Alive – Surfing Mentawai | Official Trailer

Alive – Surfing Mentawai | Official Trailer

If I had to summarize this adventure in a word I would say “Fantastic”! Alive is a project that started almost three
years ago, which was in my head but also in that of riders who are here today with me. We wanted a lot of things, we wanted to show
that despite our handicap we were able to provide high performance surf. We wanted to show that we were able to build
a team and leave together, to share things. In this adventure, I came to seek an exceeding
of my limits. I was told that the waves were hollow, a little
beat technical with shalow reefs. So that’s what I came to look forward: try
to go as far as possible. Anyway, all the riders have a huge motivation
to surf, they are as motivated as me if not more, They don’t ever let off, it’s really
nice, it’s happiness to deal with them. If I had to retain something of this trip
that would be that. It would be to say that these guys taught
me things by the way they look and by their pugnacity. The punishment can be quite severe and when
you are wounded warriors as us, sometimes you have the fear of aggravating these wounds
but also the anxiety of touching what remains in perfect working order and which allows
you to do so many things. I really believe that the word ALIVE sums
up this adventure on its own. It’s really the trick of being alive, being
there, being present and enjoying this life, going deep into our dreams. It’s really something I remember and love
to share with others.

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Alive – Surfing Mentawai | Official Trailer

  1. Simbakamp says:

    Respect les mecs!!!
    Une leçon de vie en plus…

  2. Google UserX says:

    Brave guys, magnificent wave and music. Bravo.

  3. Quentin Viard Seifert says:

    Enormmmmme !!!!!! c'est beau !!!!! BRAVO !!!!

  4. Drewbtube says:

    Im pretty excited for the final movie to come out! That will be great!

  5. Wake up ! SpiritualWarior says:

    vraiment émouvant, super projet !
    We can do it

  6. Elouan .LC says:

    Wow super ! Quelle leçon de vie !

  7. XTreme Video says:

    Beautiful Trailer Guys !! Inspiring story

  8. Endang Rejeki says:

    Perfect waves

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