$$$$

  44. S. K. says:

    to Turndown!

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