Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Switch Feet while Snowboarding

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Switch Feet while Snowboarding

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, so one of the
next advanced moves you want to do is riding switch. Riding switch means that you’re riding
tail first; your tail is your new nose. I’m a goofy rider. My right foot is my forward
foot, that’s my nose. I’m going to show you how to ride backwards, so, switch. To practice,
just find a flat place on the ground, stand there and shift your weight more towards that
tail leg, your new leg. Also, open your body a little bit so that you’re leading hand is
more of the heel side edge. And also look where you’re going now, look at the new edge.
Otherwise, everything is the same as you’ve already been taught. The same things apply,
switch as you do go forward. Let’s see how it looks. I’ll start with some nice, easy
skiddy turns into some carve turns, if I get moving. Riding the switch is a lot of fun. When you
start learning to jump in you’re landing switch, you want to ride out switch. So, practice
switch before you start doing these 180s.

Antonio Breitenberg

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80 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Switch Feet while Snowboarding

  1. Apex25 says:

    i use to find it hard to. but all u have to do is focus on your hips. where ever your leading hip bone is aimed, that's where u will go towards. if u turn your hips your shoulders and body will turn with it. so turn left then right , and again and again. and you'll be carving in no time! good luck!

  2. Calvin Rochon says:

    how did this come up if i typed how to backside 360??? this is dumb

  3. Lee S says:

    I'd give more props to the cameraman

  4. BlazzedTroll says:

    @ SWAT
    damn really i fucking hate expert village … this isnt even intermediate shit I did this literally the second time I went snowboarding… And im not trying to be a badass I think everyone who is at least somewhat good and coordinated can do this within the first 5 times…advanced should be like ramps and rails trees and shit…rock
    hell i jumped a rock on the side of hill the other day switch…and im not that great

  5. pipidanslepot says:

    @yodoo17 WOOW YOUR PRETTY GOOD WOOOOWW Everyone Do This Douchebag

  6. Thomas Dale says:

    i cant make out this guys accent, its like jordie/yorkshire/french/canadian.

  7. CowboysOnAcid says:

    @hottom1990 its seth efrican

  8. iphone3guru says:

    i wanna know who the beast is video taping lol

  9. John says:

    I wanna get skillz at filmin like that lol

  10. Thomas Dale says:

    oh yea….. hmmm im still not convinced though, its not got the south african twang

  11. Luke Andrews says:

    @mcquigs93 im south african he's defintiely not south african. that's an Austrian or scandanavian accent

  12. Richie Livz says:

    filmer is probably a skier

  13. iml337rofl says:

    thats badass! i wish i could carve like that switch

  14. iml337rofl says:

    you suck then what about 540's.

  15. snowdayallday says:

    with the switch his feet are straight forward on the carving vid, theyre more aggressive, so if you wanna do both whats the ideal angles? and please dont say whatever you feel comfortable with

  16. ruleram1 says:

    useful, thanks

  17. inka_treece says:


  18. Kommunisti Kameli says:


  19. Aaron Garcia says:

    really?? how is this advanced??
    i was able to ride switch and regular on my first day

  20. Alex Boucher says:

    lol me too

  21. mnmsoccer says:

    @babyjesus2181 no no u werent

  22. nickodemo1 says:

    @NaomiChandler :O

  23. George Taylor-Walker says:

    @MonorailToSpace whoever says they r better than him, check his other videos, he literally breaks the sound barrier

  24. BayernPraetorian says:

    @BURTONrider1000 Dude, he just told you how to do it, didnt you watch the first half of this vid? He precisely tells you what to do.

  25. jsquid526 says:

    The best advice I heard is not to think of switch as riding backwards. Instead, think of it as a new forward, and relearn using the same process you used for your normal side.

  26. Dane says:

    i so wana go there

  27. mizukisegewa says:

    @BURTONrider1000 shut the fuck up you piece of shit go and play outside and stop hating on people. P.S learn how to spell fuck nut.

  28. dinalives says:

    calm down people

  29. ג'אן רובינשטיין says:

    oh my god he is so hot!!!

  30. Brandon Nguyen says:

    lol i did this on my first tiem snowboarding, i tried to turn, but couldnt stop the turn and just did like a 360

  31. Eric Wooten says:

    I think people are retarded when they complain about videos like this… riding switch isnt that easy, especially how fast he was going. My second run trying to carve switch, I caught my back edge and deflated my right butt cheek lol. People who complain about "How to vids" are the ones that are too afraid to try the tricks they are watching. They just act like they are really good.

  32. barrowscasper12 says:

    also a fault allot of ppl make is they try to push it, snowboarding is all about doing it smooth pushing against your leg isnt going to get u anywhere <- maby little bit bad transelated about what i mean but i hope ull get it

  33. Mitch Andrew says:

    @janfarhi omg he is so not!!!

  34. DarthLai says:

    where the hell it was recorded?! I mean, the slopes look great and there is almost no people around, wtf! I wanna go there!

  35. Evan Legere says:

    @DarthLai aspen

  36. AlexRules says:

    I thought this was gonna be about switching feet while snowboarding, not before.

  37. jrjr143 says:

    @skycop61 how did you do ?? im 47 and went yesterday for first time . didnt do to well kept falling , so i returned the board and went back to the skis , jjust cant figure it out !!! i ski well and play hockey but just cant do the snowboard, fell like 12 times on one trip down the bunny hill !!!

