Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Turn in Powder on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Turn in Powder on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. So what’s the difference
in riding in a grooved stuff and riding on powder? With powder we want to be more over
the board. We’re not leaning as much back and forwards, there’s less edging. And also
we move our hips back a little bit so that we get the tail of the board down in the snow
and the nose up to ride out of the snow. When I’m making my turns, before I make my turn,
I press down on my tail, nose comes up and then I turn the board through the air. Okay,
let’s see how that looks. There we have it, riding a flatter board in the powder. Not
as much edge, a bit more weight in the back foot to get the nose out of the powder.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Turn in Powder on a Snowboard

  1. Theodor Trommler says:

    Please youtube: All videos should be played in high quality automatically, i hate it to always the damn button. No one has a 56k connection anymore

  2. Theodor Trommler says:

    yeah i think so too, at least when the snow is thick like in the video. If you ride off-piste with higher snow and a thin frozen film on the surface, it can be a nightmare

  3. Christopher Tran says:

    Go to your settings and change it then.

    You have the option of always selecting high quality if theres an option. Maybe you should learn to read before you post.

  4. Theodor Trommler says:

    read what? No one told me that there was such an option

  5. Christopher Tran says:

    No one should have to tell you. You should be able to either read the Help section of youtube or maybe goto the account page and look at the settings available to you.

    RTFM, or in this case, Read the help section of youtube.

  6. Theodor Trommler says:

    thx mate youve been a great help after all

  7. mtnDEW98 says:

    god i luv pow

  8. Bob Freeland says:

    this isnt advanced..

  9. Josh O'Neill says:

    this is pretty easy. haha i guess im advanced…

  10. dablet00 says:

    the person filming has mad skills!!!!
    i dont think i can look at somone else while snowboarding

  11. AngryGorilla says:

    i go every day to raging buffalo in ill its only got a towrope but its all good

  12. raahr says:

    try it. Its a lot heavier. A lot more "obstructive" and it nudges–let's say "pummels" you from indeterminate angles. Even riding ice is more predictable and requires less leg strength than riding powder, especiallly tracked powder. It is more difficult and exhausting.

  13. bcv001 says:

    whoever was taking the video is very pro !

  14. Muso213 says:

    TRUE ! XD was he snowboardin? xD

  15. Pat Burnett says:


  16. alexF753 says:


  17. Ott Trink says:

    This ain't like real powder… bout thousand other people have went through there or it was only him, falling a million times, before getting a shot where he didin't fall.

  18. Nathan Norton says:

    the camerman has the real talent he recorede and went througfh pow

  19. Julius Amendy says:

    and fernie BC :D!

  20. Julius Amendy says:

    lean back more. make sure your nose is more above the pow or you'll fall foward. this video is shit for explaining.

  21. Pat Burnett says:

    yeah, i bet. if ur doing 360's and uve only snowboarded 7 times in your life. then ur on crack, cuz thats a lie

  22. tskeleton says:

    I dont know why someone would have to learn how to shred pow. i did it with out a tutorial and on my first time in pow.

  23. learnthangs says:

    lol, you idiot. What does it have to do with being American? Besides, the guy obviously has an accent that is definitely not American. Oh, btw, you'd still be on skis if not for Americans. You stupid, narrow minded, know-nothing poser.

  24. Rodrigo A. H says:

    …. well… i am actually teaching snowboard for the spanish federation in Sierra Nevada…. it is just how it is suposed to do…. if not a bad turn and you're eating snow…and btw if it weren't for us you wouldnt have been discovered….

  25. emerson8195 says:

    yeah try to do that in 3 or 4 feet of powder!!

  26. learnthangs says:

    You are basically making a feeble attempt at relating bad technique with being American. First, you fail miserably because the guy who you are saying has bad technique isn't American, lol. Second, its a very narrow minded viewpoint, many of the worlds top snowboarders are Americans and the sport was invented and flourished here. If you are going to hate on a country, at least try to make sense. Stop making a fool of yourself.

  27. ihopthsuzrnmeisfree says:

    goggles are for when it starts to snow

  28. crawford24 says:

    You just need to learn how to ride it.

  29. Will Burton says:

    LOL "out of the ffff… out of the powder" wat a dick

  30. ThatIsGoodOJ says:

    Nice custom…

  31. catintexas says:

    that looks like about 8 inches deep. What a terrible demonstration of riding in powder. NOTHING like being in the deep. if it was deep and fluffy, he probly would have gotten stuck on that slope. Its gotta be decently steep when its deep.

  32. Ben Preston says:

    Haha! Sick pow day. Fer sher… 😛

  33. j360/6x7 says:

    Hell yeah, there's always a stash of untouched powder under those lifts!

  34. snowyphil65 says:

    not like hes gonna waste his time filmin a stupid vid when theres 2ft of pow on the runs

  35. Tim says:

    doesnt matter if its alot of pow or not its still pow no matter how you look at it. POW POW

  36. lucas sidor says:

    being on skiis makes it easier to shoot. when your on a board, you have to twist your body and you loose the ability to use your arms to help balance.

  37. 5ubZ3r0o says:

    they should have a video on how-to shoot a video while snowboarding!

  38. jean47ga says:

    ur not from expert village, ur from BEGINNER VILLAGE

  39. TheMiizar says:

    hes not beginner. he would do some expert thing but he wants to show some easier things. so give him a break

  40. bondmaxbondrock says:

    @jean47ga hater- he's a lot better than you ya poser!!!!

  41. Andy Seward says:

    @RapidStudios – I love to ride in powder. You should watch me sometime.

