Amazing Soccer Goals and Saves

Amazing Soccer Goals and Saves

Antonio Breitenberg

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26 thoughts on “Amazing Soccer Goals and Saves

  1. Tenacious Toad says:

    Hey thanks for the great video. It looks like you put a lot of hard work into it

  2. tas488 says:

    Nice vid

  3. Christie Hogan says:

    AWESOME saves

  4. Pizza Alias says:

    I'm nine and if mad a goal like that in a travel soccer game

  5. Homer Simpson says:

    I can do saves like that and i am 8

  6. Homer Simpson says:

    offsides 4:09

  7. Reedy says:

    This guy doesn't know anything where's bloody neuer the best keeper in the whole fucking world

  8. ihsan gene says:

    I Germany and Argentina the mot 

  9. Brian Beiler says:

    Deflections are the toughest to stop.

  10. Edgar Nino says:

    I like soccer

  11. William Wang says:

    What's the song

  12. FlameRays says:

    It's called football

  13. Omar Hernandez says:

    Good video

  14. Johnny Guerrero says:

    This is called soccer BRUH

  15. Mike says:

    i love all of the buffon saves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Big Beefy Boy says:

    Those goals make me feel like I can't block goals.BTW I'm a goaly

  17. Kenneth Kaufmann says:


  18. Oscar Anguiano says:

    Whats the song called

  19. Sumona Sumedh says:

    you only put 2 goals

  20. Carol Sievers says:

    Sorry potato in 1080p is still patato….

  21. Christian Llamas says:

    You obviously don't see other goalkeepers that have made better saves than them. I'll give you names: Thibault Courtios, Joe Hart, Manuel Neuer, Ochoa, I mean come on pal if you're gonna make a video about amazing saves at least look up your information mate.

  22. Norm Agnew says:

    Some amazing saves there

  23. pat Hurley says:


  24. Saxobeat99 says:

    Wow! 300k views! Thanks Everyone! Don't forget to Share, Like, and Subscribe!

  25. farzana ballim says:

    only saves

  26. Kaeden Springer says:


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