Along the Frozen River

Along the Frozen River

It has been cold a few days… a couple of weeks So the waters are freezing Unfortunately the snow makes the surface a bit rough But it works! In Swedish they are called Långfärdsskridskor which means Long distance skates They are made for going long distance …on natural ice And therefore they are quite long Natural ice are often a bit rough on the surface So if the skate is long you get a smoother ride You can also go faster …which is good when you’re going long distance I’m using a ski binding …the same type of binding as on my skis So I can use the same boots Which is practical And works very well But you can have any type of binding you like If you have other type of boots as well

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Along the Frozen River

  1. Mikay La says:

    Amazing erik 😊 what a beautiful view👏.
    Greeting from Philippines

  2. Renee Hall says:

    love ur. videos,,

  3. Jeppe Michael Jensen says:

    Thank you you. Nice start on a sunday ! Do you have any “trips” that one can attent ?

  4. Tomas Nehrer says:

    Jag väntar fortfarande på snö här nere i Mälardalen.

  5. brasko brasko says:

    👍🏽 beautiful

  6. Blacktimberw says:

    It's difficult to imagine it being that cold anywhere at the moment, hopefully Santa is busy whipping the elves in the sweatshop & not wasting time playing in the snow. Great sequence where you head for the bridge & a train passes overhead, that's what you call timing.

  7. Ajii499 Gaming says:

    hi iam indonesian😁

  8. F Rizzie says:

    Incredible. sending my love, Erik

  9. Budhichand Hanjabam says:

    Damm that snow thou

  10. Johanna Zamora says:

    I can smell the smoke. Awesome

  11. Ireneusz Krawczyk says:


  12. KopLoo Crew says:

    +62 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  13. sup2dem alpha says:

    Coffee ceremony .

  14. Pete is never wrong says:

    Must cover ground so quickly.



  16. Philip Jessup says:

    Botniabanan? Nice trainspotting.

  17. Keallei says:

    It sounds crunchy and happy. Thank you for sharing. The echoing sound on river and lake ice is eerie and lovely.

  18. chris mclaughlin says:

    You can't do that around here.

  19. Bloodhound Gang says:

    Wow never heard of or seen these skates before, awesome 👍

  20. Redan Taget says:

    Vad är det för skridskor och kängor du har?

  21. Paul Lindberg says:

    Härligt med is och snö! Här i Småland är det ännu höst. ☕️😀❄️

  22. Боря Торба says:

    Erik, hur bär du en vattenkokare? Han är sot

  23. Daniel Moon says:

    Wow~ It's a great tool for skating on frozen river. Wonderful~ 🙂

  24. Chiavaccio says:

    Great!! 😀😀👏👏👏👏

  25. Magnus Kjellsson says:

    Tack för filmen . Nu ska jag och hunden ut i skogen och koka kaffe 🙂

  26. Muhammad jabaar says:


  27. Callum ExploreMore says:

    Very nice video

  28. Experience More Sweden says:

    A relative of mine owns land in Kåtabergen, just beside Petikån.

  29. juan says:

    Saludos desde Argentina Erik

  30. JACK Alleman says:

    Excellent time out.I love those long term skates

  31. Michael Cuffe says:

    Another mini-masterpiece. Bravo!

  32. gobtv says:

    Wonderful as usual. Seems very cold very early this year.

  33. Jerri Adriani Machado says:

    Bom vídeo Erik.
    Abraço do Brasil

  34. TEK BAŞINA says:

    Günaydın dostum

  35. T. van Oosterhout says:

    The vids by Erik seem to cause a yearning to be there more than almost any other vlog does. It's been so long since we've had a proper winter where I live. Climate in crisis.

  36. Ronald Joseph says:

    Wow Erik, another beautiful awesome video. Thanks

  37. Alexis Kizub says:

    Älskar dina video🙏 , vart bor du?

  38. AloneMan InTheNature says:

    Excellent.different end👍👍👍👍👍

  39. MsExity says:

    Erik in what part of sweden do you live?

  40. Hu Ko says:

    Sehr gut, danke.

  41. Ohio Vet Outdoors says:

    Fire, on top of snow, with a single match.. No problem for Erik. Lmao

  42. thanida norasingh says:


  43. Jeremi Nicol says:

    You put music or radio

  44. C ya round says:

    wow awesome , great !!!

  45. ByTheSPiRiTs says:

    I'm just waiting for that thumbs up of yours. A slight speedier variant this time. Interesting.

  46. Carlos Roca says:

    What is the stick for?

  47. Mountain spirit says:

    …very nice video…
    …a hug from Italy…!👍🏻

  48. JayBird Aneko says:

    This was superb! Thanks Erik 😊


    Skating on the lake ice,
    a nice cup of Coffee,
    Comfy feelings. . . . .

  50. Frischluft für euch says:

    Ice scating. Great idea Eric.👍🍀

  51. Dairen Ili says:

    🇵🇭 Cool! advance 🎄to you.. ☺️

  52. Petter ! says:

    Fantastiskt 😀👍🏻

  53. Cuca Ethancool says:


  54. Joe poppy says:

    Good morning from Connecticut USA. Having my "holy moment"… Coffee 👍

  55. Jeff Selesky says:


  56. Hercules Vournelis says:

    Thanks for your beautiful videos.From Greece..PEACE!

  57. Bianco 1978 says:

    Nice one I wish we got proper snowy winters like that in England instead of all this non stop relentless rain….

