Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Under Turn on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Under Turn on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, so you saw there
very easy way to make the board carve–carving the hill. Another way to make to make board
carve and get an edge is by flexing our ankles and our knees and putting the board on edge,
keeping your upper body pretty much over the board. A lot more dynamic and this is called
a cross-under turn where they’re really–the board is carving underneath your body. It’s
really good for high speed, [SOUNDS LIKE] rolling and start doing the [SOUNDS LIKE]
gates and racing or just the quick movements in the trees, etc. Okay, let’s see how it

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Under Turn on a Snowboard

  1. tree6ty says:

    ouououuouuuuuhh !!

  2. Livs4pow says:

    you got it engelbert

  3. gentooforyou says:

    lol the tool looses it at the end and bailes.

  4. iReece07 says:

    ive learnt nothing


    word up humpledink!

  6. Snackpack says:

    i know what you mean… explaining it's a bitch, it's more of an art than anything. you just have to keeptrying, and once you get it you'll know… i can do this one very well and love it 😀

  7. Snackpack says:

    even tohugh this was posted 7 months ago.. yes.. your body stays relitively still, and has SLIGHT movement.. my shoulders and head usually move back and worth a little bit.. very little… but my waist stays exactly where it is, and you just use your legs… the more pressure you put down on the board when your legs are out from under you, the faster you're legs tend to come back towads you.. then you bend your knees slightly to release the pressure and allow the board to glide to the other side

  8. BillyBobTS says:

    pretty much the most common board in the world…. A thumbs down if you ask me.

  9. cameronclgn3 says:

    same i dont like them i have a fourm recon

  10. Eric Chilton says:

    Because he's laughing out loud.

  11. m1h4ilo says:

    actually im better than him

  12. chinolasdecharol says:

    if u are really better than him u wouldnt say it

  13. Daniel Gurvis says:

    i hate how they sped up. he isnt going that fast

  14. Philippe Creytens says:

    if you do this properly, you can get really tired from this

  15. Siberiangrizzly says:

    Amen this ppl are just trying to help people learn…

  16. videmiatrix says:

    this one is a little better than the other's better style i apologie

  17. beanazz says:

    duno to me u can see he over turned it because he wanted to stop on his toe edge. just looks like a brake to me

  18. Daniel Gurvis says:

    nope, im just asuming that sorry

  19. guileking7 says:


  20. Alex Hill says:

    he definatly fell at the end

  21. mudzynek says:

    goood. he sucks.

  22. yfzrider13 says:

    yeah i know same here…

  23. majdank says:

    lol why you guys all hating… this guys not bad he is actually pretty good… maybe not park material but downhill

  24. nagchumpalot says:

    super duper gayness…

  25. Noflex T-Rexx says:

    dudee.. take it down a notch.. what u hatin on clowns for!

  26. GraysonErhard says:

    lol a cross-under turn??? wtf, how is that advanced.

  27. Xirks says:

    dude, your a stupid bitch, hes an instructor.

  28. chaski453 says:

    i think the majority of people commenting on these videos don't really appreciate why and who they were made for. If you're great at snowboarding, then you don't need these videos – the whole point is for people who're just starting out – people who won't be on steep inclines.

    It might be a bit dummied down, but then he's an instructor catering to what is presumed beginner boarders.

  29. chaski453 says:

    Cut the guy some slack, if you want to question his advice, don't just say "dude you suck" post your own, better, video and teach all the noobs how to do it yourself!

  30. Ainsley Harriott says:

    some aspects of snowboarding are easier to grasp than others for a range of people. i too have no problem doing this its generaly the first thing i learnt when i started. i think it all depends on your style of boarding what you can and can not do so well eg i'm great at carving but terrible at rails : P

  31. Siggi Cloudwalker says:


  32. chaski453 says:

    Look at any discipline – instructors teach advanced techniques in all fields, your point is invalid. Whilst I accept that the majority of people wouldn't want tuition for the more advanced stuff, some people do.

  33. Patrick Ottolini says:

    i thinkk that white tail is better

  34. Ian Patricia Chan says:

    this guys is an instructor. an this does help as u can analyse the way he does it more clearly cos its a vid

  35. Ian Patricia Chan says:

    most advanced riders can do this, therefore its advanced duh

  36. Chad Mason says:

    holy shit, he can carve on groom.

  37. offrage1980 says:

    u talking aobut snowshoe wv? love it. always open first in wv.

  38. TommyMovie says:

    No one on the piste, i loved that the most! 😀

  39. Stefan Diac says:

    man youre good i have 12 years old and my fathers dont want buy me a snowboard T_T

  40. Eamon Glavin says:

    ive always questioned the "expert" in expertvillage. now i know why……..

  41. ulriksj says:

    So buy it your self…….earn….buy

  42. Stefan Diac says:

    @wakeboardkid18 mother and father -.-

  43. Stefan Diac says:

    @ulriksj lol ty y have 30 € i need more but is ok

  44. chaski453 says:

    Look it up, cross under is as much of a technique as cross-over!

  45. jt33396 says:

    sweet can wait for the next snow storm so i can practice

  46. Eric M. says:

    Hella advanced….

  47. Exhonour1337 says:

    How would I do this on really shtty snow with bumps? I always jump on bumps and my board vibrates and sht.

  48. Lars Seneca Bang says:

    omfg cant wait to snwboard again

  49. Lino Roggeman says:

    if ur board vibrates on bump u need to true your nies like very hard otherwise u will fall

    your nies are ur shockdempers

  50. eagle2eyes862 says:

    i think your right

  51. mikesta99 says:

    he makes carving look like such a blast!

