Alexandra Trusova about new program and quads

Alexandra Trusova about new program and quads

I’m not afraid of quads. There’s only one revolution more. For me personally roller-coaster are more frightening Sometimes they don’t go, sometimes they go very well. I get disappointed, but it gets better already the next day. I want to skate clean programs with quads. My FP’s music is from the Game of thrones. I watched the whole 8 seasons in three weeks! The end is horrible of course. Daenerys should’ve become the queen.

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “Alexandra Trusova about new program and quads

  1. Sofia favorite idols says:

    I love you. You are unbelievable😍😍😍

  2. JuliYana Wizart says:

    Концовка уже нравится!

  3. Ana Zampini says:

    Me encanta esta personalidad!!!!! y más aún que sus entrenadores la capten y la entiendan ! Sus coreografías se ajustan muy bien a su temperamento. Bravooo!!!!!

  4. dh952 says:

    Thanks always for the translation. I always had a hard time watching Sasha's interviews 'cause I don't understand a thing. You totally saved me

  5. r g says:

    Me encanta la personalidad de Sasha ♡.

  6. SunshineWeather says:

    Queen ❤️🔥 I cant wait to see her at worlds and the Olympics 💛

  7. Scheduller says:

    Alexandra the Queen of Skating!

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