  42. Sam p says:

    i can ride powder better than that switch on a positive camber directional board

  43. bestruintd says:


  44. Philippe says:


  45. thebomb164 says:

    Riding in powder is not that different!

  46. xmadnessmanx says:

    that "powder" is what we get on groomers here in japan. 🙂

  47. Rudy Valentino says:

    to me this isn't powder, sorry.

  48. Englishdosser86 says:

    It could be for the hard of hearing or those that don't understand his British accent.

  49. Englishdosser86 says:

    Why do you feel sorry for him?

    He gets to ride everyday, and gets paid to do it. I bet he's also been to resorts all over the world.

  50. Grafus Xanus says:

    bad rider

  51. ProSoc10 says:

    you know you can take them off

  52. the superman says:

    @xmadnessmanx im going to niseko in 2 weeks xD

  53. Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

    @Minion1980 english people that are deaf? just disable the subtitles

  54. R32inAZ says:

    Great job camera jockey!

  55. muellerflorian0408 says:

    @ACMetan snowmobile

  56. Josh Thorman says:

    thats well adacanced ha


    Who doesn't like powder

  58. IIXIXIXII says:

    0:51 ? lol?

  59. binimszueriidschuel says:

    Common?? Where's the powder??? 10cm?? hahaha, he's definitly a beginner, look at him how he turns onto the frontside, pretty unsave, and if he think he is in powder there, it shows that he has no idea of real backcountry aswell…
    ………/watch?v=WQj7VpFX5dY here you can learn much more in 7seconds 😉

  60. adamu328 says:

    That's good!
    All he needs now is some powder.

  61. Jake Mougin says:

    I cant see because of the subtitles!

  62. Tokuma Nakazawa says:

    People complaining about the subtitles can just hit the "CC" button under the video. That toggles it on and off.

  63. mizukisegewa says:

    @Willhazzaburton yes

  64. mizukisegewa says:

    @Englishdosser86 he doesnt get to ride everyday just in the winter, has a bike shop that he runs in the summer. And was born in england.

  65. pixaman56 says:

    why the hell is he wearing sunglasses with his goggles on his forehead?

  66. pixaman56 says:

    @caliboi81 he's trying to teach beginners man, obviously he's not gunna surf 3ft deep pow in a beginner instructional vid, else everyone that watched this video looking for instruction would be screwed haha

  67. pixaman56 says:

    @caliboi81 oh… i see ha. i just saw the title advanced snowboarding tips, well in that case, this is no where near advanced haha.

  68. Scott Smith says:

    @pixaman56 – I wear prescription sunglasses (contacts are not an option for me) on the slopes with my goggles up, I only pull my goggles down when its puking snow or gusty.

  69. pixaman56 says:

    @ripside I see haha. My Mom has prescription snow goggles for that very reason.

  70. drdeee6 says:

    these fucking ads piss me off

  71. gerardp121990000 says:

    Why is he wearing sunglasses if he's got goggles on his head?

  72. DepresedSoldier says:

    He's Goofy! LOLing

  73. Constantin .Bourdeaux says:

    who hates cox now

  74. Rumple Stiltskin says:

    Nothing like a fresh pow run!

  75. uandme7 says:

    1 ft powder? lol

  76. Levi Black says:

    @gerardp121990000 because it's sunny… goggles are usually best for shade 🙂

  77. Cees Boogert says:

    the wooshes makes it look like he travels over speed of sound =o

  78. kt68889 says:

    thats why he teaches at asspen, he doesn't know shit, can't teach shit, hey man check out a thing called your board performances and maybe get an AASI cert, amateur

  79. Jeremy Dingeman says:

    why do people have to hate so much hes just trying to do a good thing and give beginners like me a few tips

  80. nowhere cat says:

    @addictedtolax062397 Thats not very much powder.

  81. Jonny Walker 447 says:

    My first time snowboarding was Sunday. And i got the hang of it pretty fast from skating and wake boarding.. But my buddy decided to take us a on a fresh run with 2ft of power. holy shit! Its was a bitch. Once you fall its so hard to get going. ha it was fun though. And we didn't know about weight distribution.

  82. Jake Crown says:

    Haha advanced snowboarding tips. Made me laugh 🙂

  83. natman48 says:

    that cameraman is a fucking genious.. kept it focused on the instructor the whole time and he managed to avoid any trees.. good work

  84. gingerbradmanTEHE says:

    why is he wearinging sunglasses and goggles? wtf

  85. ridinhi530 says:

    the best way to ride powder is to actually do it yourself bruh!

  86. here2there4life says:

    @gingerbradmanTEHE some people wear goggles over sunglasses

  87. fannars golden says:

    @good1pizzapop Because it's funny haha

  88. BlueJay says:

    begginer: 10-13 miles an hour
    ME: guy with his snowboard gone and his head stuck in teh powder

  89. PleaseNegus says:

    @good1pizzapop Im wanted to see how big of a gaper the guy teaching these is..

  90. Jake Crown says:

    Haha "advanced" snowboarding tips. Made me laugh 🙂

  91. luckyal says:

    this video is snowboarding lessons!

  92. luckyal says:

    snowboarding is fun

  93. phi0816 says:

    i think this guy should do all the expert village stuff

  94. MrA11u says:

    Your picture WTF

  95. KrjMusic757 says:

    this dude has a dope ass voice.

  96. Brent Dagdagan says:

    I feel like I learned all of this naturally… JUST RIDE!

  97. SicOfDumbPPL says:

    Where's the powder? That's a dusting!

  98. Andrew York says:

    Got it. Thanks.

  99. Vixer says:

    Why do i ned this?

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