Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Over Turn on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Over Turn on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, so the two ways
to carve a board. The first we’re going to do is to just lean over the edge of the board,
let the edge dig into the snow and the side cut of the snowboard, which is the narrow
waist, digs in the snow causes the board to turn across the hill in a lovely arced manner.
All I’m doing is bring my center of mass back and forwards laterally across the edges. Let’s
see how that looks. Very easy, very simple, great way to get down
the mountain when you’re tired at the end of the day.

Antonio Breitenberg

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39 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Cross-Over Turn on a Snowboard

  1. Zen0xious says:

    This doesn't look much different to a cross-under turn to me

  2. ell595 says:

    thats cos its a cross-over

  3. says:

    You're a great snowboarder, but I am not getting much instructions!

  4. Ikkisftw says:

    Now im more execded for snow sport season(sweden) and i learn god things here.
    I had been learned the basics before but that was 1,7-2 years ago then i started ski and got skills in it now i gonna try snowboard again.

  5. paul smith says:

    at least the guy was straight to the point and did,nt waffle on like the yanks do

  6. ryan paxton says:

    how is it different then just riding down?

  7. Josh O'Neill says:

    i guess im advanced. haha

  8. surfkid1111 says:

    What does it show? how to hamper others by going past at very small distance and traverse in front of them.

  9. Jonathan Gerhardsson says:

    cmon! give a 7 year old a board and he will know what to do after 5 min , who the hell need these kind of tips ?

  10. mizthewiz1 says:

    not really bro it's all in the weight distribution, when you bring your weight over your opposite edge, your sidecut will initiate the turn for you

  11. KillersFreak says:

    i love how he acts like he's and "expert", but at the end of the hill, he's always panting. Shouldnt that be, like, really easy for him???

  12. Zack Kryworuchka says:

    DUDE! your sooo good…wait…pause…NAT!!!!

  13. grizzlyface88 says:

    well you know, after some time snowboarding you tend to skip some of those steps and just start practically leaning into carving. but for starters, you're right it's all about your hips and shoulders.. it's almost like dancing on snow i guess..

  14. Charity78 says:


    Remember he's thousands of feet above sea level, making the air thin, which also makes it more difficult to breathe. Have you tried talking after vigorous snowboarding?

    He can board just fine.

  15. miketarno says:

    thats easy.. I've only been boarding 4 times

  16. edwinshap1 says:

    not really, he was going faster.

  17. Amy Ellis says:

    @Zen0xious There is a huge difference between the cross over and cross under turn. The cross over turn your body is crossing over the board and you're using your center of mass (CM) to control almost everything. The cross under turn is a much more dynamic movement that requires a movement called "retraction." His video on cross under turns didn't really give a great demo.

  18. Aaron Torrez says:

    what the fuck do you guys expect him to say, that is literally all you do. If you guys are going to complain about not being able to carve go take real lessons, a video will not help with turning.

  19. RatherBoard says:

    @xperienceths You have to admit, it's a lot more advanced then "How to put your foot into a binding" But I don't know, I don't even know why I'm watching this right now to be honest…

  20. HubbyMe says:

    This really is to complex

  21. HubbyMe says:

    @HubbyMe too complex ofcourse

  22. Loshak's Pruneshine says:

    i thought he was going to do some crazy shit while going down

  23. Ethan Miller says:

    that was beautiful

  24. BGTOCAK says:

    How the hell did he stop so quick

  25. pixaman56 says:

    @bgtocak by it all comes down to edge contol.

  26. collinsdave24 says:

    @bgtocak he Kept his legs straight while leaning inwards, all you need is confidence that the edges will keep you up

  27. TheMiizar says:

    lol, he died at the end 😀

  28. bar212121 says:

    advanced????? i learned tis when i was 7

  29. Drew K says:

    @bgtocak i think it was called toe slied.. dont quote me though haha.. im new to snowboarding and i learned to stop doing the toe slide or heel slide.

  30. simuneer says:

    @fsxdave24 you're so right! 90% of snowboarding is having confidence in the physics behind the movement, panic a little and you can wipe out

  31. smcobert26 says:

    lol… did you see how out of breath he got …. maybe he should do a little cardio

  32. EverythingisFire says:

    @simuneer Most definitely! I went snowboarding the other day for my 2nd time ever (first was 2-3 years ago) and as soon as started TRUSTING my board, I was able to turn well and I finally learned how to slow down/stop! I kept panicking, thinking the nose was going to dig into the uneven snow haha but it never happened.

  33. Chris F. says:

    press 3, he says "eggs in the snow" lol

  34. Reid Mathews says:

    Anybody notice that all he ever does in his videos is CARVE? Either that, or "GO FAST". Expert Fucking Village..

  35. caleb jackson says:

    why is this called advanced

  36. Jordan Mitchell says:

    at the end he says " very easy and simple" yet the title says advanced -.-

  37. Thomas Nutley says:

    Easiest way to snowboard 😉

  38. Thomas Nutley says:

    Press 2 repeatedly… suggestive?

  39. wilmsoful says:

    actually I'd say it's dick's in the snow.

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