Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Go Fast on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Go Fast on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. So you’ve seen carving,
you’ve seen riding the powder and riding the trees. The final thing we all love to do is
we love to go fast. Make sure when you go fast, go fast in an area where there’s not
too many people around and where you can stay in control. Let’s check it out. That’s better.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Go Fast on a Snowboard

  1. carson A says:

    he's leaning in to his back side carves too much he should just swing his back foot out more

  2. robicenco1 says:

    this guy's normally ok, but that was not exactly the most informative video i've ever seen.

  3. EgWyps says:

    I go faster than that and I started 2 months ago.

  4. dfgmavis says:

    You need to change the title of these videos to Advanced Showing Off: Watch Me Do A Thing.

  5. WhiteBoyImpact says:

    where do u snowboard at?

  6. Narcisul1 says:

    I am a begginer and i go faster than you!

  7. Matthew Dietrich says:

    How to Go Fast on a Snowboard: Don't slow down

  8. Jake Korver says:

    @robicenco1 haha yeah..all he said was "its fun, make sure no one is in ur way, stay in control"

  9. 680production says:

    yup…seems legit

  10. Brett Plambeck says:

    half the people who liked the top comment pry arnt good

  11. Daniel Daum says:

    first things first: if you go REALLY fast( not the average travel speed of the guy in this video) WEAR A FUCKING HELMET (it wont kill you but if you dont it could)

  12. Dow Jones says:

    Aspen Skico instructors are very unpressive all they do is get in ur way or put their students in ur way and or go slow taking up unnecessary amounts of trail. All skico employees r supposed to wear helmets all the time this guy prolly wants to look cool, good luck looking cool with a red skico uniform.

  13. xboxglicher1445 says:

    what trail is that blue

  14. simonline says:

    What is this? First it is not fast at all, second the title is HOW TO and it does not say anything about HOW TO. This is a shit video of some pseudo boarder who rides like an old man. WTF?

  15. Adam Hemeon says:

    Videotaping yourself snowboarding does not constitute teaching people how to do it.

  16. HOTSAUCE64320 says:

    how to go fast on a snowboard? go straight down….

  17. Darryl Franklin says:

    How to get fast on a snowboard? bend your knees and go down

  18. talin says:

    just grab your nose and frontmanual
    my advice for going fast

  19. sebbouck123 says:

    @Zorc85 i dont snowboard (but im gonna) and im unimpressed ಠ_ಠ

  20. ccaarrttyy says:

    how to go fast: find a steep hill

  21. Ian Erickson says:

    so what i learned…

  22. scootermcgoot says:

    this is really dumb

  23. Rylan Fearn says:

    bye an oxess.. youll go fast enough

  24. adil06944 says:

    That is good carving but really doesn't show how to go fast.

  25. DurkaDonut69 says:

    he jizzed in his pants at the end

  26. bananenzijnzwart says:

    this video isn't giving tips at all, its just someone showing how he does it………

  27. QUOQIS says:

    tecnique is good, but it's aint fast.

    I'll tell u how to go fast: bomb that freakin hill down as straight as u can! without carving unless u've got to follow the route.
    See a skier? bomb through him straight away, no turning for them either.

  28. lancelot873 says:

    and at the end UHHHHHHH. that's how you stop apparently 😐

  29. Cristian Georgescu says:

    the worst learning video ever…

  30. Red says:

    thats fucking slow bitch

  31. Eugene Dupain says:

    WTF? Fast my ass, thats the speed I go in the slow zones.

  32. Will Nikakis says:

    good luck

  33. SN011GlobeTrot says:


  34. SN011GlobeTrot says:

    Yah I'm like a pre-beginner who doesn't know what S-carving is….WhaWha WOOOOOOOW *eyes as big as twoonies*

  35. SN011GlobeTrot says:

    Ummm define goood???????????????????Yah i'm good i'm tjhe best ahahahaahhhahahaha!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…wow….alot of ppl thought htat huh

  36. grand dini says:

    dont care so much and you will go fast!

  37. fromdolenjska says:

    If this was fast then I really dont know what am I doing wrong when snowboarding… Maybe I should drop an anchor to reach his amazing speed of sound

  38. Ce2 says:

    Just put your weight on your front leg, for me its my left, and you will gain speed.also for anyone that want to know if its hard to snowboard, if you can ride a ripstick, it wont be hard to ride a snowboard. First time snowboarding, i was on tje black diamond by the end of the day

  39. bo bommel says:

    Fast, i hate the word, as i hate hell and all montagues

  40. Oliver Gano says:

    did he teach us anything

  41. Lucifer Johnson says:

    But when I go fast, I break myself.

  42. VoltRage says:

    only thing i liked in that vid was that big air in the end 😛

  43. 603_ Riders says:

    dude omg u gotta slow down or u could get hurt

  44. thevil says:

    That's the pro method, these are just advanced tips. Anyway, you are right! You really need to go fast, cause when you hit something, like idiot skier, you need to have enough kinetic energy to overpower this resistance so you can still run straight forward. This energy adds to basic weight energy (gravity) and its applied on your body same way its applied to the canon ball. Faster=more balanced=less injuries on overpowering kids and women (i mean your injuries :D).

