Amateurs vs Pros snowboard jib competition – Red Bull Jibmunks 2012

Welcome! Red Bull Jibmunks is on, training and qualifications are being held right now. Let’s see what the jibbers have to offer. Here at Red Bull Jibmunks it’s about style, it’s about having fun, it’s not about being the fastest or highest or spinning the most. It’s about being here, being with the people, chatting, and having fun. It’s fun from beginning to end, it’s super cool to ride, but what’s the most blatant are all the “big names” that have showed up: Seb Toutant, Seppe Smits or even old legends like Scotty Arnold – rad! It’s a super cool idea, that’s just Mä. There’s nothing but good stuff coming from Mä I think this is one of the coolest events, because it brings snowboarding back to its roots, not just throwing the big tricks. You can ride creatively, and that’s what I like the most about this event. The finals are coming up right now, the boys are riding hard. We are seeing Frontside Sevens, Gaps, Flips, Mogul heroes, and I’m curious to see what they are going to show to top it all off.

Antonio Breitenberg

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