  52. Tom Common says:

    last time i was that good i woke up in the end

  53. beanazz says:

    that wasnt even a proper cross over turn. The principles of a cross over turn is that u use the cambre ( the flexibility of ur board ) to pop the board into the next edge. The way u do this is at the end of ur turn, when you feel that pressure build up on ur board, just pull ur leg in towards ur body. This will redirect ur board to the next turn, and u can feel the board "pop" into the next turn. works better with sliding turns on steeps

  54. ridewithES says:

    Great, I've been snowboarding for 6 days…I learned it the first day

  55. sakouliass says:

    yea u say u could do it after six days…lets see what u look like while doing sure its nothing compared to this guy. Ive been snowboarding for 6 years…and i dont think i can carve like that(well maybe on that terrain yea)

  56. Dylan Turner says:

    @MrKookie22 you will pick it up quicker because you have skied for that long, but they are very different

  57. Dashaivan says:

    no not really

  58. Yellowknight888 says:

    It is the most uninformative tut ever. But looks fun to execute.

  59. josh mcmillan says:


  60. Jeppe Nemborg says:

    hes hardcore:P

  61. Nate Moon says:

    FREE RIDE SNOWBOARD GEAR! just check my channel for info and go click on the link on the left to get started

  62. Parker says:

    This is actually true i have the same thing

  63. Jordan Quinones says:

    Fuck carving, i just go straight. I was once clocked at 110 mph.

  64. Jordan Quinones says:

    @BURTONrider1000 hahaha that's hilarious. I was just kidding. I love carving that mt hood pow.

  65. Vincent Laroza says:

    @BURTONrider1000 You sir are funny. And true

  66. Sam Pattison says:

    Hi. I'm Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village.

  67. Teo Turner says:

    thanks for the lesson on how to suck from lack of details.

  68. InYourFaceBudday says:

    Why do you guys even bother making videos? You fail at teaching and at filming

  69. Sam Windfield says:

    @Iinspir3d aspen colorado

  70. DavidVillaFan2010 says:

    i never knew there was a name for this. i just always did that naturally

  71. In the water says:

    110 m.p.h?
    Let's be realistic here.

  72. HotLinksDevin says:

    @hsousa54 dude.. skiers call you gay… for snowboarding? no no no all wrong its supposed to be the other way around

  73. Michael Todd says:

    …. if thats expert snowboarding then i must be a god.

  74. papschd says:

    r u kidding me? this doesn't really look like advanced snowboard! If the slope is a little more crowded and a bit less prepared, you won't look that relaxed on the snowboard anymore. Bad style 🙁

  75. Purge145 says:

    This is not advanced…

  76. gator7042 says:

    i hate this dude

  77. Loststylus says:

    expertvillage? Bah, rookiecity

  78. sneeuwwolven says:

    Ican do that.
    No fun at all.

  79. D1uGun says:

    @BibiiCletaei40 nÖ

  80. Joe C says:

    an expert would wear a helmet

  81. Szokolay Andrei says:

    @punaniswabber Dude… calm down… Is easy to ride he board… But you still the corect positions for hands/legs everything

  82. Rambo1996100 says:

    Don't ask why 4-wheeler is spaced out my iPod is bein gay…

  83. Matthew Dunham says:

    he doesnt even tell u how. iv ben snowboarding for 2 dats and i can ride like him. if hes an expert im a snowboarding child prodigy

  84. David Crozier says:

    thats not a cross under turn

  85. aarya09 says:

    so far ive found nothing on youtube showing any advanced techniques on boarding, i literally scoured the whole site for videos and after this i think im going to contact transworld and tell them im a professional snowboarder…

  86. Colin O'Leary says:

    i tried doing this my first day back after not riding for a few years and i caught an edge and twisted my knee around and messed up my knee for the rest of the day any tips on how to not catch an edge #2 any tips on how to not twist your knee/ any way to help catch yourself from falling cuz i can stop myself from falling on skis but not on a board

  87. Kubu444 says:

    Ehm this year i was snowboarding first time in my life, i was riding with use of this method after 4th day, thats not advanced snowboarding, thats basic snowboarding ;f

  88. TableSide88142Orchid says:

    @Irish1727 Think about momentum and physics. you are probably gonna catch an edge when you start so its really a lot of practice until you no longer have to worry about it. So try and ride on one edge of the board and switch it from your toe edge to your heel when you turn or do your S's, really don't ride flat on the bottom of your board so much or one of your edge will catch and send you flying. As for the other some people just fall hard so try and butt slide when you feel you lost control

  89. Chris Kaliber says:

    I went boarding for the first time today. It was awesome. Skating in the past def helped me pick it up quicker but I couldn't turn on my toes without falling. I guess I leaned my body over the board too much. I also couldn't stop fast enough without plowing and falling on my arse.

  90. Chris Kaliber says:

    @Swagg1255 Get it!

  91. qpae123 says:

    To the choooppppeerrr !!!

  92. carvinmarvin42 says:

    This is expert riding. But you have to be able to do it to get it or see it here. i think this is why most of you think this is the same skidded turns or basic carves you can do. Post a link to your own videos i'll gladly point out the differences.

    Yes it easier to do it on an slope like this, i'm sure he could do it on steep mogul type terrain but as a demo it would happen so fast you'd get nothing from it. Check out Big Vail Fun with Sando in that terrain to see what i mean, amazing riding

  93. Evan Kelly says:

    This isn't very hard at all so its not much of an accomplishment.

  94. OzZoned says:

    Looks awesome

  95. TheDbowtell says:

    I can't really see a cross under here. Maybe on the last turn, but the snow obscures it.

  96. Cameron McManus says:

    not really sure how that is expert snowboarding.

  97. Android says:

    There goes expert village's customers.

  98. Android says:

    I admit that the guy in the vid is skilled snowboarder however this video just lacks of so much information that must follow in order to explain this turn..

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