Alana Blanchard Cheers On Sebastian Zietz Surfing Pipeline, Ep. 207

It’s crazy how many people come to the North Shore to see the Pipline contest. It’s a pretty amazing thing, because Pipeline is such a crazy wave. It’s so powerful and everything about it is just so much more than any other wave. Guys pretty much, you know, wait around all year just for it to break And get that one wave that pretty much makes their life. Just because it’s so amazing. On Oahu we always have the Triple Crown and especially for Hawaiians is pretty much like winning a world title because it’s just so special, and everyone from home knows about it. Pipeline is a crazy wave, like guys have died there. It’s pretty gnarly to see guys competing out there. Risking their lives It’s a pretty amazing thing. The guys who surf out there definitely know what they’re doing. All I know is that Sebastian is ripping and we want him to win.
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We want him to win so bad. He’s doing so amazing. We’re like all stoked because we’re all from Kauai. We grew up with him. GO Seabass! This is a good one. He’s making it out, he’s making it out. That was sick. Seabass is in his heat. He just got like an 8.33, and he’s winning. So he could totally win the Triple Crown today. To be right on the beach and be able to be up close like that is a Pretty amazing thing cause Pipeline is such an amazing wave and it was a really cool day. We got to see Seabass compete. That was sick I am so stoked for Seabass. He’s such an amazing surfer. I think this is first real year of doing good in contests. It’s so amazing to see such an underdog take everyone out And show everyone what he’s really about.

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