  58. Trudi swanson says:

    Crikey! I could feel your fingers turning to ice as you took the gloves off to make your fire. Amazing to watch you chip away at that frozen river and not get hurt by shards. And I learned that you folk in frozen areas have blades for different ice surfaces. It's not all smooth as I'd imagined. 😊 from Queensland, Australia ⛱

  59. 청풍Aether says:

    Nice skates!

  60. Bianco 1978 says:

    Are those Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Mitts you are wearing?

  61. imusbcraz says:

    I love that skate system you have. I'm going to try that. 🙂☕👍

  62. MsSolitas says:

    정말 아름다운 나라군.한국은 왼쪽으로는 중국에서 날아오는 미세먼지 때문에 고통을 당하고 오른쪽엔 전범국 일본놈들이 방사능을 뿌려데는 지옥같은곳인데 저곳은 하늘이 저렇게 맑다니

  63. Frøyja says:

    Love the cold and the snow. Nicely recorded.

  64. mark duncan says:

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos Erik!

  65. петр мир says:

    Красиво ! Хорошая сьемка . Шведы ,очень любят природу ,молодцы !!! Уважение !

  66. mike stefani says:

    Sunday morning. Eric Normark film. Coffee…👍

  67. Joe Hikes says:

    Those ice skates are awesome. You could really cover a lot of miles with those. What's the long pole used for?

  68. Mikehikebike says:

    Excellent! Your videos always bring back memories from my youth in Pennsylvania. Ice hockey on ponds, skating up river, even wearing boots in the snow. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Thanks!

  69. Don Yates says:

    Your audio and video are outstanding. Brrr!

  70. Vivek Gaur says:

    Pls fill snow in kettle to make water instead of direct water because that sound is awesome 🌨️😍

  71. Andro. Z. says:


  72. Buck Martin says:

    What is your longest trip on those type of skates? That is very interesting to me.

  73. Frederick Ernst says:

    Wow..super cool video.

  74. Maria de Fátima Oliveira Souza says:

    Já dou o sinal de positivo, antes de você, na hora em que toma café, kkkkkk

  75. Evgarrian says:

    Thank you for your videos very much. I and my daughter enjoy watching your videos and especially winter camping. We are from Canada and very much enjoy outdoors as well. Thank you for inspiring other people and passing the experience through videos so well.

  76. Joseph Arsenault says:

    I get so much enjoyment from your videos. I know you thank us for watching, but the real thanks goes to you for making them. And please keep those hallmark moments, the Crowe, the ☕️and, 👍. All the best from Ontario Canada

  77. rv lucky says:

    It has been years since I've I skated on a frozen pond back in the thirties thank you for sharing it brought back memories

  78. Lolllò x says:

    Hi Erik what sleeping bag do you use during the winter period ?

  79. Peter Habel says:

    Cool Erik! 🙂

  80. Vern Hallgren says:

    Hej Erik, looks like northern Sweden had a very short autumn. It’s amazing that the river is frozen enough for you to skate on so early before winter. You excel at making fires on almost any surface to brew your coffee. Great video, especially the train on the viaduct as you were skating upriver. Tack sa mycket.

  81. 首藤天信 says:

    What is this ski called? I have never seen this like.

  82. Linda from treklinda says:


  83. theBidon says:

    Never knew river ice skating was a thing! So cool

  84. Kevin Outdoors says:

    Great work on the video! You just need a hockey stick! 🏒🍁

  85. Luke Smith says:

    Finding peace in solitude, but willing to share it with shows great virtue. A million thanks from Seattle, WA.

  86. Blackshack’s Bushcraft says:

    My legs were aching just from watching 🙂

  87. The Outbound Swede says:

    So nice! Cant wait for the ice to settle on our lakes down here in the ”south” as well 🙏 Early winter is it?

  88. Dan Van Der Woude says:


  89. Roger Bond says:

    Thanks for explaining about your skates, we don't have a use for them in England.

  90. Don_Kandon says:

    Are those Alfa shoes? Is it winter edition with padding/insulation? How do you like them? Im thinking of getting regular 3 season alfa shoes (non winter version, as i have columbia omni heats for 0 to -10c, and then sorel caribous for -10c and lower) often comes on sale at xxl, for like 799kr instead of 1500 or so. Thinking to give Alfa a try, and wondering if its worth it.

  91. ysgolgerlan says:

    Thanks for the video, It must be great being able to travel longer distances in that weather. Do you use that system for overnight camps ?

  92. Андрей Привалов says:

    Отличное видео! спасибо Эрик.

  93. Ристу Георгиев says:

    Hello from Bulgaria. Nice skates. Great video as always.

  94. Avia Salter says:

    You make it look easy! Your cold icy world is very beautiful. Cheers 🙂

  95. jeff morris says:

    Beautiful Erik. It doesn't get that cold in Tennessee but your rainy day hikes have given me inspiration to do my own. Thanks Jeff

  96. Sr89 Sm153 says:

    Did you learn all your outdoor skills from your father and mother?

  97. bob4jjjj says:

    I do wish our rivers would freeze over so we could skate down them, but then they tend to be fast flowing and this does not tend to be good for skating.
    Thanks for another inspiring video.

  98. Rob Davidson says:

    The skates return. For my use or interest no, but I will admit fascination with skate that uses an NNN BC binding. Great visual story, bringing in the environment, a nod to the gear then listening to the wild. Trains are always cool too.

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