  38. Jon Wheeler says:

    bunny slopes are terrible on a snowboard… it wasn't till i got away from them that i was able to stop falling all the time.

  39. bmx5607 says:

    @hotwhlz0123 u too!! if i only go halfway up a bunnyslope i fall,but if i go up to the blue runs i dont fall and i can jump off things! and i can even ride a blackdimond without falling yet i cant do a bunnyslope hahaha

  40. xriz says:

    yes just do it frequently… it feels weird but becomes more natural with the time… just force urself to go mass switch right then… theres just no real other way… ust prac prac prac… i remember i tried to get the basics down on a small hill which only had a Tbar thingy and after that i continued normal riding and frequently kept going switch once in a while…u'll get better 😉 np

  41. Stahfish808 says:

    i just started snowboarding and had no previous lessons before but for some reason i switch all the time without really thinking about it, but i can't toe turn for shit! i always fall down….

  42. Christopher Kelly says:

    @Stahfish808 I was just the same when I started and now that I'm a little more "advanced" I can't ride switch at all…… So annoying!

  43. sothatswhathappened says:

    I wonder if he actually rides regular and just says he's goofy for the camera?

  44. Rob Hall says:

    @Stahfish808 lol you do what they call the leaf affect because it looks like a leafs falling side to side. gotta pick one foot, keep it forward and learn that toe edge.

  45. Snowspin says:

    Riding switch is fun. I can spin better switch frontside than any other side :S

  46. Devin says:

    Dude u stop by leaning back but put like half. Of ur body weight so u don't fall back and lean to right or left whtv ever is closer

  47. Devin says:

    And dude u ride goofy I ride regular

  48. gingerbradmanTEHE says:

    GOOFY FTW!!!!!!!!

  49. antioptipesimistas says:

    Can i get a hint.. I'm goofy and if i try change my front foot to the left and startin ridin left i just go back to the right leg as front like auto get back.. what wrong? maybe my foot angles is bad? i ride mirron +-15

  50. Marek Czaja says:

    i go left foot down the hill but when im going to do a jump or rail etc. i go right foot. is this normal?

  51. decklin15 says:

    my friends talked me into a a skiing/snowboarding trip n ive never snowboarded in my life will this video actually help me

  52. MrCocoabeans says:

    i went snowboarding once and now im hooked, im going again in 6mths

  53. aireworkz says:

    I ride goofy and regular.. If your a first time snowboarder try switching stance everytime and it will be easier.. Its just practice..

  54. Eric Olson says:

    dude rode switch for like half a second.

  55. SpeySideOfficial says:

    @alemichaca Regular is boring, GOOFY FTW!!!!!

  56. jeppep95 says:

    @CVolt13 in what way is goofy funnier?

  57. SpeySideOfficial says:

    @jeppep95 'Cause apparently ridin regular is normal, so goofy is special. I like special. 😉

  58. TheCollapsing says:

    They say goofie is weird but all the best proffesional snowboarders are goofies, including the best one.

  59. KWSchnizel says:

    @alemichaca na goofy is the way to go xD

  60. Nuno "NX" Vieira says:

    Advanced tip? This is was one of the first things that i naturally done xD Only now i realized i should do J turns and C turns, wish i'm now trying to practice lol

  61. PleaseNegus says:

    find a flat place on the ground? when your standing still regular and switch are the same…

  62. Thomas Nutley says:

    Best way to learn snowboarding, just watch people snowboard 🙂

  63. Le Saúl says:

    AAhhh I'm Goofy and find very difficult to do switch riding. With goofy I got total control, but with switch I sucks. Well… last time I practiced and at least I did it a few times. Hope next time there I get it!!!!!!


    i wouldn't call this advanced i'd call it basic if you want to improve

  65. austin munger says:

    any tips? all he did was say what is common sense, then rode down the mountain…

  66. ClassiquL says:

    Brought so many dark memories back when I first did this I fractured my arm…..

  67. phi0816 says:

    i think this guy is the only person that can actually teach in expert village

  68. protonru says:

    yeah this is like 'how to do a barrel roll' guide

  69. yovalgo1 says:

    omg advanced???? this is soooo hard -.-…

  70. TheeCaveGirl says:

    Wow! He makes it look so easy!
    *one week later*
    Wow! That was a lot harder than it looked! But I'm doing it!!! Perhaps all you 'experts' should get an amateur to assist you. You'll fall like when you started out but you'll pick it up! And doing butters is AWESOME!!!

  71. Sky Griffeth says:

    I thought he said "hi im kevin bacon"

  72. Name548 says:

    Am I the only goofy rider here?

  73. KubesC37 says:

    look at the description ''professional snowboarder'' lol

  74. shehadtheworldd says:

    actually, for snowboarders its easier to practice on harder slopes. the bunny slope cant help for speed, which a snowboarder needs. i learned how to snowboard on double black diamonds and it was easier than a flat surface. 

  75. G Hubbs says:

    advanced my ass lol

  76. John Stone says:

    I ride both regular and goofy and it doesn't bother me… the only thing that bothers me is when people get in the way on the mountain then I will unleash HELL

  77. Joe Sef R. says:

    Is it just me or do all expertvillage videos suck ass.

  78. Liam Wright says:

    Sounds like a Geordie accent

  79. grand dini says:

    he looks soo sketchy riding i thought he was going to catch a edge lol

  80. Jasper. says:

    10 years later damn

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