  45. Darryl Leaning says:

    Could they add any less description of the technique involved?

  46. Ohohowewew says:

    Camera guy had an orgasm at the end.

  47. luckyal says:

    if this video is snowboarding can someone tell how to snowboard?

  48. supared25 says:

    Such a dumbass. That is not HOW you go fast. That is you going relatively fast.

  49. tombojuk says:

    yes we know you can go fast but you didn't teach us anything did you

  50. Rolling Houses UK says:

    it's expert village, what do you expect!?!

  51. None says:

    Expertvillage is a joke

  52. AnonymosGaming says:

    how does expertvillage have 1.4 million subscribers?

  53. Dick Long says:

    This video is either a scam or they misspelled the title !
    HOW TO bla-bla … a not a single shit was explained !!!

  54. nonh8nsk8r says:

    It's easy to go fast. Just point your nose down the hill.

  55. Drunken Pirate says:

    ill print your comment and hang it on my wall XDDD

  56. luke natta says:

    thats what i did the first time i went snowboarding no lessons just went straight down and sent a skier straight to the hospital with a few broken bones but somehow i didn't get injured at all

  57. TintedWhiteGuy says:

    Best way is to straight line a double black diamond. You'll go plenty fast.

  58. adil06944 says:

    This guy actually has really good carving technique. Too bad he doesn't explain how to do it. Also to go fast it's simply not enough to point your board straight down. You will go faster if you only ride on your edges which is why he is carving.

  59. Oli Midgley says:

    'And make sure you can stay in control'- promptly nearly rides straight into the camera man.

  60. Joel Kenney says:

    When bombin' it lean your weight over your front foot and you pick up tons of speed for the most fun.

  61. KapitanPisoar1 says:

    In Aspen you just do!

  62. CandyAndRefreshments says:

    I did that going like 60 mph. He turned into me. I got a concussion. It was fun as fuck though.

  63. Trolkar22 says:

    Carving? Ain' t nobody got time for that.

  64. MephistoRolling says:

    not really a how to is it.

  65. Shabz Rehman says:

    Don't leave ur day job to go teach pal… Oh wait…

  66. Android says:

    Snowboard trip check list : Never ever learn anything from so called expert village.

  67. Jean-bass JFB says:

    your video sucks man you didnt teach anything

  68. Jean-bass JFB says:

    every video on snowboard expert village its crap ! like really dont ever listen them like Lust say

  69. Joe Smith says:

    Well I learned alot…..

  70. Howard H says:

    Useless video. Learned nothing.

  71. CYTUS-_-PLAYER says:

    You suk what was the point when you didn't even explain

  72. Martin Herrick says:

    Great advice!!

  73. Tribus says:

    fast hu ? i go faster by foot… my record stands om 92km/h, THAT's fast !

  74. Tribus says:

    if you want to go fastER you got to bend your knees the most you can, keep your arms thight, put you wheight on your back leg, don't turn, go strait down. (and how smaller the board is compared to you, the faster you'll go)

  75. Diert Coenen says:

    All these tips tho

  76. TheSpainy says:

    so where are the tips?

  77. Jon Doe says:

    Maybe I should write these tips down

  78. Normanb15 says:

    Hes not even fast…. The camera guy can even keep up

  79. Jason says:

    Wow great tips !!!!
    Not ..

  80. Yildiz Amet says:

    fuck you and your tips

  81. Yildiz Amet says:

    worthless piece of shit

  82. Ashton Fantigrossi says:

    I think you are bad at this

  83. yleineping says:

    no tips? and some say you can only spot the good ridders by their helmets…

  84. Rj Knepper says:

    You almost hit the camera guy

  85. Jamie Collier says:

    Not here for hate on the vid, but it would be nice if you actually provided tips in the video like advertised.

  86. Trevor Klassen says:

    Here's a better title: Watch Me Snowboard at a Totally Mediocre Fucking Speed on a Green Run with Zero Fucking Explanation.

  87. Conner Patterson says:

    More dislikes than likes;)

  88. MrMagicmann53 says:

    Where is the "how to"

  89. Jimmy Reeves says:

    ur slow af

  90. WestHaddnin says:

    … uh so … how do you go fast again???

  91. Nichy D says:

    Good thing your not an instructor lol

  92. Arrslicker says:

    I'm here to hate on the vid.

    Advanced means advanced.


  93. A says:

    is that what you call "fast"

  94. Abe Abi Haydar says:

    He didn’t explain as not even going fast

  95. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    man just point than nose down and bend down a lil and be ready to dodge everyone on the mountain, or hope there are not there

  96. BrassknuckleRide says:

    Great tips. Thanks

  97. arrrfow says:

    right – maybe he doesn't explain what exactly is he doing, but if you are an intermediate-advanced snowboarder (anyway you don't suppose to use that technique if you are a beginner) you can learn a lot just by his motion and excellent technique

  98. PhaseSkater says:

    Aspen people think this is fast? Def a Jerry resort then

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